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[FORUM ACTIVITY]] Is It De-lure-cious, Dear?
Is It De-lure-cious, Dear?


Ah, these mouse lures you’re crafting with the neighbors, dear. Quite an inventive idea, I must say. A unique blend of vegetables and candy, how… creative. Not exactly my cup of tea, but you’ve certainly found an interesting way to appeal to the ghost mice’s palates. It’s a delight to witness the community’s resourcefulness, in any case!

Activity Guidelines

Syvlie may not-so-secretly think the lures you’ve been creating are rather disgusting, but maybe she just needs more convincing!

  • Do something creative with one or more of the lures. For example:
    • Create one of the lures in real life
    • Write a story about your pet interacting (creating, eating, etc) with one of the lures
    • Make art of the lure
    • Make a restaurant menu with the featuring the lures as food
    • etc.
  • Alternative activity for anyone who doesn’t want to do something food-related: Sub out the food for Void Mice, or one of the event items
  • Written entries should be at least a paragraph in length.
  • Art entries should be refined at least to the level of a clean sketch.
  • AI generated artwork and writing is not permitted for this activity. Utilizing AI to generate ideas or general composition is okay, but the final piece must be entirely your own work.

At the end of the event (23:59 on November 12th), submissions will close and prizes for the activity will be distributed.


Candy Curry | Jellyfish Pop | Marshmallow Casserole

Gummy Noodle Soup | Dirt and Worms on a Log | Celery Dog

  • Participation in this activity will earn you the item set: Riftkeeper No Thoughts Owl, Halloween No Thoughts Owl, Void Mice (avatar background), Hut in the Woods (avatar background)
  • Participation will earn you an activity sticker.
    Questions and comments should be posted in the Discussion thread or echoed to the Myla.
Posted 11/01/23
Posted 11/01/23
ok but the jellyfish pop actually looks kinda good
Posted 11/01/23

Candy Curry

Posted 11/01/23

does… does this even count as the lure working?

Posted 11/01/23

Crocheted a lil void mouse, gave it pearly buttons for eyes, and brushed the bejeebers out of it to make the yarn go all fuzzy for that wispy void look.

Posted 11/01/23

Rowan had spent ages staring at the unholy slop of ingredients on the table. She could make a pretty good stew with the vegetables, but the candy was just . . . Candy. She had pondered and paced over the table of items she’d gotten from the neighbors. Vegetables weren’t even in the spirit of the holiday! She huffed and puffed, poring over a dessert recipe book she had inherited.

Stew sounded really good, though. She had enough broth from the last stew she made (which her friends had called nuclear on account of how boiling got it was, despite her warnings to let it cool). But she didn’t want to make the same nuclear stew. Maybe a soup . . . Soup.

She filled a pot with broth and some water and let it boil. Rowan chopped the veggies diligently in nearly perfect slices and dices. Once the bubbles began to froth, she tossed in the vegetables. The kitchen slowly filled with a heavenly aroma, the celery, the turnip—it was all so delightful. She threw in a dash of peas to ground it and let it cook.

Not much longer later, the soup was done. Rowan ladled a small serving and let it cool. A little taste deemed it worthy of being Soup. She desperately wanted to leave it as is, but the void mice would definitely not approach the nuclear soup as is. It needed something else, something sweet, to lure the mice. Sadly, Rowan swung her head to the candy. She tossed all the gummy worms she had in and gave it time to melt. The added aroma didn’t smell sweet enough, so she added some blocks of caramel for good measure. Now that was an unappealing mouse lure if she ever smelled one.

She was on Silvie’s side with this one, to be honest. But it worked, so she would keep making nuclear soup to bomb the mice.

Posted 11/01/23

Normally I’d use Klyna for site events, but Lilliana is just too perfect for this event… Also, please forgive the typos. I’m typing on my phone while folding laundry cause I don’t know when I might get another chance to write/post this.

Lilliana fluffed her feathers irritability, scanning the ground for those infernal mice from her perch in a low tree. She was an expert at catching mice, or anything else remotely rodent-like… Or just rodent-sized really, she wasn’t all that picky. She’d even caught her cousin Ryan’s pet gerbil after it escaped it’s cage and ran across her bedroom. Of course, she’d eaten the gerbil, an impulsive decision that her cousin refused to let her live down. But really, that was his fault as much as hers; who in their right mind would pick a rodent as a pet, knowing they lived with a young owl? Sure, she wasn’t a true owl, only an owl-shifter, but she still had the natural instincts of a bird of prey. And young children are rather known for poor impulse control anyway, no matter what species they come from.

