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[ACTIVITY] The Drawntlet (Nov 1st - Dec 1st)

The Drawntlet is a month-long activity that encourages artists and writers to challenge themselves as well as develop positive creativity habits. The goal is to create a unique piece each day, based on the provided prompt. This activity welcomes both art and writing, and will run in lieu of our usual Creative Circles this month.

How it’ll work:
  • This activity will run from 00:01 ST on November 1st through 23:59 ST on December 1st.
  • Each week in November will have its own Drawntlet thread, in which you will submit your pieces. Weeks run from Sunday 00:01 ST through the next Sunday at 23:59 ST.
    • With the exception of the last week, which is not a full week.
  • The current week’s thread will stop accepting submissions after 23:59 ST on Sunday, and the new week’s thread will start accepting submissions on 00:01 ST on Sunday. Note that this is a one day overlap. The next week will start while the previous week is still accepting submissions. This is to allow players more flexibility with the current week’s deadlines.
  • Once a week is over, you may no longer submit any prompts from that period of time for credit. This helps to keep the spirit of a small piece per day(-ish), rather than having folks burn themselves out by trying to rush 31 pieces at the end of the month.
    • Once you have finished your participation for the week, you will be asked to fill out a participation form so that we can tally your participation appropriately.
  • The final week’s thread will close at 23:59 ST ST on December 1st, which will mark the end of this activity. Prize selection will run throughout December to allow everyone ample time to choose their prizes.
  • Discussion throughout the duration of this activity is welcome in this thread! :)
Participation guidelines:
  • Create a piece of art or writing for each day of November, based on that day’s prompt.
  • Post your piece in the current week’s Drawntlet thread
  • As this activity focuses on daily participation, we would like each of your pieces to be submitted in its own post.
  • There are no minimum requirements for your pieces to meet - though we encourage written pieces to be kept relatively short; somewhere in the realm of 200-300 words.
  • You may not skip ahead by posting prompts beyond the one for the current date, but may ‘play catch up’ by tackling previous days’ prompts - as long as they are submitted in the current week’s thread
  • Once you’ve completed your participation for the week, fill out the weekly participation form so that your participation may be counted.
  • Though it is not required, we always encourage some level of relevance to characters that exist on Mycena Cave for activities such as this.
Weekly challenge:

Each week* will have an extra ‘theme’ challenge for you to take on, if you so choose! Completion of the current week’s challenge will earn you a choice of Forever Coat.
*Except the final, short week of November.

Weekly Challenges:
  • Week 1: Focus on a single character for all of this week’s prompts.
  • Week 2: Explore new/unfamiliar mediums and/or styles for each of this week’s prompts.
  • Week 3: Use song lyrics relating to each prompt to inspire your pieces for this week.
  • Week 4: Create pieces of, or including, other peoples’ characters. This includes both fanart and gift art.
Weekly spotlight:

Much like last year’s Inktober activity, we will be curating a selection of ‘spotlight’ entries to share on our social media each week. You can choose whether or not you would like the possibility of your pieces being spotlighted in each week’s participation form. If your piece is selected for spotlighting, you will receive credit in the post, and will also receive a Bag of Wonders. An individual player will not be spotlighted more than once over the course of the month, to keep things fair for everyone!


Prizes for this activity will vary based on your level of participation. Each completed week will earn you 1 participation point. Participation points can be spent on your choice of prizes in the Prize Exchange thread beginning on December 1st.

Prizes include your choice of one of our new Drawntlet-specific coats! These will return in subsequent years, as well, and it is our intention to add a new coat to the selection each year.

Everyone who completes at least one week will also receive the sticker for this activity!

Weekly deadlines:

Week One: 23:59 ST on Sun. November 8th
Week Two: 23:59 ST on Sun. November 15th
Week Three: 23:59 ST on Sun. November 22nd
Week Four: 23:59 ST on Sun. November 29th
Week Five: 23:59 ST on Tues. December 1st

***Please note that, with the exception of the last week, each week has a Sunday deadline. This overlaps with the start of the next week. This was done intentionally to give players an extra day to get the previous week’s prompts submitted***

Posted 10/25/20, edited 11/22/20
Oh wow, I seriously love everything about this challenge
Posted 10/25/20

im so excited, this looks so so fun!!!

i also LOVE the weekly challenges idea!!! im gonna start brainstorming new mediums/ideas to try now! i do have a question for clarity’s sake. for the weekly challenges it says “Each week* will have an extra ‘theme’ challenge for you to take on, if you so choose! Completion of the current week’s challenge will earn you a choice of Forever Coat.” does that mean that we have the opportunity to win a forever coat for each of the four full weeks, so potentially four pets in total? and does a week count as completed if we keep to the theme for all 7 days of that week?

