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July News Discussion
Welcome to July!

The newest OotS coat to join our collection this month is Depths Below, along with their Primordial Tail and Deep Dive Background! Both the coat and items this month were created by Plaid. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!


Activity Updates


The Drawntlet Begins

Today officially marks the beginning of our annual Drawntlet event, which will be running through 23:59 ST on July 31st! We have made several changes this year based on prior year feedback received; you can find all the details at the Town Square. Please note: the submission link has now been updated in the site banner. If you submitted an entry before 13:00 ST today, your entry may have been cleared. Please check your submissions closely & resubmit if so!

Happy creating, everyone!


Item Dory

Our annual item dory will be ongoing through 23:59 ST on July 4th! Stop by and submit your ideas for items you’d like to see on Mycena Cave, then chime in on the suggestions of others. The team often use the results from these surveys to inspire future releases; we thank you for your feedback!

Birthdaystravaganza Wraps Up

We wrapped up our 10th Birthdaystravaganza activity; rewards for participation should all be distributed shortly. Thank you for an amazing ten years – we look forward to celebrating more with you in all the months to come!

New Games

As part of our June birthday festivities, we have released two new games! Take some time this month to try out Remembery and Sprocket’s Secrets. We will be monitoring the play data for both games carefully and may make adjustments to the payout as needed in the coming months.

Pride Collection Expanded

We expanded our line of Pride flags in June to include Gay Male Pride, 8 Stripe Pride, Demiromantic Pride, Greysexual Pride, and Greyromatic Pride. Additionally, two new lines of Pride items were released: the Pride bowtie set and Pride handheld flag set! Thank you to Nonnavlis for all their hard work on the new items. You can pick up some Pride gear for yourself in the Marketplace!

Additionally, we will be releasing some recolored items to celebrate Disability Pride Month. Please look forward to them!

+19 other flags to select from!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla: Glitch worked on getting the new games released, and set up the birthday giveaway! Next month glitch would like to make progress on getting the slider puzzle game released. Myla helped get some pride items up, worked on the seasonal releases (items and coat), and a drawntlet prize. Next month, Myla would will likely work on item donations, shop items, and getting some toggles updated.
  • The coordinator team are wrapping up work on the birthday activities and are now heavily focused on managing the Drawntlet!
  • The art team will be working on summer items, birthday art, and Drawntlet releases!
Posted 07/01/23, edited 07/01/23
Disability Pride Items Released!

Did you know that July is Disability Pride Month!? This is because The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in July of 1990!

Nonny has created a collection of Disability Pride Items for us, which you can find in the Marketplace! <3

Posted 07/05/23
Posted 07/05/23
Disability Pride Item Released!

Another Disability Pride item has been added to the Marketplace: the Medical Alert Bracelet. This was again created by Nonny!

Posted 07/15/23, edited 07/15/23
New Donated Items!

These can be found in the Marketplace!

Violet Plumed Wings, donated by Purr and art by Morgan and Meru

Cosmic Latte, donated by Purr and art by Chou

Drifty Starkissed Horns, donated by Purr and art by Morgan and Plasma

Feather Fluff Ruff, donated by Oxton and art by Eluii

Demon Mask, donated by Hoax and art by Plasma

Posted 07/19/23
woe, purple be upon ye
Posted 07/19/23
I just wrote about Elena and that cosmic latte item is PERFECT
Posted 07/19/23

That mask gave me flash inspiration to finally use that gloomshroom (and a drifty) I’ve been hanging onto for a while.


Posted 07/19/23
New Toggles

Finally had a little bit of time to work on toggle updates, woo!

The “Onna Stick” items now have toggleable mushrooms/marshmallows

Celestial Wings has l/r toggles for the upright ineki

Soaring Staves have additional toggleability - ability to toggle the wings, heart, and staff

Drifty Fish Kite now has fish and string toggles

The bows on the various Aprons are now toggleable. The White Apron and Flower Apron were old items so I went ahead and gave them some additional updates—they now show up on the avatar, are layered better, and have kelph compatibility

Posted 07/26/23, edited 07/26/23
New Marketplace Items

White Belly, Enchanted Umber Gaze, and Enchanted Umber Half Gaze are available in the Marketplace!

I do have plans to do more marketplace markings and gaze recolors since they were high on the dory this year, but that’s all I had time to do at the moment! Also let me know how you like the half gaze item! I can do more of those if they are useful. :D

Edit: I also just realized I forgot to make the eye items individually toggleable; I’ll get that done soon!

Posted 07/31/23, edited 07/31/23

Oh, wow. I love the new half gaze item! It’s going to be so useful. I hope you’ll make more when you find the time to do so! * v *

All the new items have huge usability, thank you so much Myla! 8O

Posted 07/31/23
THE WHITE BELLY EEE I’ve been wanting one for years I’m so glad it made its way on site! Also I really love the tone of the new umber gaze - looking forward to more half gazes in other colors >:3c Especially the more natural colored eyes, those are always so useful!
Posted 07/31/23, edited 07/31/23

I am 1000% here for more half gazes. :o

Edit: gasp! These would give sooo much flexibility for heterochromia once fully toggleable!! Best new item/item idea!!

Posted 07/31/23, edited 07/31/23
yes please on more half gazes!
Posted 07/31/23
Ditto! Love the half gazes! Love the belly colorations!
Posted 08/01/23
White Belly!!! <3
Posted 08/02/23