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[Activity] Birthday Bucket List

“When I was young, I was captivated by balloon creatures. It seemed magical that such delightful figures could emerge from a simple stretch of balloon.”

In the town square, a festive party is in full swing. The balloon maker, a lively kelph with orange stripes, chats with you while handing out balloon animals to the younger mycenians, who hover around her in an excited swarm.

“At a young age, I realized I had the power to create such wonders. It became my quest to master the art and share that joy with others.”

The kelph’s creations ranged from simple balloon dogs to intricate, mind-bending masterpieces—phoenixes crafted from five different kinds of balloons with flickering flames, buzzing bumblebees with striped abdomens, squids with wriggling tentacles, and more.

“Achieving a dream and surpassing your own expectations is an unparalleled feeling! Tell me, what’s something on your bucket list?”

How it Works

For this activity, create a bucket list-themed entry for either you or one of your characters. A bucket-list themed entry means that it pertains to experiences or achievements that you or your character hope to achieve during your/their lifetime.  There are various ways this could be covered; here are a couple of potential ideas:

  • Write an actual bucket list: Create an itemized list of goals or dreams that you or your character wish to accomplish.
  • In-depth exploration of a bucket list item: Choose one item from the bucket list and explore it in detail. This could include:
    • A picture/drawing of you or your character doing something on the bucket list.
    • A story or scene where you or your character achieves something on your/their bucket list, complete with emotions, challenges, and triumphs.

Feel free to get creative and have fun with this activity, it just needs to have something to do with bucket lists!


Activity Guidelines
  • This activity runs from June 21st through 23:59 ST on July 5th.
  • Each player make up to 2 bucket lists for this activity.
  • All creative endeavors are welcome for this activity. You may use drawings, photos, words, or any mixture thereof!
    • Written posts should be at least a paragraph long (or, if you’re making a bulleted list, around 6 or more items briefly described), and drawings should be a semi-clean sketch. Photos should have your username somewhere visible in it.
  • You may choose to make a bucket list for yourself or for one of your characters.
    • All characters used for this activity must have a Mycenian representation
  • Please put each of your bucket lists in its own post in this thread.
  • AI generated artwork and writing is not permitted for this activity. Utilizing AI to generate ideas or general composition is okay, but the final piece must be entirely your own work.
Activity Rewards
  • For each bucket list you create (up to two), you will receive the following items: Rusty Flower Bucket and Balloon Dogs
  • A participation sticker will also be awarded
Posted Jun 21

I had a bucket list written down from high school and it was really fun taking a look at that and seeing what things I’ve accomplished! :D About half of these (mixed into both lists) are pulled directly from that first list, because I have always been Like This.

go to space (I can dream <3)
crochet myself into a cocoon
swim in a pool of noodles (a la Patch Adams movie)
stick my face in a chocolate fountain
while laying down, get covered in kittens
eat a sushi burrito
stand in the eye of a hurricane
get a series of brain scans so I can hold a 3d printed to-scale model of my own brain

visit Germany and Japan
own a house with a purple front door
pet a chinchilla
pet a wolf
see the northern lights
lay on the point where utah, arizona, new mexico, and colorado intersect
meet someone famous and make them laugh
write a book

Posted Jun 22, edited Jun 30
This was fun ^^ Here’s my bucket list:

• travel to/visit a whole lot of countries (to name a few of them: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, China, Japan, Russia, Mongolia and Canada)
• Learn how to ride!!!
• get a pet someday maybe *.*
• do a trip either on horseback or on camels through the Sahara
• be happy (not all the time but a slight majority of the time)
• have a nice family I love one day maybe (or just a partner)
• finish my current degree (preferably with good grades)
• get a nice, well-paying and secure job I’m enjoying
• get a better gaming setup so I can enjoy playing some cool games, hehe
• learn how to dance/get better at dancing! Preferably with a friend or a partner
• get into an acting group again
• continue/expand on doing some creative stuff on the side like roleplaying, writing, drawing, sewing, playing instruments etc.
• Maybe, take singing lessons one day? o-o
• Overall, just lead a nice, little, healthy, and content life :)

Posted Jun 22
  • get married to the love of my life and start a four-legged family of kitties, as well as a finned family of fish!
  • go across the pond. i live in the usa, but i want to go to multiple different countries across the sea. multiple european countries come to mind, as well as japan.
  • go to super nintendo world. this is like… the easiest one since i live in florida lol
  • a more short-term goal: achieve a better state of health. chronic fatigue is a real vibes killer fr. let’s fight that!

it’s clear that i don’t really want for much in life tbh

Posted Jun 22

visit a different country (probably Europe)
go back to Disney World
get a cat
finish college
make art my full-time job
learn the piano
make a full animated short
see Broadway live

Just boring life things lol!

