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[ACTIVITY] [H.I.V.E Chamber] Create Your Avatar

Create Your Avatar


When you arrive at Sprocket’s workshop, you are quickly ushered inside. The place is cluttered and messy (‘controlled chaos,’ he calls it), with gears and tubes and wires and half-gutted gizmos littering most every surface. There’s something large at the back of the room with a sheet thrown over it, with only the vague glow of colored lights visible through the fabric.

“Welcome, welcome!” Professor Sprocket says, giving your hand a quick shake. “You must be interested in what all I’ve got cookin’ up here, eh? Happy to have ya! ...S’ long as you don’t mind signin’ a few waivers, first. Standard stuff; you know how it is.” He waves one paw in a circular motion, “Liability, et cetera… M’ dear Aliza made me promise to keep it all above board. Cops—er, detectives... they always gotta take the fun outta everything.”

He produces a small stack of papers and shoves a pen into your hands, hurriedly indicating several spots for you to initial and sign before flipping to the next sheet and doing the same. He explains each one quickly and vaguely, but between trying to scan the tiny print and scribbling in each required space, you absorb approximately none of it. As you finish signing on the final sheet, he flips the packet closed and tosses it over his shoulder, where it lands among a pile of similarly discarded papers.

“Now that that’s out’ve the way, we can get to the good stuff.” He grins, rubbing his paws together excitedly. “What I need you t’do first is provide me with a bit of information. I’m not interested in providin’ a forgettable experience; I want you t’feel right at home once you enter the H.I.V.E chamber.” He motions to the sheet-covered mystery at the back of the workshop, and you recall that the words highly immersive videographical edutainment chamber had headed flyer that led you here. Of course he’d make an acronym out of it.

“Chamber’s still drawin’ power, and likely won’t be ready for a bit longer,” he continues, handing you a clipboard, “so I’m havin’ folks fill this out. It lets me know what kind’ve avatar you wanna be once y’ enter the game—it don’t gotta look just like you really do! Get creative, or whatever!”

How it Works

For this activity, we are asking you to create an avatar for Professor Sprocket’s upcoming invention, the Highly Immersive Videographical Edutainment Chamber. You may use the ID card base provided, or organize the information in a different way, but your submission must contain the following information:

  • Box A: Name
  • Box B & C: Equipment
    weapons, armor, tools, or carried items (depiction or description)

  • Center Space - Appearance
    you may use one of the provided linearts or create your own (depiction or description)

  • Box D: Skills
    what is your avatar good at? be creative! (depiction or description)

  • Box E: Letter Bag
    your avatar must carry the letter tiles they’ve collected around in some sort of container… what does it look like? (depiction or description)

Activity Guidelines
  • This activity runs from May 27th through Noon ST on June 16th.
  • Each player make up to 2 avatar cards for this activity.
  • Any combination of art/writing is welcome for this activity.
    • You may use the assets provided, or create your own!
    • AI generated artwork and writing is not permitted for this activity. Utilizing AI to generate ideas or general composition is okay, but the final piece must be entirely your own work.
  • Each submission should display approximately 15-30 minutes of effort.
  • You may choose to create an avatar for yourself or for one of your characters.
    • All characters used for this activity must have a Mycenian representation.
  • Please put each of your avatar cards in its own post in this thread.
Activity Rewards

For each avatar card you submit, you will receive a Health Hearts Avatar Frame!

Avatar Card Template

PSD download

Blank Template
Character Model Included

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(Crow I was wondering. Just checking is it ok if we rearrange the placement of the boxes to fit our avatar better? Such as mine might be a quad version of my fursona. Could we also change the size of them? Like enlarge them to fit a bit more text?)
Posted May 28

Sure thing, you are welcome to edit them as you please! I don’t have a version with moveable boxes saved, but you can mangle it any way you need to - or just make your own if you prefer!

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//edit: modified post to fix broken image link!

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Featuring Ivory in her human form :)

Posted Jun 2

Creative Brain decided No More Work would be done, so it kinda fizzles out but here’s Crunchwrap Supreme‘s avatar!

Spent so long lovingly rendering the jazz cup patterns I ran out of effort to put on the actual info

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I’m working on making a leather belt bag irl, would it be acceptable to possibly use a picture of it for my character’s bag if I finish it in time?

Posted Jun 3, edited Jun 3

Definitely! That’s an awesome idea!

Posted Jun 3
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(A.C.E stands for Arbitrary Code Execution; I forgot to include it in the box oops)

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