Posted 10/25/20

That’s correct on both accounts!

Posted 10/25/20

Probably due to the late hour… or my brain not functioning.

Do our characters need pet representation on the site?

If yes, would temporary ones be sufficient? Like I have an idea for a character but none of the coats fit what I have in mind for them? Or have an order in queue but not finished?

Edit: Also would I be able to set up for it? Like write down the week theme and day without actually writing the story?

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20

Chibi Envy Chan
For this activity, characters do not need site representations. And you can do whatever you’d like to set up for it, as well!

Posted 10/26/20
The first post has now been updated with the link to the prize exchange, for anyone who was curious.
Posted 10/26/20
I’ve moved this post over here as apparently this is the wrong place for it.
Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20

I would have preferred if taking on the extra challenge each week awarded you an extra point, even if that necessitated revamping the points lists or something else, to allow a little more flexibility with timing for players. Even allowing someone to pick a different tier 1 prize for completing the challenge would be nice. 

I’m really stoked to see opportunities for getting seasonals and past OotS sets, too. Those are awesome additions to the prize pool! (I’m also happy to see other ways to get a gold medallion, too, though a little more ambivalent/sad if it means cave challenges and cooking contests are a thing of the past).

Posted 10/26/20

I’m excited to participate in this!

I appreciate the extra day overlap for submissions, and I appreciate the low requirements. I really like the OotS and seasonal coat availability in the prizes, and the forever coats are a neat prize for the weekly challenges. The flexibility in not strictly requiring MC characters is appreciated.

Moved some other thoughts to the thread in the Discussions forum.

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20

This was my favorite event from 2019 — very happy it’s joining us again in 2020 ♥。

Thank you, staff, for organizing this. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s submissions, too!

Posted 10/26/20
I like the idea of themes, but I’m not sure I feel comfortable using others’ characters here, especially since I can’t draw and thus would be writing my entries. Would site NPCs count for those of us who don’t feel comfortable using characters created by other users? I feel site characters are easier to incorporate into my writing than user-made characters and I wouldn’t feel like I’m offending someone by writing them “wrong,” if that makes sense?
Posted 10/26/20
raus That would count as fanart, so that would be just fine. :)
Posted 10/26/20

Hey raus — absolutely! You may use site npcs or characters from off-site / fanwork as desired. :) I think it would be awesome to see some of our npcs get some love.

Edit: SNIPED 8( I’m too slow .......

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20

So, I’m curious - When you say ‘forever coats’ is that uncarved pets or just shrooms for those coats? I feel like this may be a dumb question, but I’m relatively new to the inktober-type stuff (I participated last year, but it’s a bit of a vague memory now)

Edit: Also, for the week 2 challenge of new/unfamiliar styles/mediums, do we have to use a new one each day, or if we find a new style/medium we like, can we stick to that one for the week to practice on it?

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20


Forever Coats are the coats you can find in Out of the Shadows listed under Forever! So the Coral Spring, Tainted Smoke and Golden Glow. (Sorry misread lol). You’d be getting them in uncarved pet form (since their main use is as ‘fodder’ for mushrooms). :D

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20
Thank you for the clarification, Metalhawk and Dove!
Posted 10/26/20
I’m stoked to see these changes from last year! This feels like a solid event.
Posted 10/27/20
Just a heads up that we just put the two new coats (Lacquered History + Free Verse) into the GCS! This was to make the coats less exclusive to the Drawntlet and obtainable through other means as well, and more consistent with what we did with Inkling last year! <3
Posted 10/27/20, edited 10/27/20
oh excellent!!!! thank you for the update myla!!!!!!!
Posted 10/27/20
That is good news! Thanks, ya’ll!
Posted 10/27/20

So uhm, could I ask if there’s any reason we can’t have the submission interface from the desert event back for this? I don’t want to go back to trying to track if I’ve completed a prompt or not manually. One of the absolute worst things about the last Inktober for me personally was trying to track if I’ve completed a certain day or not. With the desert event interface, we’d basically be able to check at a glance if we’ve submitted a post for the activity.

