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[Survey] What are your favorite unedited bases? Results posted!
Results posted here!

Preferred Oots, Seasonal, and Event Base Survey

Hi everyone!

We’re wanting to get a feel for player’s favorite/preferred bases to help inform our 2019 base distribution for OotS, seasonals, and event bases.

Previously, we have calculated distribution mostly based on species rarity (most common → least common: cat ineki, dog ineki, fox ineki, dras, kelph), though with seasonal and especially event coats, exact distribution percentages were kept looser than OotS (e.g. prioritizing variety over rarity).

Though we don’t plan on making any drastic distribution changes, we would like to make sure our current method isn’t too far from what players actually want to see, and make tweaks accordingly if needed!

This one-question survey will end at 23:59 ST September 1st—if you have any opinions, we would be grateful if you would fill it out! :) Thank you for your help!

Comments, questions, and elaboration over your responses can be made in this thread—I’ll be keeping an eye on it and also showing compiled results once the survey is over!

Posted 08/26/18, edited 09/02/18

sorry for the confusion, but i was expecting a ranking system, or something. is it supposed to just be a “check the ones you like”? i have some nuanced opinions i wish i could share but i guess if the survey isn’t intended for nuance that’s fine.

Posted 08/26/18

doragon Yes, just check your favorite(s)! As far as I can tell, there isn’t a straight-forward/easy way to create a ranking-type question with Google Forms.. though if any of you know Google Forms magic, I’d love for you to echo me about it for use in future surveys since we’ve wanted to include ranking-type questions in the past.

Elaboration and more nuanced responses can go in this thread though! :)

Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18

okey dokey artichokey!

i have never liked the default kelphi paws, they kind of ruin the entire base for me. with the fox paws, the sea kelphi becomes my fav or second fave in the listing.

lots of people don’t like the dog base for some reason but i really like the dog base?? not sure i like it BETTER than the other ineki bases but it’s at least as good as the other two.

i haven’t ever been able to really connect to the dras coats, in either pose. i think i find the tuft of hair pretty silly and out of place? or maybe it’s the ears?? *drags hands down face* idk but the dras goes on the bottom of my personal lists.

Posted 08/26/18

Rather than go in order of appearances, I’ll be ranking the Ineki in order of a smart design feature. I call it 1, 2, 3 Ineki. Dog ineki has one tail, cat ineki has two, fox ineki has 3. It’s just a little something that I picked up on and liked.

It is my personal opinion that all upright ineki lines look….odd. The seem too skinny in the neck and it throws the whole thing off for me. The slim neck makes the head look to big. I know it’s MC styling but a lot of real animals like dogs, cats or foxes, don’t have much visible neck.

On top of the neck issue. The left cheek/eye/fluff, looks cluttered and kinda squished. It’s fixed with the fox lines, and to a lesser extent with the dog lines. Once again it just makes the lines akward and weird to use.


I picked the dog Inkei on my poll. I love the active lines. They are fluffy and have a nice *bounce* to them. They are like happy little shiba.
I like the way the tail wraps around the foot in upright as well.

For me personally, I would love to see more OTS dog coats.

I’m sure cat ineki lines are the oldest and while I appricate that artists get better over time, Cat Ineki’s age shows. There is nothing inherently wrong with the lines. The tails were always off putting, how they got thick at the ends and my general dislike for upright cat has been stated in General Ineki.

There have been a lot of Cat coats over the years. And they have improved a lot. I much rather wood carving over Tanuki.

Fox lines are maybe my least favourite. The upright ears are awkward and the Active tails look werid(mostly the back one. It seems to spout from a leg).
However, my literal favourite character I own is an upright fox. I still think his ears are weird XD

I know we are talking un edited but fox ineki made a lovly corgi. So i guess those awkward flapper have one use XD.
(Note: things are less insulting with an XD at the end)

I don’t have many issues with dras lines. The active wing dosen’t seem to know what it’s doing though. It looks like it’s coming from the middle of the back, between the shoulder blades (like a spyro dragon) and continuing down to the middle of the thigh. It’s just a weird place to end the wing.

On a personal note. I don’t like many dras coats. I have one I want to get (the Etherial Ebb) but that was prompted by Prince’s character and his need for a fiancè.

So by now I’m getting sick of typing this so lets just squish the two nicest lines into one spoiler yeah?

