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[Update] Shops / Marketplace / Item Search revamp
The Marketplace, Reborn

Following a series of issues and complaints, the Mycenian Chamber of Commerce called for an emergency meeting. As the shopkeepers, already tired from a long day of selling goods, gathered at their favorite meeting spot, they candidly shared some of the challenges affecting their customers:

Darcy spoke of several Mycenians confusing the Pancake Mushroom sold in Darcy’s Confection Perfection for a mushroom made of pancakes. When they returned to her demanding refunds, upset by their new forms, she was unable to provide a valid argument as to why she was selling a transformative mushroom among her stock of food and food-related accessories.

Bruc complained, in his typical terse fashion, about Mycenians constantly bothering him about the wide range of his stock. A handful of old-timers remembered when he just dabbled in magic—and back then, they said, his shop made sense. Recently, someone tried to get a refund after buying a Blushing Heart Mushroom. “I ate it and nothing happened!” They whined. “If it’s just a normal mushroom, why isn’t Darcy selling it?”

Jessamyn chimed in just on Bruc’s heels with similar issues: “Mycenians have been telling me that some of my stock seems to stray from my aesthetic. I’ve been accused of not being true to myself by carrying items that don’t exactly qualify as environments.”

Rikur gave a bit of a shrug. He wasn’t invited to the meeting, having been politely asked to remove himself from the Chamber of Commerce Winter Watch party a few months prior after a brief scuffle with Val, but he’d always been a hard Drasillis to shake. “My shop’s doing great.” Was his unhelpful contribution. “Sounds like you need a new gimmick.”

And despite his relative lack of popularity among his peers, this got them thinking. If they were all having similar problems, maybe it was time to make some changes. A round-table discussion ensued, with each shopkeeper sharing their opinions on what could be improved, and pleasantly working towards compromises whenever disagreements arose. Sensing that there was little drama to be mongered in this particular gathering, Rikur soon slunk away, deciding to instead focus his energy on increasing his profit margins.

Finally, they came to a conclusion: an open marketplace, right in the square where all of their shops currently stood. They could work together to sell a wide array of products, while each maintaining their own expertise when called for. This way, they could each afford to take more time off, too—with their sales left in capable paws, taking a small vacation wouldn’t necessarily mean losing out on their entire income.

Upon hearing the news, Rikur replied: “Sounds great. I’ll gather up my stock of Driftshrooms and Gloomshrooms and toss ‘em into the pile when I get the chance - just make sure I get my cut!”

Summary of Changes

I’m very excited to announce that the thing we’ve been hard at work on for the last few months has shipped! There are a number of things to go over but the quick version is:

  • Now, when you go to Help -> Items, instead of just seeing a giant list of items, you can search through it using our brand new tagging system. You can also search by name if you want to.
  • In this item search, clicking on an item will show you the usual suspects plus a few new things: a preview that highlights what the item looks like on any supported base, roughly how many of that item exist, and what tags have been applied to the item.
  • The shops have been restructured into something that fits into this tagging system, so you can much more easily find the kinds of items you want to acquire.
  • The new Marketplace allows you to search through both the Mycena Cave shops as well as items that players are selling, so if you’re looking for a red equippable that your Mycenian can wear on her head you only need to search once.
  • The Marketplace now supports listing items for sale for gems instead of only for nuggets.
  • You can now also see a history of your past marketplace sales, including those from before this update.

For a visual walkthrough of screenshots, check out this link. Note that the navigation menu structure has changed somewhat since that was made, but the rest should match up with what you’ll see.

Selling in the Market

You can sell items or gems. Note that you will not be able to set a price on your gems that is higher than the Cave Exchange price of 3,600. If you are currently selling gems at higher than this price your offering has been left unchanged, but will not be visible or accessible to other players unless you lower the price to below 3,600.