Also about the prizes conversation, I think maybe one extra point for completing every day of the event and maybe an extra sticker might be a reasonable compromise? So there isn’t a huge disparity and it doesn’t affect anyone who missed just one day as much, but 6 points give people a little bit more flexibility about their prizes. I think that’s still a nice little extra on top without completely disregarding the logic and balance of the current structure. The sticker I think would be a nice extra, but I’m not sure how that fits into the current sticker policy/etc.

Posted 10/28/20
I was lowkey thinking about skipping this year, but hubby misses my writing, so I’m gonna go for it.  Whomever created the layout for the prompts is a Genius!  I love the colour coding and easy to check at a glance each week and bonus challenge. 
Posted 10/29/20

HECK YEAH, I am also gonna write!!

Also, Lala has good ideas. =0

Posted 10/30/20

Honestly, the thought of using that submission interface didn’t even cross my mind. It’s something that we can definitely consider for next time! In general, we want to keep as much off of glitch’s plate as possible for forum-based activities, and it’s a bit too close to tackle that now, but I think it would probably be doable in the future.

Posted 10/30/20
I have been so inundated with school and work that I haven’t been able to be creative lately, so this will be a delight to participate in again!  I can dust off my creative writing brain and force it to get to work haha.  Super excited, and I love the new coats aaaa…
Posted 10/30/20, edited 10/30/20
Crow Thanks for the detailed answer! Also, it occurred to me to ask another question. Since the event is implying the Drawntlet coats will be options for *future* Drawntlets at that tier, is there any reason we don’t have the Inkling in the same option/category? I realize the events were named differently, but functionally it was a very similar event to this one. I can understand why the gcs coat choice was taken out, but since the Drawntlet coats were added to the GCS Shroom as well, like the Inkling was, I can’t understand the difference here. If not is there a chance that the Inkling coat could be added to the Drawntlet coat prizes?
Posted 10/30/20

i have a small question for week’s two’s challenge. if we’re doing writing, would y’all count different styles of poetry as different mediums? like, would a pantoum poem and a bob and wheel poem both count towards the challenge?

also, i saw coronae’s edited question asking if we could try a single new medium and stick with that all week, or if we had to do seven new things to qualify? i didn’t see a response, so i wanted to reask.

and going off that, what different mediums count toward week two’s challenge regarding prose? would, say, writing something in 2nd person pov or a fake journal article count, as long as it’s new to the writer? or would you just prefer i try poetry or art instead lol

Posted 10/30/20, edited 10/30/20

The original intention was for the Drawntlet coats to kind of be their own ‘thing’ - a pool of coats available only through this activity so that there’d always be something new to earn even for players who already had a large variety of coats. Adding them to the GCS pool was done as a way of kind of… I don’t want to say negating, but as a way to even that out a bit, since we started with 2 coats and players can’t earn both.

Since the original intention behind Inkling was always to have it be a part of the GCS pool - just released along with the Inktober activity - I consider their purposes to be different, even though they’re both available through the same method now, if that makes sense?

Since we already stated Free Verse & Lacquered History would be returning with this activity next year, that’s something we’ll stick to. However, after that, I’m not certain what we’ll do.

So… long-winded answer aside, Inkling will not be joining the ‘choice of X coat’ Drawntlet prizes this year. Going forward, prize structure is still up in the air, and will be something we look for feedback on after the activity concludes. (My ability to be concise fails me, I’m really sorry about the babbling).

Ollieshark (& Coronae, sorry I missed you!)
One new unfamiliar medium would be fine, I think! I wouldn’t want someone to feel obligated to get ahold of a bunch of different art supplies or whatever just to use them once, haha.

In general, the challenges are fairly open-ended. Different writing styles or genres, both prose and poetry, would certainly be fine. We’re not going to dig through your history to ensure something is ‘new’ to you - it’s just supposed to be a fun way to challenge yourself, if you feel up to it! :)

Posted 10/31/20
Just to clarify, for the prize of a Past OotS Set, is there a hard limit to which year? Can it go as far back as 2013 OotS sets or is it restricted to 2016 to 2020 sets like the gif is suggesting?
Posted 10/31/20