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[ACTIVITY] Holiday Profile Drive (through December 31st)
Holiday Profile Drive
What is a Profile Drive?

A Profile Drive is an activity where we encourage players to write detailed character profiles for their Mycenians! We have held this activity a couple of times in the past, and while they have been quite successful, our rules and guidelines have changed over time to ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved. While we understand that everyone has their own approach to character profiles, for the sake of encouraging similar amounts of effort among participants, we have various criteria that must be met in order to receive credit. Once the profile drive is complete, participants are free to restructure their Mycenians’ profiles in any way they see fit!

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines carefully, and if you have any questions, you may either post them in this thread or echo Crow or Dove!

Entry Guidelines

In order to qualify, completed profiles must contain at least three clearly distinguishable modules. Unlike past profile drives, modules may contain any style of content players would like to include, as long as the activity criteria are met for each, and the final product has the feeling of a relatively complete profile. You may find ideas for common modules below, but feel free to be as creative as you would like for these.

Modules may either be purely written, artistic, or a combination, and each type of module has its own criteria for credit.

  • Written modules should have a distinct theme, and be approximately 200 words in length (or longer).
  • Artistic modules should have either one polished piece or a collection of three smaller, sketchier pieces.
  • Combination modules should contain at least one small/sketchy piece and approximately 100 written words

Module ideas:
History, personality, appearance, powers/abilities, relationships, plot synopsis, world details, wardrobe/alternate outfits, sidekicks/pets

  • Characters do not have to adhere to Mycena Cave canon, however, they must have a Mycenian form on site.
  • Each player may create a total of three unique profiles for this activity.
  • All profiles must be entirely new work. You may rehash old characters so long as all pertinent profile information is new. Additionally, all writing and any art must be your own.
  • Geness profiles will not count towards this activity.
  • A minimal list of stats or traits will not count as a complete module. Profiles must be reasonably in-depth to count for this activity.
  • Any players found to be circumventing the rules for this activity will be disqualified.

Please post all of your completed profiles in a single post in this thread. If you are unsure as to whether one of your profiles meets the criteria, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Participation & Prizes:

Each completed profile (up to 3 maximum per player) will count as one ticket in the Profile Drive raffle. At the end of the activity, we will be raffling off one Glowing Changingshroom per 30 unique participants, and one Bag of Wonders per 15 unique participants. We will be raffling off one of each of these prizes by default, so once 30 players have submitted at least one profile, the prize pool will contain 2 Glowing Changingshrooms and 3 Bags of Wonder.

All participants who complete at least one profile will also receive a blue-category sticker for this activity:


This activity runs until 23:59 ST on December 31st.
Posted 12/09/19, edited 12/10/19

I have a quick question:

I have a lot of profiles where I have done the layout/skeleton/graphics (all the photos are free use from pexels so no worries) such as this one but I haven’t completed any of the writing. Would it be okay to submit one of these as long as I’m specific which sections are for the event?

And if that isn’t acceptable, would it be okay for me to use my format that I’ve already built or does everything have to be completely from scratch?


Edit: One more, when you say “per player” you mean “per account,” correct? Sapph and I couldn’t participate separately (this is what we expected just want to be sure).

Posted 12/09/19, edited 12/09/19

Hi Ishy and Sapphy! Reusing existing profile skeletons is perfectly acceptable as long as the content being submitted for credit is new. No need to reinvent the wheel! :) We just need to be able to tell what writing / art has been created for the purpose of the activity. You can add clarifying details in your submission post if it wouldn’t be immediately evident (if you’re adding new info to a profile that already has written sections, as an example).

And yes — the three profile limitation is per account!

Posted 12/09/19

Ahh exciting!

Since it’s a blue category sticker, will this count towards the 3 stickers = 1 BoW thing the Creative Collective has? ovo

Posted 12/09/19
Purr It sure does! :D you will receive a BoW for every three blue category stickers, regardless of how they are earned.
Posted 12/09/19
YES. 8D Thanks Dove!
Posted 12/09/19
Where do we list our completed profiles? In here?
Posted 12/09/19

Since I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this month, what would count for the badge for minimum participation? One completed profile?
Is any combination of modules fine, for example per profile all three can be Written modules or all three Artistic modules?

Posted 12/09/19

Marina At least one profile will need to be completed for activity participation to be met; I will update the language in the first post to clarify. As for the modules, any combination is fine as long as the finished product is cohesive & relevant — feel free to submit all art, all writing, or any mixture as creativity strikes! We hope you will have time to profile with us! :)

Malis Yes, please post them directly in this thread! We will go through all submissions at the activity conclusion, but will be available for any questions as needed.

Posted 12/09/19
Alright, thank you Dove <3
Posted 12/09/19

Eyy; it’s my favourite time of year (IE, the only time I get profile work done.)

Silver, whose profile currently has stuff, all of which will be overwritten Done! He’s been completely overhauled. He’s got a content warning on him; I’m just busy trying to balance the profile skeleton with the content tag.

Alistair — Done!