River Kelph is flawless. The lines are nice the fins are good. However they need more coats. There are like half a dozen river kelphs that still look like river kelphs.
(I maintain that Serephine and Blood in the Water do not count as River or Sea Kelphs.)
River Kephs need more coats. That is all.

Now, the reason I did all this.
WTF is with the gekko tail.
It’s weird and ruins the whole coat.

Wanna see a nice Sea Kelph? Moon Phase. Look that that smooth sexy tail. You could put scales on that without turning it into a grosa ass gekko.

Please note. Gekkos are cute and I love them. SEAFOX GEKKOS ARE WEIRD AND GROSS.

Have I mentioned how much general love I have for Sea Kelphs? They are cute and awesome and have amazing coats.
But their tails are weird.

That is all.


Note: This article slowly degrades into ranting. Read at your own risk. Unless you’re an admin, who do you think I wrote this for?

Posted 08/26/18

Yeah, I don’t get why dog ineki seem less popular compared to the other ineki. :( I really like them! In general I like ineki the best > kelph > dras. Kelph have seriously grown on me lately, especially with the fox paw edits. I don’t mind the default paws, especially on the river version, but the fox paws are cuter imo.

In any case, it’s not like I hate any base so I don’t overly mind. I generally go for color palette/aesthetics overall. I would say I prefer the fluffier pets (ie ineki & edited kelph/dras), but again it’s never been make or break for me. Sometimes I think it would be cool if unedited kelph were offered in both versions to mimic the active/upright dichotomy of the other breeds in case someone feels more strongly about a certain base. I’m not sure how much work that would be though since the kelph are more intricate than the other pets.

At the end of the day though I’m not a huge pet collector because I usually focus on items during events/monthly sets unless there’s a pet I have to have because it fits a character (or is just too pretty to pass up lol), so I guess I won’t feel as strongly about this as some other users.

Posted 08/26/18

I would prefer distribution to remain as it is personally, using the rarity system.

Also dog ineki are my favourite <3

Posted 08/26/18
I want ALL the cat ineki. >:[
Posted 08/26/18

I love the cat ineki, but that’s mostly because they feel… safe, if that makes sense? They are, to me, the most ‘vanilla’ of the bases. Easy to work with, etc. Aesthetically, I like the sea kelph’s spines a lot :|| more than I should, but like dora, the feeties don’t sit well with me. River kelph’s fins for days, though. I love them too. BUT, considering I like edited kelph better than original, sort of puts points against them as a whole. That being said, I… edit… all bases most of the time, so I suppose they all have some room for improvement.

I love mycena’s bases. The only ones I dislike, really, are upright dras.

I also dislike a lot of the more detailed coats on upright ineki because it seems like so much detail is lost and it makes me cry inside.

Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18

Dras > River Kelph > Ineki > Sea Kelph

The current distribution is fine to me, but I won’t deny I’d like to see more Dras ;)
im very biased dras are my fav forever

Posted 08/26/18

I like the rarity system, but I feel like there’s been more kelph oots than dras? Is that just me? :‘D

Regardless I tend to prefer ineki when it comes to unedited coats~ I feel like they’re more “basic”, personally? So they’re very nice without edits :>

Posted 08/26/18
Gabriel Base distribution for OotS for the past few years (? I can’t actually remember when we started the current distribution) has been 1 dras coat and 1 kelph coat (rotating sea/river) per year. Kelph should technically be 1 every other year if we were being really strict!
Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18

While I only voted for Kelph since those are the only ones I’ll collect now thanks to personal collection goals, I do still love the Fox base!  (yeah go figure I like the foxy ones)

I did appreciate the small update to the Dras default lineart of the dew claw, one of those subtle little things that changed but wasn’t really talked about. It’s also not on the misc images page so it took me a bit to realize the permanent switch a while ago!

I have no idea if this is what you’re looking for but I’m just gonna rant about the existing site kelph coats and what I appreciate about them bc I’ve just wanted to rant and rave excitedly about them every time so I’M SLAPPIN DOWN MY THOUGHTS

SO Angelic Solstice, Entropy, Capricious Sun - “default” River kelph coats, absolutely adorable. One thing I’ve noticed when trying to work with this coat was actually trying to make the transparencies work and look nice which is a little bit of a challenge, it’s good!!  The biggest struggle with River Kelphs is that their back ends often suffer a bit from lack of apparel options - broad tails, large back feet on long back legs, a waist area begging for more belts and sashes - it’s prime visual real-estate.  Would love to see a “default” River Kelph with opaque fin designs and a lot of focus on designing the fin in particular - Entropy does great with focus on the fins on front.

