13:13 ST

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Welcome to My Pet Plant!

Chhhhhhhhhhh, chhhhhhhhhhhh, chhhhhhhhh.

Amidst the rhythmic symphony of the sea, a delicate mist caresses your face, accompanied by the warm embrace of the sun. The sensation of sand between your toes completes the experience, the perfect beach vacation in the Cave.

But wait.

Your scheduled beach getaway wasn’t until next month. With a sudden jolt, your eyes snap open, only to find yourself incapable of uttering a scream—devoid of a mouth.

A soothing voice emanates from an unknown intercom system.

“Welcome to My Pet Plant, our innovative vision for the Cave. This is merely a trial run, and the enchantment has just taken effect, awakening you in your new forms. We sincerely hope you find them to your liking thus far.”

Their excessively sweet tone persists, “We’re tailoring this experience for your utmost comfort, complete with integrated misters, regular fertilization, and telekinetic irrigation. Your Overseers will indicate whether they prefer you in these forms, and upon conclusion of this trial, we’ll solicit feedback from both them and our citizens to determine the potential permanence of this change.”

Unsettlingly cheery, the speaker concludes, “Soak up the sun, my little plant pals! After all, it’s a photosynthetic paradise out there!”

Activity Information

Well, everyone is a plant now. So, there’s that.

  • My Pet Plant runs from now until 23:59 ST on April 15th.
  • The effects will wear off at rollover tonight, but can also be disabled here.
  • This event consists of two activities.
    • Participation in at least 1 activity will earn you the activity sticker.
    • Participation in Plant Care 101 will get you the item set: Light Bamboo Trellis and Dark Bamboo Trellis.
    • Participation in Open Greenhouse RP - Semi-Casual - walk in! Plants ONLY! will get you the item set: Alocasia Houseplant, Bromeliad Houseplant, and Pothos Houseplant.
    • Each activity will have its own set of submission rules and guidelines.
    • The activities in this event are marked manually and will be given out shortly after the activity ends on the 15th.
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Posted Mar 31, edited Mar 31
Now this is the plantsite experience I’ve been waiting for my entire life.
Posted Mar 31
Now I can finally show my true colors as the plant I was meant to be! \(^o^)/
Posted Apr 1
I love my new planty form. o:
Posted Apr 1

“Chhhhhhhhhhh, chhhhhhhhhhhh, chhhhhhhhh.”

Not me thinking this opening line sounds effect was a secret reference to Ch-ch-ch-ch-chia Pets! xD

Posted Apr 1
omg I’m so glad I remembered to log back on last night and remind myself that it was April 1 coming up. I love my googly eyed plants very much.
Posted Apr 1
I actually forgot it was April 1st and had a couple seconds of semi-horrified confusion when I opened to site on my tablet and just saw my kelph baby replaced with a plant. I do love plants, but it wasn’t what I was expecting to see… Still, they do make an adorable plant.
Posted Apr 1
Love my new plant friends! <3
Posted Apr 1
So glad we’ve moved on from that lame mushroom/cave thing
Posted Apr 1
Posted Apr 1
I can’t wait to photosynthesis all over the place! A dream come true! 5/5 flowers!
Posted Apr 1
okay yeah this rules
Posted Apr 1
Aww… I missed the effects! :(
Posted Apr 2

@Windyfox   yea so did I unfortuntely, was sure i had loged in but apparently not to tired.. ol even tm im typing half asleep after a LONG day X_X;;;

edt: and now at 23:52 the 15th aprl remembered about ths event agan.. alas forever mssing out on events these days.. t was o much easier the time my laptops usb ports functioned so I could color the event linework provided to people without having to do it in paint with a mouse.. ayway way too late for me to even make an attempt as the writing for sure wuld take too long ( as I know very little about other plants than tiger cacti,  venus flytraps and   sorta…. that polkadotted lant I have standing right behind me.not tht I can remember what its name is.

Posted Apr 2, edited Apr 15
All activity prizes have been distributed!

Stickers will go out later on - they’re not uploaded yet. :D

Please let me know if you are missing a prize!

Posted Apr 16