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A note to every poor soul who has to deal with me in the forums - Abuse the mention system, I’m serious, I don’t spend a lot of time in the forums and I’m a total nub about remembering to check threads. Art and sales threads are the ones I’m worst about so ping me, ping me, ping me. I’m dumb and will likely forget if you don’t. Thank you for you patience this has been a PSA. :D


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Hey there, I’m Shep, a 24 year old corner lurking denizen of the forests Pacific Northwest (nearish Seattle). For the most part I’m a pretty outdoorsy sort and live in the woods with a garden and a menagerie of things that walk, fly, swim, and slither. On Mycena though I’m a forum-shy corner lurker that can often be found in chat or just on line, I love the pets and am mostly here to collect them and RP (also collect art and occasionally make my own) so feel free to drop me an Echo for whatever reason. Nice meetin’ ya!

Interests: Art & Illustration, history of art culture/myth and religion, the outdoors, water sports and boats, birds, fish, video games of all sorts, anything that can be read, comic books & graphic novels, random facts, and interesting discussions of just about anything.

Fandoms & Favorites:(Hush, it has to said >.> ) Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Minecraft, Marvel just in general, The Dresden Files, The Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes (all of it, book variations to tv series & movies), Hellblazer comics, V for Vendetta, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Pacific Rim, Overwatch, Mushi-shi, etc, etc, I am very multi-fandom and dorky >.>


  • Active Dawn Coat
  • Sprout for Azar & Shihab
  • 3rd Sprout for John & Casimir


PP. Always.
Whatever the current monthly items and pet are.


**Fodder Pets** (I always need these)

Monthlies, Events, & Others

Fog - - Spellweaver (upright priority)

Pearly Depths


Hidden Pets

Stardust Firework | Royal Red | Lacey Magpie


Glowing Changingshroom | Changingshroom | Teal Pondshroom


I can also be found on:
Deviant Art - Sheppherd | Minecraft (lots servers) - Wyakat | Discord - Whiskey #8395

And a note on my customs and sprouts, if you’d like to reference to them for palettes or edit types or what have you I don’t particularly mind, but please shoot me an echo and ask first. Partly because I’d love to know and partly just so I do know.


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