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[EVENT] Search for the Fallen Stars Wrap-up & Feedback Survey

Now that the stars have been safely returned to the sky, Lightyear is certain that avid stargazers will once again begin flocking to Twilight Nook! He would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped him locate the missing stars and reminds everyone to visit the souvenir shop before it closes at the end of the day on August 24th!

With the event at its conclusion, we have opened up a feedback survey in order to gather your opinions on this event’s activities. You can find this survey here!

For every 20 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random prize shop item from the event! In order to be eligible for the raffle, please be sure to include your username on your survey form. Of course, you are more than welcome to remain anonymous if that is your preference.

This survey will remain open until the prize shop closes at 23:59 ST on August 24th, and the results will be compiled and summarized shortly thereafter, with the raffle soon to follow.

Posted 08/18/18, edited 08/29/18
Been waiting for this. I finished the event on the 1st day xD
Posted 08/18/18

Finished i think the second day lol. had 90% finished the first day.
Survey filled out and submitted. It was a lot of fun

Posted 08/18/18
Umm, I would like to submit the form but I kind of forgot how the games looked like, is there a chance I can see them again?
Posted 08/18/18

Great event, enjoyed it very much!

Is there any way you guys would consider allowing us to have “themes” that users could choose the banner displayed (with choices including those from past events)? I would really love to keep the banner & am sad to see it go. Though admittedly, there are a couple from past events that are my favorite that I’d alternate between.

Posted 08/18/18
Thank you for such a nice event! :D
Posted 08/18/18
Completed the survey! :D
Posted 08/18/18

All wrapped up :3

I agree with Ally, I’d love a theme customization for the site overlay! This one is gorgeous, and there are others I have enjoyed in the past…

Posted 08/18/18
Completed the survey! That was a fun event.
Posted 08/18/18
Completed :) I really liked this one.
Posted 08/18/18
Done! This even was really fun! I’m glad I had the time to complete it!
Posted 08/18/18

Filled out!  Thank you one and all for the delightful event <3 I had a lot of fun with this one!!!

I also agree with Ally and -Flower-  it would be lovely to get to keep the peaceful banner, or have the options to toggle between past event art. Although I admit, I do look forward to watching the time shifting banner return c=  it’s something that I enjoy, and it sets apart Mycena Cave from other places I’ve played.

Posted 08/18/18

I enjoyed this event a lot (except for Mastermind and the Sliding block puzzle lmao). :D The art and items are beautiful~ I finished it in a day, but that’s okay. Honestly, I’m glad it was this kind of event (over the clicky style events) because I’ve been super busy and stressed and haven’t been on my computer much because of it.  ; u ; So Tama thanks you, haha!

Also, I second that suggestion Ally mentioned. I love the colors of this banner and I’d love to keep it up there for a little while longer. I’d love to use some of the past event banners, too. While on the subject, it’d be cool if there were seasonal banners, or maybe some banners you can unlock or earn (perhaps during events like this) or even a little banner shop or something would be neat (and a nice goldsink maybe?). Just some suggestions! oUo

Posted 08/18/18
Inuiza I just discovered that the top banner still has the link for the page with all the games on it and you can play them still (though I assume they don’t count if you didn’t finish it already)! Just click on the ‘Search for the Fallen Stars’ words in the banner and you can see the games still!
Posted 08/18/18
though I assume they don’t count if you didn’t finish it already

I just updated the status messages to make that clearer :)

Posted 08/19/18

It was a fun event that felt relatively low-stress and I enjoyed it!

I would be absolutely delighed to see the hexagon game permanently added along with the Cave In reskin. The hexagon game would pull me back to this site because I really enjoy it. For Cave In, I mainly don’t play it because it looks so drab, but the shiny new reskin is so nice to look at. (It has me wanting a Spellstones reskin, too…)

I know I’ve been a bit critical on the forums lately, but I feel like almost everything about this event was great and well done.

The one thing I did not like—which I put in the feedback form—was the slider puzzle as a surprise. I am downright terrible at slider puzzles, and I would have been alright with it as one of the cards, but when it popped up at the end my thoughts were 100% negative and frustrated. I would have at least appreciated an indicator that there would be one last game, like a greyed out card or something. (Or the option to take one of multiple paths.)

Posted 08/19/18
The one thing I did not like—which I put in the feedback form—was the slider puzzle as a surprise.Vely

I would have to agree with this. To be fair, the treasure-finding event did set a precedent of having that one last activity before you get to the prize shop (it had Echolocation), but it can still be frustrating to have all the events done and then have a game that you’re really not great at get in your way at the last minute. at least it didn’t generate impossible puzzles this year

Other than that, I was absolutely floored by this event, in a good way. Mycena’s art is arguably its biggest draw, and it was great to see the site take that fact and run with it! Beautiful items, beautiful header, beautiful game themes…everything about this event was stellar *cough* dazzling. *-*

forgot to mention that the reason I posted this here instead of just putting it in the feedback form is that I already submitted my form and…forgot to add all this…oops.