Posted Jun 22

TW language

Genna’s first answer was, “I could use a couple five gallons. With lids.”

“No that’s—wait, why do you need buckets?” Trish squinted at her, baffled. They weren’t even in the same time zone as home? Genna just stared back at her, unflapped.

“A project,” she said, which really narrowed things down. Trish kept staring. Genna pulled a lollipop out of thin air and stuck it in her mouth, wrapper still on. She crunched down, then extracted the shattered pop, still snug in its casing, and held it out. Trish tried very hard to produce question marks on her face, the better to convey how bat shit insane Genna was being (as usual). Genna shook the pop at her so Trish sighed and accepted it. Whatever, who wants to know about Genna’s ominous plans anyway.

“Anyway, not like that. I mean like, a bucket list,” Trish said, pausing to dump the pieces of lollipop in her mouth, crunching them noisily as she continued. “It’s like, things you wanna do before you kick the bucket, yknow?”

“Ohhh,” Genna dragged out. She pulled out another lollipop, but this time she unwrapped it before putting it in her mouth. Trish wondered where she got the lollipops. They were about fifty miles from anything like civilization, and they had packed light. Did she just…stuff her pockets with lollipops? They’d been out here for two weeks and she’d pulled out at least four a day. At least she was sharing but come on.

Genna said nothing else, just chewing lightly on her candy, staring away in silence.

“So what’s on your bucket list!” Trish shoved her, baring her teeth when Genna barely even shifted. Genna’s snickering turned into a brief shoving match until Genna simply pinned and sat on her, leaving Trish face down.

“Retirement,” Genna answered and pulled out a third fucking pop.

“Ughh that doesn’t count! That’s boring!!” Trish whined and thrashed like a kid in a tantrum. “What do you wanna do once you retire!!”

“Nap,” Genna said immediately. “Go back to Hawaii. Stab my dad maybe, that just sounds fun.”

“Don’t stab your dad, your sister would probably be upset,” Trish said, mostly automatically. She’d only met Hasa twice and he was….tolerable. Nice enough probably.

“She wouldn’t even notice,” Genna dismissed. “Even Phil’s mom wouldn’t mind. He deserves a good stabbing and everyone knows it. Especially Hasa.”

“Okay well that’s one thing,” Trish decided this wasn’t her problem. “What else?”

“The fuck you mean what else? That was at least three things already bitch, what more do you want!?” Genna kicked her while she was down like a good friend, Trish grunting at the impact to her kidneys. Bitch.

“Gimme something here come on!!! Why are you so boring!!!” Trish thrashed and wailed, finally throwing Genna off so she could more effectively tantrum.

“What the hell’s on yours then!! Of course I’m boring i literally just want naps, you know this!!” Genna yelled back, grumpily reclaiming her actual seat (a log that was honestly not as comfortable as just sitting in Trish).

And then Trish spent six hours extoling the virtues of her wife, children, and idyllic picket fence life. Genna stopped listening about twenty minutes in, tuned back in at the three hour mark, tuned back out, and then at the six hour mark she simply picked Trish up and hurled her into the sea.

Posted Jun 22

1. Rehabilitate Bone doggo—she’d found him on one of her expeditions in the woods, injured as a young child. One day she hopes she can release him back to the wild.
2. Find the elusive crystal butterfly: a creature with highly reflective wings that glistens only with light from the cave, and nowhere else.
3. Expand her house-plant collection and be a better green thumb. She has green thumbs, literally, but she isn’t so good with plants and their magic. She’s getting better though.
4. Visit the deep crystal chambers. It’s one of the deepest places known to all mycenians, a claustrophobic place with ceilings so low that you’d have to crawl to get around. The only light sources are from strange crystals that also wail out in ghastly tunes. She’s still too scared to visit there.
5. Perhaps unrealistic, but leave the cave…if she can get past the bone monster, that is. Leah feels like the monster’s hiding something from all mycenians.

