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[EVENT] Ye Olde Midsummer Faire Feedback Survey and Wrap-up (Feedback and Behind the Scenes posted!)

Feedback Survey results here!
Behind the Scenes post here!
Feedback survey raffle happening on Saturday!

Ye Olde Midsummer Faire Feedback Survey

We would love to hear your thoughts about this event! We use these feedback surveys to get an idea of the community’s thoughts in order to make adjustments to future events. Thank you in advance if you choose to help us out!

For every 20 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random prize shop item from the event! In order to be eligible for the raffle, please be sure to include your username on your survey form. Of course, you are more than welcome to remain anonymous if that is your preference.

This survey will remain open until the prize shop closes at 23:59 ST on September 14th, and the results will be compiled and summarized shortly thereafter, with the raffle soon to follow.

Activity Information

We are manually compiling the forum activity information—there is no submission form for the forum activities.

  • This means that currently you only have the tickets that you won from Battle Brawl and No Risk No Reward. Tickets for the other activities will be distributed over the next few days as the activities get verified.
  • If you click your ticket tally in the merch area, it will show you how many tickets you earned in each activity, and which activities still haven’t been scored yet
  • The event forums have been locked while the ticket tally is in progress. Once everything is tallied, your adventure threads will be moved over to the Adventure forum where you can continue to play them if you would like.
  • I will post updates in this thread as we finish and distribute tickets for the activities if you want to stay up to date about where we’re at!
  • The adventure has a submission thread here which will close at the end of the day on September 4th. Tickets will be compiled manually after that date, so be sure to get your adventures submitted!


    Anyone who participated in this event will get a sticker for their participation! This will happen last after we have the names of everyone who participated. :D

    We hope you enjoyed the event! Thank you for your participation! <3 Feel free to use this thread to ask questions and discuss the event!

Posted 09/01/19, edited 09/20/19
Sticker! :D I like this lil kind of memento ^^
Posted 09/01/19
This event was the first I’ve participated in on Mycena, barring the last two clickable events. It was a TON of fun. :D Thank you to the staff who put it together!
Posted 09/01/19
WHOOPS I am a champion at reading comprehension; I bemoaned the amount of tickets I got earlier but my brain hadn’t registered “This means that currently you only have the tickets that you won from Battle Brawl and No Risk No Reward” lmao. Ignore that section of my survey response!
Posted 09/01/19
Stickers!!!!!!!!! :D
Posted 09/01/19

ok i need to take this second to absolutely gas this event up because it was GLORIOUS and BEAUTIFUL!!!! there was SO MUCH ART!!! so much beautiful art! the event hub page had a gorgeous drawing where you could click on the different activities!!!! i LOVE that!!! maps are one of my favorite things about petsites and i would loooove for mycena to have some permanent maps of the town with little shops to click on and stuff! it just really helps me get immersed in the world you know? i dunno but yeah, the event hub page was really beautiful.

also all the art in the adventure!! oh my god. the dragons were so cute!!! their little nest cavern was so BEAUTIFUL i just ugh im sorry it was all so PRETTY and i really, really appreciated all that extra work that im sure went into that ok even though i didnt get to do everything for this event that i wanted i think this is my favorite event now!!

Posted 09/01/19

...stands up and dusts off my skirts…. this was loads of fun!!! I loved the theme, am looking forward to the prizes and may I say ~ a UNICORN?!?!  I’m still hyperventilating =D

I had a lot of fun, tried my hand via crayons this time as my old laptop and MS paint died, so my artwort is best under spoiler tags xD seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed the balance of art, writing, battling, games and ...well it was an amazing balance of a little of everything, just like you’d meet at a real Renn Fest <3 there must’ve been tons of work that went on behind the scenes, so to all involved, a hearty “Thank you!!!!” =)

....done with the survey and I’m looking forward to the adorable Sticker for the sticker album.  Such a lovely souvenir.

Posted 09/01/19, edited 09/01/19
I’m silly and I forgot to include this in my form, but I love the inclusion of Adventures. It goes a long way to making the events feel more like they’re a part of Mycena Cave, rather than just something that crops up and disappears.
Posted 09/01/19
The stickers are such cute mementos of past events. I really love it. Also sent in my survey!
Posted 09/01/19
Thank you for this event :D It was really fun! Also Stickerrrrrr :3
Posted 09/01/19

I absolutely wish I could have participatd better in this event but unfortunately it happend while I had a busy couple weeks X_X’ Only things I got the time to do ( and screenshot but forgot the what the name of the page you can upload photos to for free is called ) was the cave in and potion quests.. i think they were…

Would have loved for there to be a place you can find someone to partner up wth forthe adventures ( the ones where you had to be 2 or more to go out in some sort of text based roleplay )

Drawing and coloring things.., I could have done now, when my energy is more stable and not completely need-to-sleep-asap ( despite being up till 4 am because of a larp last night ) , and when I know where the laptop is that I can do the art stuff on. but alas too late. so didnt get any event points or anything but its great you other guys had fun.

got 1 event point… what I got it for I have absoltely no idea about,dnt recall sending in anything in my stressed time.