These rodents however, were another breed entirely from the ones she’d encountered in the past. It was like they knew when she was looking at them and disappeared again in an instant. It was like they were literally little running shadows or something. Even when she did manage to keep sight of one of the pesky little beasts, it always managed to just dodge her talons, something no ordinary mice had ever done with this level of consistency… In the end she had been reduced to using those blasted lures to even stand a chance at catching them. She hated the idea of wasting all this candy on rodents, rodents were supposed to be the snacks, not eat them. Not that she would eat these rodents, they too unnatural for her to trust them as food, but it was the principal of the thing. Owls were supposed to catch and eat mice, not feed the vermin candy.

Alas, there was nothing else for it, those strange combinations of candy and veggies seemed to be the only things that got those rodents to stay still long enough to trap them. So here she was, sitting in a tree, staring at a little bowl of the weirdest soup she’d even seen, just waiting around until a little mouse appeared so she could snatch it up and drop it into the cage with the rest. Unfortunately, swooping down to catch the mice at the lure meant she had to brush dangerously close to the thing herself. She felt like she might never get the sticky caramel off her feathers after this crisis.

Still, she supposed it could be worse. Ryan was stuck trying to prevent a certain little hummingbird-girl from eating all the candy before it could be turned into lures. Frankly, she suspected catching the creepy void mice was the easier assignment by far, despite the sticky feathers.

Posted 11/02/23

Rosie likes jellyfish in a stick =)

Maggie noticed that’s not gummy worms (wubba NO) (she’s also got a celery dog)

Posted 11/02/23
even though this mouse is a shadow…

full! it seems that this was the most satisfying meal of his life.

Posted 11/02/23

Silly little jellypop. I decided to make it not round. Like an imperfect cakepop. Or a jellyfish

Posted 11/02/23

A silly little story featuring Glow, who is kind of known for loving unconventional food flavors.

The treats were to lure the void mice, not for eating.  This had definitely been mentioned a large number of times, by various people, all of whom managed to look very serious while saying it.

And yet, every time Glow assembled a treat and then set it in the village for the small, half-there shadow mice to nibble on, they felt a deep sense of loss.  The sense grew into a resentment (why did the MICE get rewarded for being pests?) and then into an ache in their chest (or possibly just tummy).  They wanted to try a special treat, too!  They NEEDED to try it!

While Sylvie’s back was turned, Glow snatched up the closest treat they could see waiting, freshly assembled on the table—a Dirt-and-Worms on a Log!

The chocolate was still warm, dripping on their paws as they snuck away with their prize.  Glow licked their lips, ducking behind a house and preparing to eat the hard-won treat.  Crunch crunch.  Two bites, and the snack was gone.  And it was so worth it!  The crispness of the celery, the slight bite of the turnip, the gooey sweetness of the chocolate and the chewy fruitiness of the gummy worms…they weren’t flavors most would think to combine, but Glow loved it.  Like a party in their mouth.

Glow licked the extra chocolate off their paws, and just in time—another Iniki came around the side of the house just then.  One of the stern looking ones, who seemed like she’d forgotten this holiday was supposed to be about fun.

“Glow, there you are!  Come on, get back to work, another pack of void mice was just seen nibbling extra holes in the jack o’lanterns two blocks down, and we need all paws on deck to make enough lures!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Glow said, snapping to attention.  Privately, they wanted to see the ruined jack o’lanterns—it sounded amusing.  Maybe they could also sneak another bite of the lure they were putting out for the mice…that candy curry looked worth a try, as well…

Posted 11/02/23

this did not need half the effort i put into it but now i have a 3D celery dog model i guess lmAO

Posted 11/03/23

after some fiddling with this lure, Teacup was at it again. Soon, it became indiscernible whether the jellyfish pop had grown larger or the cat had shrunk, and the end of the pop melted to become an ocean of color, and the dripping caramel took off and became various things — flying foxes, fishes, asteroids — and stars and planets began orbiting the cat, and the surroundings began to change, and numbers and alphebets and verbs and adverbs appeared and began to dance everywhere, and…

Posted 11/03/23

I immediately thought of this character and I wanted to try writing a scene. 