Posted 08/19/18, edited 08/19/18

I personally love slider puzzles (& would love to see them around permanently), but I do agree that the last game before opening the shop is a surprise and if it’s not something you’re good at it can be a bummer. I totally forgot about that in my feedback lol. I had that issue last year because the final game was echolocation and I’m miserable at it. I don’t recall if I even finished last year’s event because of that? I think I had some other troubles irl at the time. ;;

That aside, I have no complaints about this event! I had a lot of fun and the art/theme this year was gorgeous!! I love these kinds of events because you can play at your own pace. I never worry I’m falling behind in these ones haha.

Posted 08/19/18
Dracogryph Thank you so much for the info. ^_^
Posted 08/20/18
Condolences to whoever has to read my mini essay of a feedback form. But I had opinions. :P
Posted 08/20/18

ohh i forgot to mention in my survey but i wanted to say: i finished this event super quick, but i didnt mind that at all!

although an event that is play at your own pace but still has some wait time (do this and then come back tomorrow to see the results) type elements could be really fun! that way you can have something nice and spread out like the clicking events, but where it isnt so dire to stay by your computer all day… like the clicker events haha

Posted 08/21/18
Just wanted to say that while the hexagon take-over game didn’t work on my android mobile devices, it was fine on my PC
Posted 08/24/18
Oh dang, I missed the survey because I was too exhausted last two days to mess with it. Just wanted to express my extreme interest once again about getting the risk game incorporated into the site. And if it was, for it to be accessible on mobile devices. I would play that game all day lol.
Posted 08/25/18
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 207 responses to our feedback survey for this event.

  • Overall, a majority (73%) of responses stated that the hexagon take-over game was the favorite activity for this event, with the logic puzzle coming in second favorite (44%), and mastermind coming in third (41%).
  • Dangerous plants was the least popular activity, with 47% of respondents indicating it was their least favorite, followed by the slider puzzle (32%), and constellation identification (23%).
  • 83%  players who responded to the survey were most interested in seeing the hexagon take-over game added to the site permanently, followed by mastermind (48%) and the fish memory game (46%).
  • 73.9% of respondents stated they preferred the updated art for Cave In! to the older art, though the point was made several times that the new artwork’s brightness strained some players’ eyes. A common suggestion was made for the ability to toggle between art styles.
  • Overall, 91.7% of responders were able to finish the event in the time allotted, and 90.8% of responders stated that they highly enjoyed this event (with a rating of 4-5)!
Event Comments

The star theme was very popular!
Many of you stated that you really enjoyed the theme for this event! The items and coats seemed to be popular as well. We’re happy that so many of you enjoyed it - space is certainly a popular aesthetic!

There were mixed opinions regarding our approach to the play-at-your-own-pace style.
Some people commented that they wished that the event took longer to complete, while others enjoyed the ability to finish at their own pace relatively quickly. This seems to come down to a difference in play style, ability, and personal free time. It might be a hard thing for us to figure out how to bridge together, but we will certainly look at ways to re-balance this type of event’s timeline in the future!

Several players commented that they would like the ability to reuse event banners.
Many of you enjoyed the lovely banner for this event (Thanks, King and Eluii!) and wish that you could continue to use it and some of the other past banners. Glitch is planning to implement this ability (though we currently do not have an ETA for this feature)!

Game Comments

All in all, one of the most interesting aspects of this event for us was to see which of the activities you would be most interested in seeing permanently added to the site! In general, this event was made to be a sort of test-run for games we would potentially like to add to the site. Your comments and survey results were very helpful to this end, with some of the more common comments summarized below.

More detailed instructions would have been helpful.
This was a comment most commonly associated with the dangerous plant and mastermind games. If and when these games are released, we will be sure to brush up on the instructions to help alleviate some of the confusion that players felt when playing!

Cave In! art update and/or toggleability.
While the majority of you stated that you prefered the updated Cave In artwork, a good number of you also stated that the bright colors were harder to look at for long periods of time, or that they were difficult to see against the starry background. A common suggestion was to either allow for toggling between the old and new style artwork, or to tone down the brightness of the new art. This is something that we will look into, as Cave In could certainly use an art update at this point!

Mastermind artwork looks too plain/out of place.
Several players commented on the current artwork for Mastermind. Depending on if this game becomes a regular feature, the art will certainly be updated to coincide with the game’s theming.

Several players wished for more varied difficulty levels.
Comments indicated that adding different difficulty levels for some of the games (e.g. different numbers of cards for the memory game, different difficulties of AI for the hex game, and different number of tiles for the slider puzzle) would make these games replay value go up if added to the site. We think this is a great idea and would love to implement this where applicable and feasible.

Overall, we’d like to thank everyone who responded to our survey! Your feedback, along with how close each game is to being ready to be added to the site permanently, will help guide our priorities for upcoming site game releases.

Feedback Survey Raffle

Everyone who provided their username attached to their response in the feedback survey will be included in our feedback survey raffle! Prizes from this event will be raffled off at a rate of 1 per 20 survey responses. With 207 responses, that means that we will be pulling a total of 10 winners!

This raffle will be held at 17:00 ST tonight. You will be able to watch the raffle at the following link:

Posted 08/26/18
Congratulations to LydaLynn, Purr, friendlyFrog, yuriayana, Raiona, Eluii, Primarina, Nazurak, pooses, and Emeralda! I’ll be distributing the prizes shortly I’ve distributed the prizes :)
Posted 08/29/18, edited 08/29/18

:O yay stuff

‘twas an interesting event

Posted 08/29/18