Similarly, if an item is sold by Mycena Cave, player offerings must be for a lower price to be visible to buyers in the marketplace. That is: if an item is for sale by Mycena Cave, then Mycena Cave’s price is the highest price shown to players. Unlike gems, you can still choose to list an item for a higher price than Mycena Cave charges — the purpose here being so that you can list seasonal items for sale which will become active as soon as they are no longer in season on Mycena Cave.

Buying in the Market

As a buyer, buying items from the Market is now as seamless as buying items from Mycena Cave. There are no extra hoops to jump through.

Tagging Consistency

In its initial release, item tags are expected to be somewhat inconsistent. There is an interface available in which you as players can suggest changes to tags on an item, but this interface is disabled for the time being. There are consistency issues that we know we need to fix, and it will not be helpful to have a large number of individual suggestions telling us what we already know. Once we’ve gotten the tags into a reasonably consistent state, we will enable the tag suggestion interface and update this thread so that you know it’s available.

We ask that you please do not suggest tag changes for items via echo or in forum posts.

Coming Imminently

Rikur’s stock of Driftshrooms and Gloomshrooms will soon be moving into the general Market mechanisim. Changingshrooms will also be added as a permanent fixture.

Coming Soon

This update contains a lot of big changes,  but notably absent are three features:

  • Searching your inventory in the same way
  • Selling Mycenians in the Marketplace
  • Limited stock offerings from Mycena Cave

All of these are still on their way. We will be releasing those features in the near future once we’ve sorted out what the interface and specifics should be.

Cautionary Measures

This is a rather large change that heavily involves the items and currency transfer functionality. We don’t foresee any issues, but out of an abundance of caution, please do not engage in any cross-site trades until March 5 server time. If something does go horribly wrong we may need to roll back transactions. You don’t want to be left holding the short end of the stick if you’ve sent someone something on another website and their part of the trade on Mycena Cave gets rolled back.

Please experiment with the new functionality, and, if you still have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread :)

Posted 03/03/20

We’re aware that the item preview images aren’t loading. We’re on it :) fixed :)

Edit: We are also aware of Rikur’s shop not loading! also fixed!

Posted 03/03/20, edited 03/03/20

Just putting this here to contain my thoughts…

glitch Is there any way we can ‘x’ out the yellow banner on top? I don’t cross site trade and that banner is super distracting yo

Oh my this is so much xD It’ll take some getting used to

Really like the item previews on the pet bases!

Super nice having the player sells integrated with the site sells

Def a bit bummed that Jess is only carrying avatar stuff right now—I like having all background and environmental items in one place, instead of having to run a special search for them.

Really nice having the item search save our sorting preferences. I love stalking that list for new items >]

Hmm def for player selling items, would like to pop between inventory pockets—I keep all my items to be sold in a sep pocket so they don’t get mixed in with everything I want to keep.

For items that have part toggles, might be nice to get a note in the description saying so!

Also would be super nice to get the artist credits back in the item description~

note for myself when tag suggestions become a thing ‘drifty item’ tag

Posted 03/03/20, edited 03/03/20
glitch The “shop” button on the profile pages (beside the “give”, “trade”, etc. buttons) now seems to direct to a page that no longer exists. Probably directing to the old link rather than the new sales one?
Posted 03/03/20

Chimerical unfortunately no, and it’s meant to be a little distracting. The good news is that it’ll be gone in just over 24 hours.

Nyfeaena Thanks, I’d completely forgotten about that button. I suspect it makes the most sense to just remove it, because we no longer really have the concept of “glitch’s market stall”. Great catch!

Posted 03/03/20

woahhh, its so beautiful!!! and im obsessed w the item preview feature!! i never knew how CUTE the breezy wigs were on upright dras

i did notice that items that are for sale from mycena cave (like the pancake and frazil mushes) when you hover the price still say “this price is available from another player” when they are not actually available from another player haha

Posted 03/03/20
Just dropping in to mention half the banner is hidden on mobile.
Posted 03/03/20
Also glitch Preet is open again and the Halloween shop? Are we going to have this year round then?
Posted 03/03/20, edited 03/03/20

oh wow this is nice actually, im learning a lot about a lot of items i missed just scrolling through sullie’s! i kinda wish the lto stuff was a little more obviously delineated from the general stock but that’s probably just me

also glad to see sullie’s no jorts sign is taken down! when can we expect equippable jorts?

