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[RAFFLE] The Leeetle December Raffle
Welcome to our (small) December Raffle!

You know what’s better than a raffle?


We’ll continue to have our usual “grand prize” raffles on roughly the same time-schedule as before, roughly once every 2 or 3 months, but starting this month we’re filling in the gaps with smaller raffles every month. These are lower-stakes, lower-cap raffles, which should be lots of fun :)

Like last time, this raffle will include one winner who get to choose a date sometime in the next 12 months to display the pet of their choice in our Feature Pet Spotlight! Please note the pet you choose must be on your profile when the raffle is drawn for it to be eligible for the spotlight, and that it is possible you may not get your first choice (there is currently one future date already claimed from our last raffle).

As usual, your first ticket will cost 100 nuggets, and each subsequent ticket will increase in price by 10%. This being a smaller raffle, there is a cap of just 20 tickets per player, which means the most you can pour into this raffle is about 5700 nuggets (approximately 20% of our normal raffles).

The full prizelist for this raffle is:

  • 1x Teal Pondshroom
  • 3x Pondshroom
  • 5x Changingshroom
  • 7x Cave Capsule 2013
  • 7x Cave Capsule 2014
  • 7x Cave Capsule 2015
  • 10x 7 gems — enough for a “Forever” Mycenian!
  • 30x 3 gems — enough for an Out of the Shadows item!
  • 1x Choose a day to spotlight your pet!

You can begin purchasing tickets tomorrow, December 16, and the drawing will be held on December 24 at 00:01 ST. We will be pulling the tickets live at the raffle page!


Get your tickets here!
Posted 12/15/16, edited 12/15/16

a teal pondshroom!!! that’s a great idea, coming from someone with 3 pondshrooms who has been waiting for one to make a driftshroom since they started hahaha

i love the idea of littler raffles in between the big ones, what a good idea!

Posted 12/16/16
Posted 12/24/16, edited 12/24/16

Wow, that’s got to be the first time I got drawn so close to first! Can’t wait to see what comes out of the shroom. OwO
And congratulations to the others who were drawn! :D

Posted 12/24/16

AHHHH! So excited to have won a prize. I’ve never had a Cave Capsule before. I can hardly wait to see what comes out of it.

Thanks so much! :)

ETA: A pair of enchanted wings dropped out of the capsule when I opened it! SUPER CUTE!

Posted 12/24/16, edited 12/24/16
SWEET I WON! Thanks a bunch! c: And Merry Christmas!
Posted 12/24/16

Merry Christmas!!! ^,^  Congratulations to the other winners <3

*.*  I can’t believe I won a Cave Capsule!!  *pats the shiny….

Posted 12/24/16
You opened a Cave Capsule 2015 to find a Bluebirds! :D (will swap for any OotS item on my wish list)
Posted 12/24/16
Yay! Thank you ^_^
Posted 12/24/16

i totally just squealed in my work’s breakroom
my first ‘big’ win in a raffle. Thank you so much for the 2013 Cave Capsule.

Posted 12/24/16, edited 12/24/16
Oh, I won?? Thank you! Merry Christmas :D
Posted 12/24/16

yay got loot!

Thank you for the raffle and Happy Holidays!

Congrats to all the winners! ~ runs off to buy myself a starry eyes, because they are just so pretty!

Posted 12/24/16
Posted 12/24/16

; u ;

Congrats to all the winners!
Apparently someone thought I deserved to win something, too.

6 hours ago: A secret admirer sent you 3 gems! How nice!
Thank you, Nonny!
or Santa, if this was from you. <3

Posted 12/24/16
Thank you!! I got a Fairy Dust Mushroom from my 2014 capsule ^-^ Now to get a pet to use it on, lol.
Posted 12/25/16

Yaay I won !!!

17 hours ago: Psst, you just got some loot! You received a Cave Capsule 2013!

Posted 12/25/16
Kimmy Zee
Posted 12/25/16
Changingshroom O: Now to get money for fodder haha
Posted 12/25/16

You received a Cave Capsule 2015!

My first prize on here. :D Yay.

You opened a Cave Capsule 2015 to find a Orange Bitey Thing Mushroom!.

Um thats good right? LOL

Posted 12/28/16, edited 12/28/16