Posted 09/01/19

my reading comprehension….. where is she….
I appologize i missread a thing.

Posted 09/01/19, edited 09/01/19
Were there supposed to be 14 tickets total for Battle Brawl? I only received 13 for some reason.
Posted 09/01/19
I had a lot of fun this time around! That dress up game was great! I really liked reading people’s descriptions for their creations. I don’t quiet have a grasp on how adventurers work, so I avoided them. But they looked like fun! All around, this was really nice. Thank you for setting it up!!
Posted 09/01/19
There were only 13 tickets total for Battle Brawl, WindyFox! c:
Posted 09/01/19
Tamako Ah… I guess that was a miscalculation on my part. Thanks for clarifying!
Posted 09/01/19

WindyFox Huh, well now it says I have 14 tickets for Battle Brawl, so just ignore me, I know nothing, lol.
All I know is that I 100% participated every day, so when it said 13, I was sure. Also someone else had told me that there was 13, haha. Please forgive me!

*edit* Oh, here’s what the issue was!

It looks like the BattleBrawl scoreboard never updated with the last day (because technically the event was over). The issue has been fixed, so day 14 results are now available. That also means that if you participated in the day 14 brawl, you have another ticket that wasn’t counted before :)glitch
Posted 09/01/19, edited 09/01/19

Oooh, were there only 14 tickets for battle brawl and risk/reward? >.> The noon cutoff times confused me, and I was sure I’d somehow managed to miss a day without realizing it. :‘D

Posted 09/02/19

I always TLDR on those forms and worry I get caught up on the details but I really enjoyed this event, despite having very little time for it until near the end. (And if someone wants to start a new version of the goofy animal thread, please do <.< )

brb burying myself in turkey legs

Posted 09/02/19

LMAO of course I fish a moonbow up today.

Posted 09/02/19

This was an error on my part - I forgot that I had noted it will remain open for longer. I’ve updated the first post here to display the correct information:

The adventure has a submission thread here which will close at the end of the day on September 4th. Tickets will be compiled manually after that date, so be sure to get your adventures submitted!

If you’ve already echoed your adventure link(s) to Myla, you can post them instead, if you want! We will reference Myla’s list either way, but there’s always less chance of error when everything’s in the same place.

Sorry about the confusion!

Also, I finished tallying everything except the adventures yesterday. :) The information is now in glitch’s hands, and tickets will go out as soon as he is able! We’ll keep you all posted!

Posted 09/02/19
Tickets (mostly) Awarded!

With the exception of the Adventures, all Faire tickets have now been awarded. The remaining tickets will be distributed over the next few days. Thanks again for attending Ye Olde Midsummer Faire, I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Glitch also posted some bonus ticket awards!

Posted 09/02/19
Reminder: The adventure submission thread closes at the end of today!

Be sure to link your complete and incomplete event adventures if you want your tickets awarded!

Posted 09/04/19

Would it be possible to get the birds from the summoning gauntlet as stand-alone pets for all species in the petshop? It’s incredibly disappointing that it changes by species/pose and we can’t have an owl on a kelph or a magpie on an ineki.  :/

Posted 09/06/19
All tickets have now been awarded

If you earned at least one ticket in this event, you also got a fancy pink sticker to play with. Your adventure threads have also been moved to the Cave Adventures forum and unlocked, so if you were mid-adventure you can now continue adventuring :)

Posted 09/06/19, edited 09/06/19
glitch Who should we echo if we’re missing tickets? Epipen and I completed an adventure, she was awarded her tickets, but I wasn’t given any.;
Posted 09/06/19

If anyone’s missing tickets, please reach out to Crow.

Shiba, you’ll receive an echo shortly.

Posted 09/06/19

Hi everyone.

Posted 09/07/19
Reminder: The prize shop closes at the end of the day today!
Posted 09/14/19
Ye Olde Feedback Survey Results

In total we had 123 responses to the feedback survey for this event.