Posted 03/03/20
Er… somehow this feels quite disorganized and just a bit too overwhelming. Maybe I just need some time to get used to it.
Posted 03/03/20

ok seriously tho after playing with this a little more i really love this update! i feel like you guys have been so good lately about offering like…. awesome quality of life type improvements that make it easier to create our pets exactly how we envision them to be, which for mycena in particular i think is a GREAT move bcus the site is so catered to be a roleplay heavy petsite. i luv the way the items are redistributed a lil across the shops so that its more intuitive and you know what youre gonna see with each one, and i love that i can still just go to our small friend hopper if i just wanna browse the whole marketplace. seriously, that’s such a great n valuable option! i look forward to playin around with the tagging system too and see what comes up where,

this is a pretty different marketplace system than i’ve seen elsewhere but i really love it, GREAT post glitch

Posted 03/03/20

My prayers have been answered lol

I like the update. It does feel a little overwhelming though. I kind of wish there was a way to select “just shop items” without having to select it from the drop down, like in the sort by links, since drop downs tend to be a little annoying on mobile. It’s a minor annoyance, I get impatient with my old phone. I’m loving the tags. This will make dressing up pets so much easier for my brain to handle.

Posted 03/03/20

After messing around with the new MP, I’ve gotta say I’m super digging the new change!

I do agree that it seems disorganized at first, but it gets intuitive the more you play around with it. Once the tagging system gets sorted out, I think everything will fall into place much faster!

I think what would help in cutting down the overwhelmingness of all the items is to have some extra tabs of common search categories/grouping under tabs? Similar to how a lot of places have expandable search boxes for more specific/complex searches.

For example, some common/broad categories could be sorting by Artist or Color.
Sullie’s could have Body or Background.
Fungimental could have Monthly or Event or Seasonal.
And so on.

Because right now all the different shop sections share all the search terms which I think contributes to the disorganized feel (there’s no point in having an ‘avatar frame’ tag in the Fungimental shop yanno?).

With that said, I love love LOVE the image previews!!! That was like, the one thing I wanted most out of the update and it’s my favorite thing! I also find the overall item circulation count super interesting!

Also now that player stalls and the site shops are combined, it’s so much easier comparing prices.

I’m looking forward to when pet sales are live. OwO

Posted 03/03/20

A few thoughts:

The seasonal items’ year of release is a bit weird to see over the item image when you’re in pages where it isn’t relevant (Valentine’s, Halloween, seasonal mushrooms).

The pages themselves feel very cramped, there’s a lot jammed in and not a ton of room for all that information to breathe.

As the person responsible for the ludicrous amount of ‘Red’ items on site, I’d really love the ability to buy multiple items from a shop at a time, especially from site shops.

That being said I’m very glad to see this is here. Can’t WAIT for the recolors. >:D The tagging system is a nice feature, it’s pretty useful as it is so I can’t wait to see it finished!

Posted 03/04/20

The listings you see in the holiday shops currently are items that are for sale from other players (you can hover over the green price text to see this explanation - normal site-priced items are listed in black text). That’s also why they don’t have all of their items listed currently - they’re not actually ‘open,’ but are showing the proper holiday-tagged items that are currently available for sale. When they do open during their proper seasons, you’ll see much more stock available to buy! 

There isn’t much else I can really address here right now, but I do want to say that I’m really excited about this update. :D The item previews and integrated player/site selling especially!

