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January Productividay! (through January 16th)
Welcome to January’s Productivi-Day!

Productivi-Day occurs on the 15th of each month, running from 00:01 ST through 23:59 ST. If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a little bit of time and work on something creative that relates to Mycena Cave!

However, this month, since Monday is a holiday, Productivi-Day will run from now through 23:59 ST on Monday, Jan 16th!

Examples of things that count:
  • Mycenian profiles
  • Geness profiles
  • Roleplaying
  • Creative Collective entries
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with Mycena Cave!
Things that don’t count:
  • Homework
  • Housework
  • Dishes
  • Meal-prep
  • Anything else unrelated to Mycena Cave!

Please post a link to what you’ve accomplished in this thread in order for your participation to be counted! All posts must be made before the activity ends at 23:59 ST on the 16th - any posts made or edited after that timeframe will not be counted towards this activity.

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish! :D Have fun!

Again, we’ll end after 23:59 ST on Monday, Jan 16th!

Posted Jan 15
Posted Jan 15, edited Jan 15

Working on circle entries~

~ adventure circle

Posted Jan 15
Posted Jan 16

Some art for Scarlet‘s profile!

Posted Jan 16
Posted Jan 16
I worked on my canvas circle entry, though I’ve still got a lot to do.
Posted Jan 16

I wrote something for a couple on site characters


Posted Jan 16, edited Jan 16
Made progress (not finished) on January’s scribe circle entry featuring Roy & Gaven! Now I just need… To actually finish. 8);;;
Posted Jan 16
Did some art for a geness!

they’re girlfriends, your honor

Posted Jan 16
Did an adventure RP post for testing purposes here!
Posted Jan 16
Completed Evrae’s Profile, which can be found here. óuò
Posted Jan 16
I wrote up a list of prompts for Bingo RP!
Posted Jan 16

Good job, everyone! Productivi-day is over!
Stickers have been handed out! :D

Posted Jan 17