Starstruck Sea, Shoreline Sage, Purple Shimmer - default Sea Kelph coats! The bulbous tail is obviously the most contentious part of their design and I think that on lighter coats it works alright, such as Starstruck Sea.  But the star of the show for these guys is the fins, which are absolutely a delight… almost makes me wish the tail was just a huge bushel of elongated fins.  Complex but beautiful, love the trend of varying the colors of each of them. I’d love to see something simple like a version where the fins are transparent!!  Also more wild sea-critter like patterns that really fit that lionfish look.

Moon Phase was a really lovely and interesting event kelph, and attempts to slim out the tail… I think it’s a bit wonky looking but I am very glad the fins remained on that one! The greatest misfortune is that the horns are chopped up and don’t layer nicely with wigs and such, which is a beautiful benefit of newer coats.  But the eye and muzzle edit give it so much character and I adore that immensely!!

Death’s Embrace was a beautiful OotS and the first super toggle-able Kelph iirc, and that allowed for so much customizability that it’s just wild.  Lovely edits that stand so well on their own make it difficult to not own as many as possible!!  Let alone the fact that they drift so darn well.  One of my absolute favorite Rhyme coats of all time.

Blood in the Water is REAL CUTE.  The tail edit is beautiful and the way the event wig matches it perfectly is just sublime!! Once again expression edits give the coat so much character and individuality.  Toggle-able scars were so choice for characterization and toggle-able fins so excellent for apparel layering!!!  BLESS.

Crystal Catalyst tackles the sea kelph tail replacement splendidly and I love the way the tail loops around like it’s the frame of a BG.  The crystals instead of fins look beautiful, its driftability is quite nice, and it’s just lovely in flower, baby and grown forms!

Eden is absolutely fluffy and delightful and I almost felt spoiled getting this for a seasonal!  It’s a little tougher to coordinate with items but I think that’s due to the fact that it can almost stand entirely on its own like a lot of customs.  The fluffy large tail actually makes the tail scales work quite nicely - and I think it’s just because the base of the tail no longer looks too skinny to support the weight of the tail.

Seraphine is an excellent coat using the new default paws!!  The layers and layers of the hair offering a bajillion options reminds me of the Enchanted Stone coat, which did something similar - which is absolutely a delight.  I’m glad there’s a site coat with the paw edit, and for Dras fans I’m rooting for them getting an event coat with the common leg-down edit!

The site Kelphs have all been nice and it’s been a ton of fun exploring different ways to dress them up and drift them and make wildly different characters out of them!!  I love them and I look forward to every new coat.

Posted 08/26/18

My preferences are odd and do not match with most people’s here. But hmmmmmm.

Okay so like. A lot of people don’t like the dog base? I don’t know much about it because I kinda really like them? I dunno, I prefer them over the fox ones, but I’m just odd I guess.

I do tend to pick the active ineki lines over the upright ones. It’s really honestly for one reason. More visibility on markings. Because it feels like a lot of the time (though this is true to nature as well) the belly areas of the pet designs are always left simpler/blank and… that’s the majority of the pose on the upright lines. Like, it makes sense. It’s just that when it’s like that and Mycena artists do really nice markings, you end up defaulting to the active lines for the sake of those markings.

I love kelphs. Both the kelphs. I do not have enough of them. I cannot afford more of them. I love them though.

....... I think Dras ranks the lowest with me. This is ironic because I adore dragons. Usually in all shapes and forms. But those lines just never clicked. I don’t actively hate them or anything of that sort, but the unedited based just does not appeal to me and I feel nothing when I look at them. That’s a huge difference from the usual ‘I want that’ with other pets.

Posted 08/26/18

Is it really unhelpful if I like all of them?

(I’m personally a bit less fond of the dog inekis, but not enough that I’ll avoid them. If it’s a good coat, I’ll happily snap ‘em up :))

(The only base I really don’t like is the upright Dras. I adore the active tho)

(Also a note—I love the upright ineki! I feel like artists have a bit less space to work with, so the design often ends up being a lot more subtle and integrated into the space in different ways—and I adore that. I also feel like a lot of the items work better with the upright over the active ineki)

Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18
I like the cats and foxes but I personally would love to see more Dras distributed. Part of it might be because I haven’t gotten a hold of one yet but even the ones that are around I haven’t had much interest in the designs so I just keep hoping the next monthly or event will have something interesting. That or if I can afford a custom one of these days.
Posted 08/26/18
Chimerical It is still helpful to fill out the survey if you like all of them! 8) Right now, we have some bases like cat ineki that we select a lot more frequently than, say, the dras. If it turns out that all the bases are liked equally, we could tweak the distribution to be more equal across the year. :D
Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18
Lemme just say like,, despite the shortcomings of the unedited dras base (upright nostrils i’m looking @ you //wheeze) I LOVE THEM A LOT. and would love to see more!!
Posted 08/26/18

For me personally I LOVE the unedited upright dog ineki but something about the face of the active dog has ALWAYS looked super off to me and I hate it. Hate it so much. The only time I’ve ever gotten active poses is when it’s a drastically different design or back when the poses were tied to male/female and I wanted a male for a character or something.

For the most part I prefer active cat ineki over upright, I think the bigger chest fluff is more appealing to me and the fact the active pose feels more…active is just overall more attractive. However if I had to pick a species/base where I enjoyed both poses/versions more or less equally, it would be the cat ineki.

Now when it comes to fox ineki, I don’t outright hate upright foxes, but usually I don’t enjoy the positions their ears are set in and the tails overall end up feeling kinda…too busy for me in the space of the pet. So I’d probably say I usually opt for active fox over upright ones because they fit more of my characters.

Then comes dras. My favorite pet on site. As long as it’s active :’) When I was brand new to Mycena I preferred the upright dras but by the time my first event even rolled around I decided I hated upright dras and refuse to ever own one unless the coloration is super different (ie Twelfth Hour) I think it’s just how the limbs look to me, since I can definitely say their faces are cute. But active dras will forever be my favorite <3

Last, and probably least, is kelph. I hate kelph. I’ve always hated kelph. From the moment they appeared on site I’ve hated them. (Somehow one of my favorite sprouts on site is actually a kelph but it got lucky). The feet bother me the most, followed by their pose. I get WHY these things are the way they are, but I’m allowed to still not like them. If I had to choose between river and sea kelph I generally lean towards river because I do like the fins and tail a lot more (though if colored right I think the sea kelph can actually look pretty nice. Minus the tail. I don’t like those tails.)

Overall, tl;dr my personal rankings for unedited bases would go: Dras->Cat->Fox->Dog->River->Sea

Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18

So I took the survey, BUT like many people here, I’ve got a lot to say about the bases and how common they are in relatoin to each other, so I figured I’d slap down my thoughts in case they were helpful 8) I hope they are!

Cat Ineki: Overall, it’s a cute base. I like the upright cat base a lot, and the active generally has a nice feel to it, although the unedited open mouth on it bugs me so much that I almost always go for the upright pose. While I like it, I feel like we, uh…don’t need a heavier dose of it, if that makes sense? |3;;;;; It feels like there’ve been a lot of cat Ineki coats released in general, and they’re kind of all over the place, which is fine — again, I see why they’re so popular — but I feel the amount that are released per year is fine as is since if there were more we’d be drowning in cats.

Dog Ineki: I’m one of those weirdos who’s not really a fan of unedited dog Ineki, active or upright, and I’m…not totally sure why? It might be something about the face fluff (to me it seems like it’s arranged strangely) or the tail (which is less visually interesting than cats’ and foxes’ tails). Or maybe the mouth? Its curvature on the active just really throws me off, and on the upright it looks like the corner of the mouth’s about to stab straight through the eye or I’m just overthinking things. ANYWAY while I may never permanently own one, I do like that they exist and hope that they continue to exist — actually, I’d be a bit sad if the amount of them released per year were trimmed down, but I’d deal. (Besides, there’s a good deal of potential with these guys when you edit the base….)

Fox Ineki: I love these guys. They’re fluffy and adorable and over half my pets rn are foxes (with the other half being cats). Both the active and the upright poses look so excited and happy, and although the upright can have the same issue as the upright dog where it looks like its mouth is gonna poke into its eyeball, it’s a small thing that I can (usually) overlook.

Drasillis: While the Dras base has a lot a lot a lot of potential when edited imo, there’s never been a single unedited Dras site coat that I’ve been tempted by. I’m not really a fan of the droopy ears, the sharp fangs, the lizard nostrils, or the leggy up. That’s not to say I wouldn’t kill hit someone repeatedly in the face with a horseshoe crab for a cute fluffy Dras site coat BECAUSE I ABSOLUTELY WOULD, but the unedited Dras lines just don’t interest me at all. Also!! I’d be curious to know if Dras might become more popular if there was a new Dras sub-species — I’d love to see that~ It could add some (imo, much-needed) variety to the Dras coats on site! Right now, they all have practically identical lineart, except the super-edited ones, and it can get a bit bland seeing the same exact lineart over and over.