Posted 03/04/20, edited 03/04/20

It does feel really disorganized. I am going to miss the smaller shops that sort of gave a peek into the personality of the NPCs through their stock. With everything lumped together, that bit of site flavor has been lost. It feels more like shopping on amazon than walking into a store someone owns now. XD; I’d definitely have preferred the marketplace to be separate, with the shopkeepers having a smaller cycling shop on their own pages which then links to the marketplace.

It would also be nice to know what the shop price was for stuff originally, even if it’s cycled out, so players who don’t keep track of the market don’t end up paying extremely high prices for something they thought was expensive only to have it cycled in a few months later for pennies and then feel like they got ripped off. >.>;

If this system is coming to inventories, does this mean we’re losing pockets? And if so, will we be losing the ability to have pockets for pets as well? D8! Having everything lumped together in a giant list that I’m forced to search for specific tags/names every single time I want something would be incredibly painful when trying to decide what I want to put on a pet, moreso than it is now. The current tag system likely wouldn’t be useful for me at all, since I have a specific way my inventory is organized, minus the severe need for more more pockets. x.x Having more pockets and a completely separate search feature for inventories would be amazing tho.

I am absolutely loving the ability to sort by artist/color - hopefully once players can suggest edits to the tags, it will become more useful as time goes on.


Posted 03/04/20
This might be a stupid question, but I had spent a gem to upgrade my shop - is that gone forever? :D;;
Posted 03/04/20
Ooh, and you can press the over button when an item is highlighted and it goes to the next item. <3
Posted 03/04/20

I’m obviously not alone with how disorganised everything feels, and I (with the insight of Nyfeaena) think I’ve managed to narrow it down to two main reasons as to why.

1) The combination of user shops and onsite shops. I think it’s neat in theory, but in practice has just become Too Much. I know there are ‘shop’ and ‘market’ tags, but Ny had to tell me they were there because they got lost in the chaos of all of the other tags. I don’t think this is necessarily something that should be filtered by default, but I think Ersatz‘s suggestion of more organised tab groups would go a long way in sifting through them. For example, having a pinned section of ‘general’ tags, like ‘shop’, ‘market’, and all the redirect-y shop tags (‘equippable’, ‘avatar’, ‘mushroom’, etc.), with the current selection hiding irrelevant tags, such as the mushroom-avatar frame combination that Ersatz mentioned.

2) The overlapping item listings. Why would I go to Val when I can find the same stuff in Sullie? Why would I go to Sullie for Howard’s stock? It’s simultaneously redundant and claustrophobic, and I feel like the equippables that appear in the other stores should be filtered out. (IE, exclude ‘halloween’, ‘valentine’, and ‘body modification’ tags by default in Sullie’s). It would cut down on the frankly terrifying 23 pages of items in Sullie, and also make it less confusing as to why stuff is where it is.
I feel bad that Hopper had to lose his shop though :(

I’m still a little mixed on the update overall. I like the ideas behind it and the preview implementation is really neat, but I feel like I’ve just been dropped into a Walmart when I’m used to the tiny 8-store centre down the road.

Posted 03/04/20

I think this update is phenomenal in terms of being a replacement for the bazaar. The interface for selling items feels more streamlined and it’s a relief to be able to actively have more than a handful of items for sale. I look forward to tossing my trade thread into the void, only fishing it out for actual trades rather than sales. It’s also nice to be able to look through the items players are selling. I only ever used the bazaar to look for specific things, but now I might actually poke around in it from time to time for fun.

Additionally, the item search mechanic is wonderful! I’m relieved that we can still peruse all items, though I love the tagging system for a more refined approach. Those symbols for openables and transformative goods (and others) are also great! I was a bit worried that those categories would be harder to notice with this new system but now I don’t think that will be a problem after all.

That being said, I’m not a fan of the marketplace as it currently exists.

My first issue with it is that its interface is less than ideal when on mobile. This is something that’s always occurred when looking at pets, but it’s more offensive in the marketplace as that’s a key feature of the site (unlike stalking people’s customs, lol). This is relatively minor, though, and I get that the site isn’t specifically designed for mobile use! It just meant that the marketplace and I didn’t get off on a great foot.