Posted 12/09/19, edited 12/31/19
I have a bit of a suggestion :D;;; The 300 word count per module requirement ends up being like. 900 words minimum, if you’re doing an all written profile. Is there any chance that the per-module word count requirement could be loosened slightly? Personally speaking I know 300 words would take me at the very least an hour to write, most likely quite a bit longer, which seems a bit unfair when the art requirement is 30 minutes of effort minimum.
Posted 12/10/19

Equating a fair effort across the board is always difficult, so I’ll chat with Dove about this tomorrow and get back to you on this!

Posted 12/10/19
Just to add to Purr’s suggestion: I checked one of my profiles, which counted for a drive in the past, and my appearance section was only a little over 200 words. This is about average for me, and I tend to go into more depth than is usually necessary for a character’s appearance description.
Posted 12/10/19
Not to harp on it or anything, but I agree with Purr and Hya. To put it into even more perspective, the lorem ipsum in my skeleton here is almost exactly 600 words (all of it, including the small section near the top).
Posted 12/10/19
Will Character Cavern posts be accepted again this year, or do profiles have to be on the pet itself?
Posted 12/10/19

Would like to chime in (i used wordcounter.net) What i’ve got here for matthew is 483 words and took me an hour to think about and write out… first section is 128 words(appearance)  and personality is 293.. While i’ll be adding to it. It seems 300 words per ‘module’ might be a bit much…? While i’ll be adding more,yeah. it’s already a lot longer than 30 minutes.

matthew’s profile. Complete unless i think of something else. (everything is new)

Evelyn’s profile. Everything here is new

Felix’s profile. Also new! ( I’ll be adding to it but listed it here just in case)

Posted 12/10/19, edited 12/30/19
Some updates on requirements:
  • Written module requirements have been lowered to state approximately 200 words. A little less or more is fine - we’re not going to run anything through a word counter, we’re just looking to set a general bar for effort.
  • Artistic module wording has been changed to remove the time approximation - the key takeaway is that it should either be a polished piece or a few unpolished pieces.

Absolutely! Character caverns are great, and we love seeing them!

Posted 12/10/19

Posting here to save my progress!

Done: Emily

Posted 12/10/19, edited 12/11/19

Time to get some profiles done~

Ash - Done (Appearance, Personality and Relationships!)
Leon - Done (Personality, History and likes/dislikes)
Anna May - Not Done

Posted 12/11/19, edited 12/31/19

Here are the few I’ll be working on C:

Hachi | WIP Started
Zaniah | WIP Started
Mahala | WIP Started

Posted 12/12/19, edited 12/22/19

Yay I love profile drives! c:

Quill // done!

Posted 12/12/19, edited 12/15/19

Sweet! Nice motivation ♥

Quick question, is it okay if our modules arent named “history” or “appearance” etc so long as it has a theme or is indicated in this post what it is?

Remiel - All modules done!

Good luck to everyone! ^w^

Posted 12/12/19, edited 12/31/19

Right well, I hope this is done correctly. ^_^’
I made a story and some info bits about Peppermint. (it also has Mushy and Zeus two of my other pets, so I hope that’s okay that they are in there. ^_^’ )
Also her story is really long, but the others are a lot shorter… I do hope it’s okay. I worked on her story for a long time. *blushes*
There’s no art though. I… I can’t draw at at all. XD
If I get time I will work on Zeus and Mushy. I was thinking of making bits of the story, like from their perspectives, too, but also continuing the story, too. So if I finish them up in time,I hope that’d count, too for this. :) I’ll edit if I end up finishing their profiles.

Posted 12/13/19

Aw, heck yeah!! Maybe I’ll actually get this done this time. >__>


Posted 12/13/19

Modules include Aesthetic ( Personality + Appearance ), Antiquity ( History ), and Attachments ( Relationships ).

1. Reed
2. Tejas
3. Ameri

Posted 12/13/19, edited 12/31/19

spot is getting some work done this time! this is probably not exactly how the drive is supposed to work but i wanted to show specific instances of spot’s personality, relationship, and appearance in story format instead of just giving information.

personality module: the interminable wait for her love potion to be made. done!

relationship module: giving her crush a love potion during a party. done!

appearance module: how spot got her name and what happened after the party. done!

Posted 12/15/19, edited 12/17/19

oh that’s so nice, thx for pushing me write for my characters.

my sea monkey — https://www.mycenacave.com/profile/pet/25943/manage (not yet…

Posted 12/15/19, edited 12/25/19

Alright, I’m not listing any modules, cause I’m just going with the things I want to have on the profiles. And then I hope they qualify. :‘D
I really love this activity, by the way, I don’t think I would have worked on these profiles too soon and needed this kind of motivation.

I made screenshots of the profiles as they were before this activity and I’m linking to the new ones:

Declan old Profile

Maribell old Profile

Posted 12/15/19, edited 12/24/19

ayyyyy it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

1.  Blaire - character cavern bio (appearance, interactions aka personality, and history)

Posted 12/15/19