Kelphi: Sorry, River and Sea Kelphi, I’m lumping you both in the same category because the reason I don’t like you is the same for both sub-species deal with it. The Kelphi get far more realistic treatment of figure than any other base. Ineki and Drasilli are cartoonish enough that I can suspend my disbelief about the fact that they physically wouldn’t be able to walk without falling on their faces, but with Kelphi…because their proportions are more like that of a real-life animal, I just can’t. While there are some Kelphi coats that I think are adorable and I kind of want to have, I don’t know if I could see it on my profile every day without desperately wanting to take it to a chiropractor.

TL;DR: I’m incredibly picky, I think Dras could use a subspecies (which could be a gateway to more in number and more popular Dras coats), and I can’t handle Kelphi (sorry).

Posted 08/26/18
Cosmo ohh man.. I’d LOVE a fluffier dras sub species. That’s such a good idea!! The other two breeds have different versions so it’d be cool to see the dras included in that. o:
Posted 08/26/18

I’ll add more detail when It comes to have a proper computer, but I personally dislike the dog bases because I don’t like the way the tail curls over the leg. It makes a lot of items look awkward to me.

My ranking of bases:
Upright fox - upright dras - upright cat - finny kelph - active cat - active dras - active fox - either dog - fat-tail kelph

(I get the kelph coats mixed up all the time, sorry, even though I’ve checked and double-checked, I always forget which is which.)

But to be honest, after the upright cat for me it had way more to do with the pet’s look/aesthetic than the coat itself.

Posted 08/26/18, edited 08/26/18

Random Troll is random… (I should be in bed)

Active Dras is my fav (if you can’t tell from looking at my customs)  Fluffy dras would be -amazing- 10/10 in my books!

I -love- the new fox paws on the kelpi lines and I prefer the slender tail over the fat gecko tail. The shortened snout edits on the kelpi lines have been phenomenal too! I find that the longer nose seems a little off to me. It would be amazing if we could get a hybrid kelpi tail that has the more slender tail but the ridged fins of the gecko tail (ie: Old mock-up)

I am not a fan of the dogs (It’s the floppy ears and the curl or the tail I’m not a fan of… and damn if I don’t usually get stuck with a dog coat for my birthday month every year >_< (I think there has only been two years it wasn’t a dog unless I’m remembering wrong)

I really like the recent bird/hoof edits we have been getting. Still hoping out for a Zebra coat…

I love the ears of the active ineki but I usually end up liking the coat patterns of the upright better… maybe its because of the placement of details? Oh! And items usually look better/fit better with upright ineki lines for some reason.

I adore it when the eyes are edited to look at the player instead of off into the distance (looking at you active dras/upright ineki)

Posted 08/27/18, edited 08/27/18

General ranking —> Active fox, active cat, river kelph, active dras, upright cat, upright fox, sea kelph, active dog, upright dog, active dras.

As a general rule, I prefer active coats, both in ineki and dras. I find the paunch on the upright ineki unsettling, and they seem to have less detail than the active (Like the Elysium, Herbal Hex, Vintage. etc.) due to their backs being hidden. As for the dras, the upright pose looks awkward and the back ear jutting out behind the head just looks really strange.

Given that I am more likely to go for the active base, the reasons for my preferences are based on that.
The fox base is easily my favourite. I just really like the face shape and the ear positioning is really appealing to me.
I love the river kelph base. I want to love the sea kelph base, but the thick tail just doesn’t work. The spines are beautiful, and I love the detail of the belly scales.  I actually prefer the unedited kelph feet to the fox paws.
I don’t really have any strong feelings with regards to the cat/drasilis base.
The dog base is my least favourite. The way the tail curls puts me off, and I’m not a huge fan of the face and ear shapes either.

Posted 08/27/18

I really like both of the fox bases, but mostly prefer the upright dras base. I don’t much care for the sea kelph, mostly due to the tail looking weird to me (though that does not at all stop me from enjoying the designs on that base, I just think the tail looks weird).

The cat ineki is adorable (most of my carved pets are cat ineki), but I would like to see more of the other bases as well.

