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[EVENT FEEDBACK AND CREDITS] Once Upon A Magical Library
Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through June 11th.We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed. We use the feedback to make changes to future events! For example, we made various changes to the event such as adding the letter overlays as a result of previous feedback, and the theme came from player suggestions from a previous feedback form!

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 random non-mushroom prize from the event.

Event Credits

I’d love to take some time to thank and recognize staff who helped out with this event!

  • Event lead
    Crow - Crow once again was a wonderful lead for this event! Crow led sign-ups, helped us get a good idea for the feel of the theme, and wrote a lot of the flavor text and wordlists, and helped answer player questions. It’s a huge amount of work, and the fact that she does it again and again is no easy feat and very appreciated.

  • Activity lead
    Cien - Cien made this an extra special event by putting together and running activities for the event! Cien wrote the random encounters, including the unlockable ones, and also helped answer player questions.

  • Assistance
    Prose - Helped with various writing tasks, including the book blurbs!
    Nonnavlis - Helped fill out our wordlists!
    Dove - Helps when we’re stuck on something and need ideas or some writing!

  • Coding, event maintenance
    glitch - glitch made sure everything was up and running! He has to wrangle all the different art assets and writing we make and put them into one cohesive event—not always very easy! He also made several adjustments based on feedback, including adding the dictionary checker.

  • Feedback Analysis
    Hyasynthetic - Syn spends a lot of time combing through feedback which makes it so much easier for glitch and I to figure out what changes need to happen for the next event!

  • Banner
    Plaid created this cozy, magical banner! The banner is important in setting the vibe for the event, and he really nailed it!

  • Collection Image
    Eluii designed our lovely collection image by making a detailed sketch and lighting notes, and I finished it by lining and coloring it!

  • Event Title Header
    Hyasynthetic made this charming header!

  • Genre Anthologies
    Plaid created this creative set of four images! “The Prince of Ice,” “The Mystery of Mycelium Way,” “Petals of Passion,” and “The Moon That Fell” are all books that I really want to exist now, haha.

  • Letters
    The fanciful letters were a collaboration between Hyasynthetic who made the sketches, and Nonnavlis who took it from there!

  • Sticker
    Nonnavlis designed this cute and nostalgic library check out card!

  • Equippable Items
    This set was created by Plaid, Nonnavlis, Loon, Eluii, and myself! We had body mods, accessories, food, backgrounds, an avatar frame and background, some recolored items, and more!

  • Coats
    Plasma, Nonnavlis, and myself created the coats! Our unlockable coat, the fantastic Fairytale Steed, has so many incredible details and toggles, and the gorgeous Fae Parade, found in the Scroll of Bricks, is so whimsically wonderful with beautiful flowing blue locks!

Staff continues to amaze me by coming together and putting out these incredible events! I can’t stress enough how much time is spent by them. I’m so thankful for our staff team for continuing to do this, as well as you all for playing and appreciating our events!

Event Autobuy

Glitch will do the event autobuy today so that if you forgot to spend your points, you’ll still get prizes. :

Thank you all so much for your participation! I hope you enjoyed the theme, art, writing, and mechanics and that you stick around for more! :D

Posted Jun 2, edited Jun 2
Thank you everyone for the awesome event! <3
Posted Jun 2
HUGE round of applause to everyone who made this event happen!  I have a lot of fun with the word ding! events and this one was great. c= very much appreciated!
Posted Jun 2
This is looking good!
Posted Jun 2
Thanks so much for the event! <3
Posted Jun 2
It was a fun event, thank you!
Posted Jun 2
thank you so much for such a fun event!! also shout out to the despereaux coat as well, i LOVE it!!!!! so sweet, one of my favorite books as a child was tale of despereaux and the coat is such a beautiful expression of it, and i made mine a me pet so that made me happy too!!
Posted Jun 3
Sent mine in! And thank you again for such a fun event! I always love the word events.
Posted Jun 5
Wait…was there supposed to be a sticker? I see Nonny has a credit for making a library card sticker but afaik such a thing was never handed out for the event. :o
Posted Jun 7

polygone Yep! It is up in the sticker knowledgebase and I’ll show what it looks like below! We still need to get it handed out which will happen this week before the survey closes :D

Posted Jun 7
Oh that’s adorable. I love all the little signatures. :D
Posted Jun 7