My biggest problems, however, primarily echo those Hyasynthetic already brought up.

While I wouldn’t say I hate the combination of onsite shops and user shops… I… do not like it. There doesn’t seem to be any intuitive indication of which items belong to the onsite shops and which are user sold. As an experienced player, it was easy for me to notice that the user sold items have prices displayed in green. The marketplace doesn’t actually seem to tell you that, though. It’s cluttered and confusing. Even if you find the ‘shop’ and ‘market’ tags, they’re not clear in regards to ‘shop’ being “sold by the site” and ‘market’ being “sold by users”. In that regard, I too appreciate Ersatz‘s suggestion or raus‘s. Alternatively, I think having each shop have tabs much like in the inventory, with one being for site sold items, one being user sold items, and one combining the two, would solve the problem (while the search feature could still simply clump them both together). As a bonus, I believe that would help clarify that the seasonal shops (e.g. Midnight Collection) are in fact not currently open as the ‘shop’ tab could simply be empty.

I actually brought the overlapping item listings up to Hyasynthetic asking if he could explain to me why Val’s shop still exists if it’s just a smaller version of Sullie’s. So yeah. I’d love if his suggested fix could be implemented. It would make it waaay less overwhelming and add some much needed differentiation to the shops!

Despite my criticism, I do think the update is wonderful overall and am incredibly grateful for it!

Posted 03/04/20, edited 03/04/20

I’m gonna just do bullets of what I like and what I think could be changed!! Since I have a hard time elaborating sometimes feel free to prod me for a better explanation.

Stuff I Like
  • I like the separation of effect shrooms (gloomshroom, pondshroom, moveshroom, petrification, etc) and coat-changing shrooms between two different shops
  • Love love love the inclusion of ‘theme’ tags like “food”
  • I SUPER appreciate being able to preview the items, ESPECIALLY the avatar BG items/frames bc those you can’t actually preview in magic puddle!!
  • The preview is EXTRA good bonus points for not only zooming in so the item is clear, but giving enough context clues so you know WHERE it sits on a pet!!
  • I love that the preview window usually remembers which base I like to look at, makes quickly flipping through so nice!
  • Being able to use the arrows to go right through without the extra click-click-clicking is so nice!?! Feels super good to use
  • LOVE that the coat shrooms show a preview of the coat!
  • Really appreciate how the crossed-out price indicates that there IS a store purchase option normally, but another player is selling for cheaper, that’s nice
Stuff I Dislike
  • I think Sullie’s category is too broad and we could honestly use a few more shops
  • For less density/more organization, all equippable tattoos, eye effects, ruffs, etc should stick to Val’s shop and not also be in Sullie’s
  • Maybe a background/frame/bg item shop could be run by Tamshir, who’s traveled around the cave and knows all sorts of places in it
  • Maybe a pet-pet shop could be run by Professor Mariel, who studies entomology and other sciences and seems to have a focus on wildlife in the cave?
  • Maybe a weapon/armor/magic effect shop could be run by Kerric, who leads adventurers and of course might get them equipped for the journey?
  • I do think that Bruc’s shop should be labeled a little differently from just “Mushrooms”, maybe like “Coat Change” or “Transformation Mushrooms”?
  • Maybe for Peent and the Midnight Collection, they could be separated under a banner that says “these shops are not currently restocking”?
  • Backing up the idea of having tabs to separate shop-stocked items and marketplace items!
Posted 03/04/20
Thank you all for the comments and great suggestions! We will put some thought into how to better organize the shops since we do see what you mean about that aspect being overwhelming and disorganized. <3
Posted 03/04/20
This update is amazing, thank you <3
Posted 03/05/20

I think this is a great start to a new system, but like others have said, it could use some improvements. I think right now the system is way too cluttered and overwhelming.

