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[Update] A Note Regarding Furvilla Trading

Hello everyone,

Recently a new virtual pet site, Furvilla, was opened to the public for Open Beta registration and there has been some confusion regarding cross-site trading between Furvilla and other sites.

Mycena Cave moderators have discussed the matter and decided to temporarily ban offsite trading with Furvilla for the following reasons:

  1. Furvilla is undergoing their open beta and is not yet well established. While the likelihood of a wipe is small, Furvilla has not officially stated that a wipe will not take place.
  2. Beta versions can be prone to potential bugs and exploits, which may have a negative impact on our economy if cross-site trading occurs.
  3. Furvilla’s Terms of Service does not state their policy on offsite trading.

As soon as it is certain that a wipe will not occur and an official statement is made in Furvilla’s Terms of Service regarding off site trading, the ban can be reconsidered and potentially lifted.

In light of this, moderators will be contacting users who’ve created threads that involve Furvilla cross-site trades and inquiring whether they would like to have their threads removed, or if they’d like to edit out the cross-site trade content. Using the Mycena Cave forums to arrange in-site Furvilla trades is allowed; however, we recommend moving trade discussions to Furvilla when possible for the sake of record keeping.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Posted 07/06/16, edited 07/06/16


They have actually mentioned that they don’t mind cross site trading on twitter, but yes they haven’t updated their actual Terms of Service.

Understandable ban really as they haven’t clarified on those points.

Posted 07/06/16, edited 07/06/16


The twitter post was taken into consideration when we were discussing the issue. We still prefer to wait until they put it into their ToS, though, to ensure that everything is official and properly organized.

Cross-site trading can involve a lot of nuances, and before allowing it a website has to decide whether they’re going to be willing to reverse cross-site trades, let it be completely at your own risk, etc. Since we don’t yet have much idea how they plan to handle such issues, we want to give them time to discuss it and detail it out before we reconsider Furvilla trading.

Posted 07/06/16
Crow Just to make sure, we can still have a thread for Furvilla to Furvilla trading right? As the forums are currently still down which makes communication difficult. Would this also be ok to have a post mentioning paint commission or, because they can be done for real life currency, does that need to be kept private?
Posted 07/06/16
Furvilla is in beta testing, emphasis on ‘beta’. The goods being exchanged will be purged before opening day. Why accept the risk? It makes no sense and is practically a scam.
Posted 07/06/16, edited 07/06/16

Malis As stated in the post, you may discuss in-site Fuvilla trades for the time being since their chat and forums are down. However, we would appreciate it if you would move the conversation to Furvilla when possible for record keeping.

As for paint commissions, do you mean inquiring about artists making PSDs for paints or making PSDs yourself and selling them?

Posted 07/06/16, edited 07/06/16
Firkasa Yes. I figured I’d ask about it because Furvilla allows transactions in real currency and I forget if that is allowed or not here.
Posted 07/06/16

Malis Pardon the delayed replied. We just had a new announcement pushed out that details and clarifies the matter regarding our stance on potential real life transactions here.

Per the clarifications, we allow real life transactions between two players only if all the points listed in the rules, section 7.6.b are fulfilled.

As such, we won’t disallow the discussion of commission sales from other sites, but highly suggest that if you want to talk in depth about a commission from another site that you do so on the original site or via that site’s private messaging system so you at least have some record of it on the original site.

Posted 07/06/16, edited 07/06/16
Firkasa Thanks that helps clarify!
Posted 07/06/16
this seems like a smart decision…if things get wiped it doesnt make sense to allow trading, and if the terms of service are still being formulated they could change their policy on offsite trading before its official too. plus since are temporarily closed because they are searching for moderators at the moment, i think it would be difficult on their end to regulate trades as well as they might like to.
Posted 07/09/16