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Status: 2 PP to -Aku!.


FR username: Pikachu
Digis username: Aldonya
Neopets username: flame_dragon_s53
Most MMOs: Aldonya

Pet care worker and bather, working on becoming a groomer <3

I’ve been less active over the last few months, as things have been pretty crazy IRL. Things are settling down now, and I’m planning on working on my stuff here again. :D

Currently on the hunt for a shadowy mage scarf! Don’t know if there’s even one in circulation yet, keeping an eye on rikur’s rarities. If you’re reading this and have one you would part with, message me! ; u;

List of stuff to work on:

Fodder pets, always fodder pets :/
Gather PP for custom edits in queue
Revamp pet customizations/characters, flesh out existing characters that need it
Get character design art for newer characters
Fill out character bios on pet pages, format/etc
Items: Shadowy Mage Scarf!


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