I think one good change would be an easy way of differentiating between items that Mycena Cave is selling and those that users are selling. Right now there isn’t a good way to check.

Also, as someone who has purchased shop upgrades in the past, I was wondering if there was any way we could get some sort of refund on the gems we have spent. I know I spent my gems a while ago, but I think a lot of players spent those more recently without knowing an update was coming. I do appreciate having unlimited shop space from now on though.

I do really appreciate the new way of previewing items. It’s cool being able to see what the items will look like on my pets without using the pool.

Posted 03/05/20
i think this is much better than the old system! makes everything much easier to find. this is a great start to making items easier to buy/sell
Posted 03/05/20

I quite like this new system. It’s pretty, it’s shown my a bunch of items I’m impulsively buying because they’re super pretty and I didn’t know they existed, and it’s way easier to preview with. Very convenient. Don’t see the difficulty in telling which items are sold by Mycena vs by players though. I actually rather like that the way it is, with the recolored number seeming to indicate either cheaper than market or something not sold in the market, and it showing as being sold by Mycena Cave when going to buy. I’d rather prefer user and site markets to remain together, instead of separated out like I saw suggested somewhere up there.

Showing how many of a given item in a little tool tip is also pretty handy, to help plan out which items on my list to buy first. Which has gotten to be…quite a list. >_> The tag system is also cool, though it’s made it come to my attention that the site requires more hats. There’s just so few on the market and it makes me sad. :c

Anyway! Yes, Poly likes. Good system is.

Posted 03/06/20

I’m a little squeezed for time so I can’t read everything that’s been written so far, but I was curious:

  • Is or will it in any way be possible to see a history of sales? I don’t care about who sold what, but it’d be great to be able to see how often an item has been sold and at what prices historically.
  • Items that are currently not for sale at all, are those not shown? I’m not sure if they are, but they don’t appear to be, and I’d like to them to be (ideally with a toggle to ‘hide items currently not for sale’).

Am personally seeing a lot of great things: Loving the tags, the search options, the fact that it’s combined between user & on-site shops, the previews, and the unlimited shop space <3

Posted 03/07/20, edited 03/07/20

I’m delighted by this update! I was a little nervous reading through the update post, but seeing it for myself, wow. This is what I’ve always wanted for the player marketplace: A visual guide that can be browsed, rather than only being able to find specific items you’re in search of. I’m hyped to see this put in place for coats as well. Fungimental Magic looks fantastic.

I like Juney’s questions. It would be awesome to have a record of all sales without names linked, at least for items (and maybe non-custom coats without IDs), but for custom coat sales it would be very easy to track who purchased it and at what price. I also like the idea of a toggle for viewing unavailable items, off by default.

I’d like to see more organization for the larger shops, like tabs for item categories. Sullie’s Closet could have wings, head accessories, wigs, etc. I could filter by tags if I wanted something specific, but if I just want to browse, 24 pages is too many.

Does the count of mushrooms include only mushrooms or coats as well?

Shop pages do not currently list the shop name or shopkeeper name when actively viewing the page. Will this be added? I click on Darcy’s Kitchen, and I scroll up to double-check which shop I’m in, and the best I can identify it as is “the one with the blue chef Mycenian” until I navigate away from the shop itself.

If I have two shops open in two different tabs, attempting to filter/sort something in the older tab will update the filter and navigate you to the shop that was opened in the newer tab, so it’s not really possible to view two shops at once. Is this intentional or a bug?

Posted 03/07/20

As suggested by others, I would also really love a tab with all items for sale by players. Maybe it could be called “Bazaar” or something else that adds some charm and immersion, “market” sounds rather cold compared to before c:

Does the number of items in existence include those items owned by currently inactive players?

Posted 03/07/20

Juney This may not have been the reason for your suggestion, but if you go to the item page you can search through all items, not just what’s in the market!
Personally, I don’t really want to see items not for sale listed in the marketplace. It’s already pretty cluttered!

Posted 03/07/20