Posted Jun 23

Bucket list for on site stuff
For my bucket list of Mycena Cave things:
I would like to get a Peaceful Pasture Ineki.
I would like to get a drift shroom for more of my pets.
I would like to get all the crafting recipies.
I would like to participate in all the site events and get all the new event pets.
I would like to have a custom.
I would like to have a custom sprout.
I would like to get all the wearable items I need for my dressups.
I would like to get one of each cave capsule (and keep them, not opening ‘em up like the gambler I am lol)
I would like to save up to 100,000 nuggets, then to 1,000,000 nuggets.

Posted Jun 23

Bucket list for real life
For my bucket list for real life:
I would like to not be scared of heights anymore.
I would like to go on vacation to Japan.
While there I would like to play lots of crane games
and eat at the Pokemon Cafe.
I would like to visit Mario World at Universal Japan
and eat at Toad’s Cafe.
I would like to see the sakura blossoms.
and I would like to try all kinds of new foods in Japan.

Posted Jun 23

Irl Goals

- Finish this Twine interactive novel I’m working on (19k in and I’m close to finishing the rough draft)
- Get a short story published
- Write a novella or book (and get it published)
- Travel abroad and eat some good food
- Get a job in an area that I love. (If I can be creative and write that would be the best for me I think)
- General sense of fulfillment/happiness.
- Do more and experience more in general.


Posted Jun 23

Bucket list (absolutely not in any specific order of importance):

  • Finish story ideas I have, including my novel ideas (this could be like twenty entries)
  • Leave the country, anywhere
  • Reach a point where I’m not in chronic pain everyday
  • Buy a condo/townhouse
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit South Korea
  • Visit Scotland
  • Visit Germany
  • Visit Norway (and never come back)
  • Actually live abroad (and never come back)
  • Learn German, Norwegian, Japanese (actually this time, not just study in college)
  • Go back to get my Masters/Doctorate in my actual field of study
  • See my all-time favorite band in concert (hello again, Norway)
  • Finish a game, ever? Which one? Who knows?
  • Get my health in check
  • Get to pet a domesticated fox
  • Get sprouts for all my sprout goals!
  • important addition: make it through my audiobook metaphorical to be read pile!!
Posted Jun 24, edited Jun 24

Bucket list for Limelight!

☆ go surfing
★ go skydiving
☆ go hiking/camping in a rainforest
★ invent a new kind of word puzzle/game
☆ learn some yoyo tricks
☆ learn how to use a yoyo
★ own a jukebox

Posted Jun 24

My own bucket list!

☆ get good at roller blading
★ find THE best doughnut recipe (and make the best doughnuts)
☆ get a consistent hybrid/WFH job
★ see a hyena
☆ swim with sharks
★ learn some basic (southern) Vietnamese
☆ improve my health enough to be able to spend more time doing things I enjoy
★ train my dogs to not hate vaguely tolerate getting their nails trimmed
☆ own a house
★ keep pet isopods

Posted Jun 24
  • have a booth at our local renn faire (Bristol) with all of my little crochet cuties - i would call it Finch’s Menagerie or Finch’s Wee Beasties! i’d have to save up all my makes for like a whole year in order to have sufficient stock, but it would be SO MUCH FUN ;3;
  • learn rug tufting!!! it’s a combination of my two favorite mediums (painting + yarn) and i think i could be so good at it - i just don’t have any space for a proper tufting setup rip
  • own a pionus (preferably a bronzewing but would also be happy with a blue headed or a maximilian!)
  • alternatively, pigeons!
  • write up and release more of my crochet patterns! i have three out now and one more written up/formatted - the testing and release phase is just the absolute worst lol
  • replace the australian tree fern that my friend accidentally killed while i was on vacation - it was my proudest dream plant achievement and i’ve never seen one in a store before or since :( 
Posted Jun 24

My bucket list is a little pathetic…
1. Fall in love
2. Get my own car
3. Move closer to my sisters
4. Meet some of my long distance friends
5. Go to Japan/Greece. Hopefully both!
6. Pet a capybara, or otter
7. Try tiramisu
8. Learn to love myself the way I am, flaws and all
9. Ride in a boat/go fishing
10. Make a coloring book

Posted Jun 24

For my Lexi!

