19:34 ST
[RAFFLE] It's that time again!
Hi, everyone! It looks like it’s just about time for another raffle! The prizes for this one are as follows:
  • 5x Glowing Changingshroom
  • 20x Cave Capsule 2013
  • 15x Cave Capsule 2014
  • 10x Cave Capsule 2015
  • 25x 7 gems

The raffle will be drawn at 00:01 ST on September 8th and you will be able to purchase tickets beginning September 1st. Your first ticket will cost 100 nuggets, and each additional ticket will cost 10% more than the previous, up to a maximum of 35 tickets per player.

Good luck, everyone!

Posted 08/27/16
gasp more gloweys… *rubs hands together*
Posted 08/27/16

Wow, I feel like this one came quite fast after the previous one. But idk, my time perception may be skewed lately.

Nevertheless, I am always up for a raffle. *u*

Posted 08/27/16, edited 08/27/16
Ohhh, a raffle! *Throws nuggos at MC.* * u *
Posted 08/27/16

Ooooo how exciting!! :D More Glowies are always LOVED.

I didn’t see what happened to…. most of the ones from last time o3o i wonder if they were used

Posted 08/27/16, edited 08/27/16
Ahahaha time to start daily nuggeting again :‘D
Posted 08/27/16
Oooh,  random question though: what is a capsule? /what is in them?  stuff from past events or..?
Posted 08/27/16
TeaTales Cave capsules contain past monthly items/mushrooms! Here’s a thread with pictures and such of everything in each openable, including the capsules. c:
Posted 08/27/16

/ slides in

I’m just here for the GCS

Posted 08/27/16

xD joins Lycan with that sentiment…..

I keep saying I shouldn’t bother, but I’ll be throwing my nuggos into the abyss like everyone else in hopes of a shiny GCS c=

Posted 08/27/16
I’m really happy to see the gem prizes added.
Posted 08/27/16

*Jigawatta squeals*

Maybe my dream will come true of a glowey *u* .. we shall see - good luck everyone! :)

Posted 08/27/16, edited 08/27/16

Oo, I’ll have to throw some nuggets into this. (From my custom fund… oh well.)

I’m also glad to see the addition of gem prizes! Makes the raffle seem a little more worth it.

Posted 08/27/16
I’ve never entered into a raffle before :) I can’t wait!
Posted 08/27/16, edited 08/27/16
Time to try my luck again! Fun, fun :D Here’s to hoping for some of the old wearables.
Posted 08/27/16
More things to toss away nuggets into go!
Posted 08/27/16
wha- how do i get the tickets
Posted 08/28/16

The raffle page (and ability to buy tickets) will not be available until September 1st, as we tend to announce raffles a few days before ticket sales are opened in order to give people a little more time to save/budget. A link will appear beneath the site banner when the raffle page is available, so you should notice it fairly quickly once the page goes live.

Posted 08/28/16

spacebar You can oogle at it early if you like, it just doesn’t do much yet besides re-state what Crow said :)


But like KeeperGreymuzzles mentioned, when the ticket sales begin there’ll be a link under the banner (similar to the link to the event), so no need to try to remember the link!

Posted 08/28/16
*tosses nuggets* Sound fun, why not?
Posted 08/30/16
The drawing of this raffle will be quite special: for the first time, it will be drawn live on the raffle page! So if you’re awake and around, be sure to head over to https://www.mycenacave.com/event/raffle at drawing time (00:00 September 7th) to watch the winning tickets get selected :)
Posted 09/01/16, edited 09/01/16
Is the gem prize 175 gems?
Posted 09/01/16


Nope, there are 25 individual prizes of 7 gems each!

Posted 09/01/16

Thank you! That makes much more sense :)

Posted 09/02/16
I just wanted to say Thank You for placing the cap on the ticket sales c=  it makes me feel like I’ve at least got a chance of winning something.
Posted 09/03/16

chance of winning is actually higher than the percentage listed. because after each winner all of their tickets are removed

Posted 09/04/16

The percentage is actually just based on users and not tickets at all. At least that’s the conclusion I came to. I had a 100% chance of winning at one point. But someone correct me if I’m wrong :)

Posted 09/04/16

squiremarcus Madara it uses both, actually: It takes number of players and average number of tickets per player into account to get as accurate an estimate as possible :) Madara, you had a 100% chance of winning when there were fewer players than prizes (at which point the number of tickets is irrelevant because they all get removed before the end).

That said, it does slightly underestimate your probability of winning because it calculates the expected number of tickets removed per prize to be the average number of tickets held by each player, when in reality the number of tickets removed will tend to be higher: people with more tickets are more likely to win a prize and be removed.

Posted 09/04/16, edited 09/04/16


This is a quick reminder that the raffle will be drawn live at midnight tonight (server time) on the raffle page! Please take a moment to verify that the prize list is in the order of your preference :)

Posted 09/07/16, edited 09/07/16

Umm… glitch  the link you made gives me this:

404 Not Found

We couldn’t find the page you’re looking for :(

Posted 09/07/16