Gallant was reading a book in his library when he heard out of nowhere a scurrying sound he’d never heard before.  Making sure to mark his place in the book, he looked up to see who was there.  What he saw was something he didn’t understand.  They seemed to be mice like him, but they were so tiny.  It made him very curious about the tiny mouse shadows.

He felt like he should be able to see them, but they were very strange in the light. 

“Hello, welcome to the library.  Can I help you find something to read?” 

They squeaked, and he could tell they were trying to say something, but he couldn’t understand it.  He felt sad that he couldn’t help. 

Posted 11/03/23
Posted 11/03/23

Posted 11/04/23

Halloween is Lune’s favorite holiday. He loves that the color of his coat matches the black and orange usually associated with Halloween. He loves that he can make his desserts weird and everyone loves it because it’s the holiday. He called all his friends over for a Halloween party and he was in charge of making a desserts for it! All his friends were going to bring something, too! This year he decided to make cake pops. He loves to make cake pops. This year he decided to make Jellyfish inspired cake pops. He started by baking a cake, seems weird to bake a cake, just to smash it up, but Lune thinks it’s great fun! He picked a blueberry flavored cake. After the cake was done, he let it cool. Instead of putting the icing on the cake, Lune smashed the cake up in a big bowl. Then he added the icing that would have gone on top. He mixed it up really good, then he got a small ice cream scoop to make perfect sized cake balls. He made the balls and then stuck a paper stick into each one. He placed them in the refrigerator to set. While they were setting, he got out some candy melts. He carefully melted the candies until they were all the way melted. Then, he added a little blue coloring to the melted candies. He made sure there were no unmelted pieces. Then he got the cake pops out and dipped them into the melted candies, so that they had a nice smooth layer coating the outside of them. He placed them back in the refrigerator so the candy shell could harden. While he waited, he took some gummy worms and cut each one in half. Then, he made some royal icing, so he could “glue” the worms around the bottom of the cake pop, to be tentacles. Finally, he made one more batch of candy melts, brown color this time, and just dipped the top half into it. Once he was done, he was so excited to show his friends. But he had to wait just a while longer because they had to go back in the refrigerator one final time. His friends started arriving, one brough a “Candy Curry”, it was some chocolate sauce with little green and orange candies in it and whole marshmallows on the side, to dip in the “Curry”. The next one that showed up brought “Gummy Noodle Soup”, it was a tomato soup base with bits of string cheese that was colored like worms to place inside once you were ready to eat it. The next friend brought “Dirt and Worms on a Log”, like the classic “Ants on a Log” except the Peanut Butter was replaced with chocolate sauce and the raisins were replaced with gummy worms, a good change in Lune’s book because he hates raisins. The next friend brought a “Marshmallow Casserole”, it was a sweet potato casserole with some extra marshmallow on top and little green and purple candies. And the last friend brough “Celery Dog”. It was a carrot, placed in a celery with red and yellow gummy worms on it, to look like ketchup and mustard. All the food looked delicious and now that everyone was here, the party could start!

Posted 11/04/23

Hush stared down at the food that sat before him, failing to hide the look of dread that froze his face. Krissy was watching with his hip against the counter, arms crossed, with a look that perfectly contrasted his husband’s: amusement. In a small spread across the kitchen table were treats his children had made him. The wide eyes on Az and Beli looked up at him expectantly and excitedly, sure that their father would love the gourmet food they’d prepared for him to try.

“I… Um…” The twins were still young enough to think the food would be good, but old enough to not be fooled by the lip-smacking and ‘mmm’ing from a fake bite. And Hush knew that even if he explained as nicely as a human could why he didn’t want to eat candy mixed with a bowl of curry, the children’s hearts would be broken.

His eyes studied the food, looking for the least offensive one on the table.

“Hurry dad!” Az said, stomping his foot.

Hush swallowed, and finally picked up the Dirt and Worms on a Log. He lifted it up, shot a look at Krissy, and took the tiniest bite. The celery might not have been terrible with the chocolate and candy, but the turnip nearly, ahem, turned his stomach.

“It’s… So… Good,” Hush mumbled, smiling at his twins who squealed with glee. “Appa is very full now… Let’s try the rest later.”

Krissy snorted across the room, and Hush grimaced. At least the children were appeased.

(Featuring Epipen‘s Krissy!)