1. Move into Dove’s place! Being invited to live with her is her current number one hope.
2. Also possibly cement some kind of long term partnership? She can’t get married, but she’d like some sort of symbolic thing to signify how serious she is. She hasn’t decided what yet.
3. Eat strawberries at one of those chocolate fountains. She saw one on tv and she’s been obsessed with finding one since.
4. Be honest to the two people she knows back home about where she’s been running away too. She’d like to do this, but is also aware that its probably not a great idea, especially since her friendships aren’t particularly close. She just hates keeping secrets.
5. Have a picnic on the beach, preferably on a particularly sunny day. Dove doesn’t seem keen and keeps bringing up how sand will get in her food, but she’s sure that it won’t be that bad.
6. Fly in a plane! Destination is not important, she wants to experience being in a plane and seeing the world from miles up.
7. Learn to swim, because it looks like fun.

Posted Jun 25

Hey, I’m genuinely going to be honest and (moderately) practical. This is a really charming idea and I think I’ve needed to set down some personal goals and actually have them in writing rather than floating around in my head. Of course, these are more short term than life-long goals, but they’re not something I can just accomplish overnight. I’m not the best example of someone who has huge ideas for things years down the road, but I hope this list will still fit the bill!

▸ Actually commit to a long drawing challenge! (Even if I can’t do one drawing/day, I can queue the art and still have a “new” drawing for an entire month)
▸ Become a stronger musician by actually watching more skilled people and learning from them
▸ Get back into vocals and practice singing again (sorry neighbours)
▸ SPEND LESS TIME ON PHONE (I should have never installed TikTok)
▸ Focus on training body (would really love to surprise someone and show off big biceps or something!)
▸ Work on controlling strong emotions in a healthy way
▸ Travel to towns nearby to visit things like walking trails and insect conservatories (yay living rural)
▸ Genuinely learning grammar of additional language (vocabulary is great until you have to actually communicate)
▸ Cook more food at home
▸ Take more care of self and allow a few “luxuries” without the feeling of guilt
▸ Learn more basic first aid!

Posted Jun 25

Own an unique pet, either a sprout or custom
Make a geness, and have a sprout with that geness
Win the sprout raffle
Finally finish drawing a mock-up
Have 200,000+ nuggets in my possession
Have at least 10 gems at one time
Obtain a glowing changingshroom

Posted Jun 25

Learn a new instrument besides the morin khur. No one in Ishgard knows what that is.
Learn to read the common tongue of Eorzea. Really, how have I gone this long without this?
Get the charges in Ul’Dah dropped so I can go back to Eorzea and travel. Because I need to….
....Find Himeshi.
Get a house or apartment so I can get out of the ice cream shop’s spare room. It smells nice but is always cold and a little cramped.
Find the Kojin that killed my family. I don’t know what I’ll do.

Posted Jun 26

Visit my friends in the UK and USA
Learn Japanese
Finish something 50k+ words in length
Vacation in Japan and China
Visit old domestic helper in Philippines
Wrap up a roleplay thread that’s over 15-20k+ words
Learn how to draw proper prettyboys to my personal standards
Vocal lessons
Retake piano classes
Retire from working (ideally as early as possible without compromising financial security)
Achieve financial freedom and earn enough per month via low-effort means to sustain my hobbies and lifestyle without working
Spend time with the people I care about, in general!

Posted Jun 29

Charlie Brown

  • Snooze in all of the sunniest spots in the world
  • Eat an entire bucket of chicken
  • Ride in a car for a whole week
  • Nap with humom under a nest of blankets in the middle of every winter
  • Eat world’s largest chicken
  • Chase deer in the woods for an entire night
  • Sleep out on the porch on a summer night
Posted Jun 29
  1. Dress everyone in redo tab
  2. Ideally assign characters to entire redo tab as they’re dressed
  3. Try and play more site games to save more nuggets
  4. Develop characters a little better
  5. Actually document character development
  6. Flesh out Genesses. All of them, but especially those in the babies tab
Posted Jun 29, edited Jun 29

Visit my online friends one day
Travel to other places
Continue learning to draw
Learn an instrument (ideally violin or piano)
Learn a new language
Learn to crochet
Learn to code even a little
Get to see a wolf up close!!
Get to see a hyena up close!!
Read even 1 book
Go to a murder mystery dinner
Try dnd again one day