The fox base is my favorite, especially the upright fox. I love the ears on it (so I guess it’s a little weird that out of all my customs the only one that has the fox ears is the first one where the only edit that was allowed was adding the wings XD ). I also adore the three super fluffy tails on the foxes (three is one of my favorite numbers, and I love fluff).

I’m not overly fond of the dog base, mostly because of the ears there. The fact that only the top half of the ear droops bugs me for no reason I can name. I think I would like them better if the ears floppy rather than partially upright. But somebody else probably loves the dog ineki because of the ears (like I love the tails on the fox ineki but one of the people who posted earlier said that the tails were what bugged them about that base).

I second the idea that a fluffy (or maybe feathery? Since birds and reptiles are distantly related and the dras is some-what reptilian looking) dras base would be an awesome addition.

Posted 08/27/18

I used to really hate kelph. I’ve learned to appreciate them a lot more, but the main reason I dislike them is I feel like they are a completely different style and feel from ineki and dras. I still think they wholly don’t mesh well with the lore, but I admit their difference in base makes them neat for certain customs/sprouts. I’m particularly fond of the fox paws because the front foot that pops out of the avatar box doesn’t look positioned correctly. I also much prefer river over sea kelph. That being said, they are my least favorite because of the disconnect I still have with them.

My next least favorite are probably upright dras. I only own two, and one was for a character reason and the other for the pattern. I just don’t think they are as cute, plain and simple.

Followed by that is active dog ineki, As others have pointed out, there is something strange going on with the face. It doesn’t bug me enough to not pick them if the pattern fits better on the active, though. I feel like the muzzle is disproportional or positioned weird since the only active dog ineki custom I have has a closed mouth and it looks better… however it’s not really part of his design since a gas mask covers his face hah.

Active Fox > Upright Cat > Active Cat > Upright Dog > Upright Fox > Active Dras
These are all my favorites. I like active foxes the best, but all of these are great. I selected foxes and cats as my favorite since I collectively like their poses vs the dog and dras.

Posted 08/27/18, edited 08/27/18
I do really like almost all the bases, though I favor the dog/cat/fox more.

I think the hair is what does it for me; I like to be able to add my own hair to my pets, and the preselected hair is just not the style that I really like. I know with toggling now, though, I can turn it off, but then the problem lies in that the dras looks bald, or just really weird without the hair. Same with the upright dras, it just looks really weird. I think it’s because they don’t have fur, or a leg in front of them, so they just look “exposed” lol. I don’t like it :P

I think someone mentioned it, but I really cannot like the kelph with the way the feet are. The front one that’s lifted looks so unnatural the way it’s positioned. Why is the paw facing upwards? The back legs as well look very stiff; I feel like the feet would be more relaxed, or at least one of them, like having it tilted down a bit more instead of looking like they’re being flexed.
The tail on the [sea?] kelph looks very weird as well. The base is so thick compared to where it connects to the body, it just doesn’t look normal.

Posted 08/28/18

Seconding the fluffy dras idea. That would be incredible!

I love just about everything about both poses of dras. The horns are awesome, and I adore the wings. The thinner lines that accent them really makes the texture pop. I think the positioning is really well done too.

There is only one thing I don’t like about upright dras- it’s not too prominent on the ones with hair, but on the ones without, the ear behind the head looks a little odd. It seems like weird positioning and looks more like dras just have a really weirdly shaped head. I think it would be cuter if that part was removed completely from the base, so the second ear is just assumed to be behind the head.

Posted 08/29/18, edited 08/29/18

I like having lots of Inekis, as we do, but wouldn’t exactly mind more kelphs or dras. I voted for cat and fox inekis, though.

IMO the best made bases are cat inekis, dog inekis, and dras. While I’m not big on dras or dog inekis, it’s more a matter of taste rather than something puts me off.

While I appreciate split coats (different designs for active/upright), I admit I’m often a little upset with them. I have one active fox ineki, and it’s only because it’s a split coat. It might be nitpicky, but I feel like the fox snout looks like it’s bent sideways because of the perspective.

That said, I likely would not notice or mind any change in how often different bases are used. I buy for the pattern mostly. Sea Kelph and Upright Dras are the ones that tend to make me think twice, and I will almost never buy Upright Fox.

Posted 08/30/18
not really related to the topic at hand but tangentially so— with the addition of new default options on custom dras/kelph recently, i’d also like to put my vote in that default fluffdras options would be hella! 8D;
Posted 08/31/18