  • The majority of responses (64%) indicated that the event was an appropriate length, with most of the remaining responses indicating that they felt it was a bit too short (30%).
  • 63% of respondents felt that an appropriate amount of effort was required to earn event prizes, with the rest of the respondents feeling as though there was too much effort required (29% rating it as a ‘4’ on our 1 through 5 scale; 8% rating it as a ‘5’).
  • Most respondents felt that the event coats for this event were either applicable to existing characters or inspired them to make new characters, with 93% of players selecting 3, 4, or 5 on the survey.
  • Item usefulness, however, was a lot more spread out this time around. 56% of respondents found them useful, selecting 4 or 5 - but a decent number of players were also on the other side of the scale, with 35% of them selecting 1 or 2 on the survey.
  • We tried kicking off this particular event at noon ST rather than our usual midnight ST. The majority of responding players prefer the midnight start time (43%), with ‘no preference’ being a very close second (40%).
  • Favorite activities, in order, were:
    • No Risk No Reward - 55%
    • Sullie’s Costume Closet - 53%
    • Hole in the Ground - 46%
    • Battle Brawl - 43%
    • The Quest Board - 42%
    • Creatures Fantastic - 26%
    • Ye Olde Smithy - 24%
    • The Stained Glassery - 21%
  • Least favorite activities, in order, were:
    • The Quest Board - 25%
    • Creatures Fantastic - 24%
    • The Stained Glassery - 24%
    • Battle Brawl - 21%
    • No Risk No Reward - 18%
    • Hole in the Ground - 17%
    • Ye Olde Smithy - 13%
    • Sullie’s Costume Closet - 12%
  • Overall, most respondents felt that the instructions for the activities were clear, with 79% rating them either a 4 or 5, and 15% rating them a 3.
  • We also asked how we could improve the clarity of our instructions, with some suggestions being:
    • Making it clearer that adventures would need to be submitted after completion
    • More in-depth instructions on the game activities
    • Clearer indication on daily activities vs. one time activities
    • A brief tutorial on how to play the event
  • We also had lots of feedback and suggestions for No Risk No Reward and Battle Brawl’s mechanics as potential future site games! We will take these into consideration as we move toward potentially releasing these as site features.
Common Comments

The variety of activities available for this event was enjoyed
A lot of players liked the variety of options such as games, art, writing and roleplaying, available. There was a sentiment that there was something for everyone, and if an activity didn’t appeal, it could be skipped while still getting points to collect all of the prizes.

Most commonly, the RNG-based activities, art-based activities, and activities where an image had to be uploaded were the least enjoyed
Many players like the feeling of having completed the event, meaning completing each activity fully/to the maximum, making the activities that relied on luck or a skill they aren’t well-versed in or didn’t enjoy a source of frustration. The art activities were fairly high effort activities, especially when maxing them out, so they felt like a lot of work compared to the amount of tickets they awarded. There were also players who couldn’t upload images which made some activities inaccessible.

Luck-based quests were frustrating because not everyone could complete them.
Admittedly, this was feedback that we were somewhat expecting. Historically, activities where not everyone could earn at least one of every item or complete every part have not been well-loved, and this is why we typically keep that in mind, and will continue to do so in the future. These quests were included to both to boost the variety of options available and to test the waters of a slightly more competitive feeling in a way that would have minimal effect on event earnings (ie, the potential to earn a couple less tickets which wouldn’t amount to much overall vs. playing a bigger part in the event’s payload). Though some enjoyed this inclusion, we also found that even this had a significant negative impact on a few respondent’s enjoyment of the event.

One start/ending time for everything would have made activities easier to track.
Some activities rolled over at midnight, and others at noon. This caused confusion and players noted it would be easier if everything had the same rollover time.

Ticket amounts could have used some tweaking
Activities like the adventure and the stained glass required a lot of effort compared to e.g. Battle Brawl, but didn’t award significantly more tickets. Some respondents noted that these higher effort activities could have benefited from a higher ticket reward.

Players were divided on the art and theme
There were some respondents who commented that they loved the aesthetic and theme of the event, and others who weren’t as into the theme. A couple of comments touched on the items specifically being too niche to be useful to a lot of their characters. We tend to alternate on how we decide on prize items for an event. Sometimes we provide more structure in the planning stages by listing a variety of equippable zones and themes we’d like to fill, and other times we leave things much more loose. It will be interesting to compare these numbers with our next event’s feedback!

Tracking ticket number was difficult
We had to do the ticket tallies manually at the end of the event for many of the activities. As a result, players had a hard time tracking their ticket counts. We had some good suggestions about methods we could provide players with in order for players to more easily track their tickets if we needed to do something similar in the future.

Making it easier to connect with players would make some of the activities easier for newer players
Having an official thread for players to find others to roleplay with or send gifts to would be a helpful addition for our shy and new players.

The Adventure was awesome!
A lot of players enjoyed the adventure, with a few finding a rejuvenated love of roleplaying. Some noted they looked forward to the adventure the most out of all the activities and hope to see adventures included in events like this in the future.

This was useful feedback, and we will use this information to make changes to future events. We really appreciate the time you take to give us your input. <3

Thanks again, everyone!

Feedback Raffle

The feedback raffle will be held on September 20th, once Myla is back at her home computer!

Ye Olde Smithy Winners!

Two entries were chosen via random drawing to be made into site items, which will eventually be obtainable through the Bag of Wonders. Congratulations to Jacq and Sheppard! We have not 100% decided which of your entries will be created, but once the items are made, you will each receive a copy of your contribution - as well as credit in the item’s description. Additionally, you will each receive a Bag of Wonders!

Posted 09/20/19