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August News Discussion
Welcome to August!

A strange quaking in the Cave revealed this month’s OotS: the lovely Magic Surge Meteorite, along with a spectacular Meteor Shower and Cityscape! The coat was created by Myla, while the items were created by feyani. They will be available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop until the end of August 31st!

New Mycenaissance

July’s Mycenaissance raffle has been pulled, and August’s prompt is now open for submissions! This month, we’re asking you to tell us about a time your character learned something new. Maybe they actively worked hard in order to better themselves, or maybe they learned a new skill out of necessity. The possibilities are just about endless!

New Chapter Released

Recently, quakes and magical surges have been felt all over the Cave.  In the newest chapter of the Mycena Cave story, Tamshir goes venturing through caverns, experiencing a number of unusual events.  Head over and read Chapter 6: A Startling Encounter to find out what happens! 

Sprout Queue Wait Time Reduced

After analyzing the data, we decided to decrease the time a player must wait between receiving a sprout and rejoining the sprout queue. Previously, this was a four month waiting period. Players may now rejoin the sprout queue after two months!

Keep ‘em coming, Sacred Tree! :D

A Raffle Was Had

We had a raffle! The prize list contained several interesting mushrooms, from Glowing Changingshrooms to the rare Torch and Wild Cenote Mushrooms. Once again, congratulations to all of our winners!

Flower Painting & Arranging Activity

The Flower Painting & Arranging activity has wrapped up! We were happy to see so many beautiful and interesting entries to this event, and we hope to run it again sometime in the future! We had two raffle winners, which produced two new Kelphi customs based on one of their flower paintings & arrangements.

Trade Rules Update & Clarification

We updated some of our rules in regards to real-money trades and cross-site trading, as well as solidified our stance on cross-site trades specifically with the petsite Furvilla. Please keep in mind that, at this time, we do not allow cross-site trading between Mycena Cave and Furvilla. For more information, please see our original announcement here.

Upcoming Summer Event

Our summer event is nigh! With all of the recent shaking around of the Cave, we hope you have your adventuring gear ready, because on August 14th, we are going to embark on a journey into the unexplored depths of the Cave. Who knows what treasures we’ll uncover? More information will be available soon!

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That compass makes my heart happy.
Posted 08/01/16

Oh my god…. T^T This post is too beautiful.
I can’t wait for the event either.

EDIT: I just noticed that you mentioned about a new chapter. This is too good to be true.

Posted 08/01/16, edited 08/01/16

*stares intently at clock*

*will remain in this position until August 14*

The staff always does such amazing events, I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time! :D

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Posted 08/01/16

omg i gotta read the new chapter! i love the lil stories!!!


Posted 08/01/16
That compass has me super excited. :o
Posted 08/01/16
Posted 08/01/16
Oh my goodness I just read the new chapter <3
Posted 08/01/16

I’m liking this chapter! Maybe we’ll get to see what Carles looks like soon ^^

And I’m really looking forward to this event now! :O

Posted 08/01/16
Posted 08/01/16
What a lovely new compass!!!  Looking forward to seeing what the new event will be c= 
Posted 08/01/16
‘Upcoming Summer Event’ Oh gosh I am so ready. And it looks like it’s starting right as my summer college class ends, so I’ll have plenty of time for it!
Posted 08/02/16

PSA: Drifty rose petals drift VERY well with this month’s pet!!! Greens with greens.. etc

I’m goin for PINK but this green is pleasant too

Posted 08/04/16

[@Courier] That is SUCH a nice drift!!! ouo

...time to track down a set of drifty rose petals for my Meteorite, then. :o

Posted 08/04/16, edited 08/04/16

[@Espurr] I think you meant [@Courier], aha.

Those are super nice drifts though! Tempting to get one of these puppies.. even though I have no clue what to do with one! ;w;

Posted 08/04/16

Corvani First of all omg I didn’t even notice that! >.> Sorry about the misping. I may or may not have been ogling your gorgeous sprout and the username carried over!

Second of all THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3

Posted 08/04/16
[@Espurr] It’s no problem at all! And omg thank youu~ I’m in love with him. ;w; Anddd again no problem ahaha! Enjoy! <3
Posted 08/04/16
[@espurr] thanks!!! i think all the drifts are SO GOOD i wanna get Pinkkkk
Posted 08/04/16


Posted 08/05/16
frick i double post
Posted 08/05/16, edited 08/05/16


Posted 08/05/16
ahhh! what a lovely new NPC…. the coats are always so pretty!!! im always jealous and want oneeee
Posted 08/05/16
Will Marcy and Val ever get uploaded as pets? :o
Posted 08/07/16