Posted Jun 29
  • Go on an African Safari, preferably during migration season
  • See a Cheetah running flat-out, ideally on Safari (and get a photo of it!!)
  • Strengthen up my swimming and swim with wild dolphins
  • Meet some of the other Mycena Staffers
  • Pass my hecking driving test please for the love of all that is holy
  • Re-learn Greek, since I apparently spoke it when I was tiny but didn’t keep up with it when we moved
  • Learn a second language to a reasonable degree of fluency – probably Italian or Spanish, if not Greek
  • Own a house. Ideally the whole hog of cute little English cottage with the vine-covered walls and fields or woodlands for miles but. A house. That is mine.
  • Have a mini-not-so-mini personal library reading room with allofthe shelves
  • Completely finish a novel, get it to presentable level, and publish
  • Write and publish the other novel ideas, too
  • Own a snake.
  • Own a spiny tailed monitor lizard. And maybe another beardie.
  • Possibly own a bird of prey if I’m ever in the position to give it proper care
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park
  • Go to a concert for any of my favourite artists
  • Screw on some courage and do something crazy like a bungee jump or skydive even though I ain’t a fan of heights
  • Stop thinking about joining a martial arts class and actually go join a martial arts class (maybe taekwondo or a return to kickboxing??)
  • By some miracle become a black belt in the aforementioned martial art
  • Learn to play my guitar so the poor thing can stop gathering dust in the corner
  • Meet David Attenborough! Please, universe, you’ve had me miss the chance three times now have mercy!
  • Defeat the backlogs – read all my books, play all my games, watch all my DVDs
Posted Jun 29
A scene that leads into a bucket list discussion between Faran and Denham. It kind of got away from me, but the bucket list discussed is short and sweet lol but no less important to the characters!
Posted Jun 29
She’s seen this place in memories before, shared during long nights on campaign. False-history tugs her towards the bench below a tall and twisting maple, leaves already frost-touched red. Kailera follows her, and they sit together, not quite touching, but the distance a companionable one. She watches fallen leaves spin across the water, and the shadows of fish darting beneath the surface.

Excerpted from here, which is the actual rest of my entry haha. (It ended up being character-significant enough that I wanted it in my musings thread.) It’s about the nameless protagonist fulfilling a promise to her friend (very loosely implied to be something she needs to do before her death).

Posted Jun 30

-go on vacation for real, it’s been about eight or so years since i had one with the intent to relax
-go to the local christmas light festival this year like i did as a kid
-go to the zoo more
-learn some asl so i can communicate with my sometimes nonverbal roommate better
-get more proper furniture for my room so i can dump the plastic tables and stuff
-go thrifting and antiquing more, i love old things

Posted Jun 30

Pet Link
Perfect my pie crust recipe!
▸ Publish a cook book ♥
▸ Sew some aprons to donate to the community kitchen :)
▸ Ask the elementary school if they’d like to do a bake sale together ☆
▸ If Tarala can sell you lots of honey, let’s try and make mead :o
▸ I’ve gotta learn more about some far away regional breads and stuff
▸ Get together with friends and exchange recipes ↞↞↞
▸ Brush up on some foraging ✩

Posted Jun 30

Gaxe has grand ideas about the kinds of adventure’s he will go on.

  • Save a prince or a princess
  • Break a curse
  • Find Buried Treasure
  • Join a pirate crew
  • Defeat a Dark Lord
  • Slay a Foul Beast
  • Fulfil a prophecy
  • Solve a Murder Mystery
  • Join a Circus
  • Escape from a dungeon
Posted Jun 30

Bry has a moss garden. He has a list of moss species that he wants to include in it someday.

  • Starfall moss - a rare species that has glowing capsules that shine like starlight
  • Dewcatcher moss - often confused for starfall moss, dewcatcher moss catches water droplets that sparkle when light shines on them
  • Green aquatic moss - grows underwater near the surface
  • Blue aquatic moss - grows deep underwater
  • Featherdown moss - known for being extremely soft. Featherdown moss is often used for bedding
  • Ineki Fur moss - this moss was named for its wide color ranges, similar to the varied coats of ineki
  • Shadow moss - grows dark gray, almost black
  • Floating moss - a lightweight moss that grows on spiderwebs, often giving the illusion that it is floating
  • Spiny moss - known for it’s prickly cactus-like texture
  • Compass moss - always grows on the north side of surfaces regardless of light levels
Posted Jun 30