Posted 11/04/23
*when you’re pescatarian and have no access to gelatin-free marshmellows or gummy-worms*... and is allergic to celery. 8’D Have fun people
Posted 11/04/23

Posted 11/05/23


Dave looked swiftly around his front doorstep and quickly ducked back inside, locking the door.  He padded to his kitchen, furtively pulling out ingredients from behind the dustbin, under the cupboard, lodged behind the cutlery drawer and after standing his ultimate height atop the balanced chair, he fished out the prized bags of hoarded marshmallows.  This year he would create some delicious a-lure-ing foods for his Fall party,  but with it looking gross, he was pretty sure he’d end up having the whole stash to himself, after generously offering of course.

Dave assembled the lollipops.  Dunked in caramel, he swirled them around, tacking on gummi worms for tentacles.  A few ended up with quite a few rows as the caramel turned sticky and latched onto the whole pawful.  Eh, he shrugged, they looked more like worm worms than tentacles, repulsive either way at first glance. 

Next up was the Dirt and Worms on a Log.  He melted the chocolate, stirring it constantly, then dripped it over his washed and dried celery.  As the chocolate began to cool, he dumped the rest of his gummi worms over the top.  Ta da!!

The timer dinged on Dave’s piece de resistance: his marshmallow casserole.  He’d stuffed two bags of the big marshmallows into the dish mixed with small chocolate candies and carrots for that healthy kick.  It came out a melted mess that was nothing like the photo he’d seen, but it was still edible. 

As he finished and arranged the items on his table, he unlocked his front door, flinging it open to his friends.  The evening wore on with his friends looking at. the food, then finding other things to do, wave their paws as they chatted, or nervously ducking Dave’s faux mice and cobweb decorations.  In time, they departed, leaving Dave very much to his own feast, the lures barely nibbled.

“Ha! now that’s a successful party,” Dave chuckled to himself.

Posted 11/06/23

Being a pirate Caspian had seen all matter and mean of food and culinary creation. He had sailed far down south and dined on dished seasoned with the rarest of spices, traveled north and seen the rarest and strangest animals served by the locals. Some of them were even served live or close enough to it and were even delicious though at first glance you might have questioned it.

But as he sat down in this tavern he encountered the strangest of culinary creations to date. The proprietress had called it Gummy Noodle Soup, and according to her it was a popular local holiday dish, though if you had asked her only those who had lived around the area seemed to enjoy the intriguing concoction of sweet candy and savory veggies and broth. Outsiders seemed to avoid the dish at all costs. But Caspian wasn’t one to turn down a challenge even if it was in the form of food.

A hot bowl of Gummy Noodle Soup was served to his table and as he lifted his spoon to his lips Caspian notices a strange…pull. Though called a soup the liquid was more gelatin in nature as the gummy worms and caramel had melted and thickened the base to a thicker, gooier, and stickier consistency like a glue or…maybe more so as he fought and pulled at his spoon, but instead found himself lifting the bowl and its contents all together.

“Is this really food?” He wondered aloud as he grunted and fought with the ‘soup’. With a pull and another yank as he held the bowl down against the table Caspian managed to pull the spoon free from the soup and even with a bit of it still attached to the spoon.

This was his chance!

Before the opportunity disappeared Caspian took a bite of the ‘soup’. It was chewy and sweet and savory all at the same time. And there were…peas and celery in it as well? Caspian’s brow furrowed as he chewed his soup. The more he chewed, the more he learned about the soup, and the less he truly knew.

This was an experience the pirate captain had never experienced before and he wasn’t sure if he ever wanted to again as he chewed and chewed his chewy soup.


Posted 11/08/23

I drew some little friends!

very late edit: I only just realized in my sleep deprived state I was like “yeah the snakes are in one of the prize boxes aren’t they?” and no they are not LOL so totally fine if this does not count! (I can’t see how it could with that in mind whoops XD)

Posted 11/09/23, edited 11/13/23

candy curry! it melted into it and tasted rly weird aldjfjf

Posted 11/10/23

Celery dog fanart <3

Posted 11/10/23

Oops… Most of the lure is gone…

Posted 11/10/23

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

Candy Curry, made from Golden Curry mix, a jar of Mole sauce (chocolate), peas, carrots, potatoes, and marshmallows

Posted 11/10/23

Jellyfish Pop! ^^

Posted 11/10/23

The jellyfish pop seems to be the most popular around here.

Posted 11/10/23