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[ACTIVITY] Festive Holiday Cookie Decorating (Dec 5 - Dec 19)

There’s a gentle, sweet scent wafting through the air, beckoning you toward one of the warmly lit buildings near the marketplace. The door is propped open, even in this chilly weather, and you can hear the soft murmur of conversations mingled with the occasional squeal of childish laughter emanating from within. The whole exterior is done up for the holidays—it looks just like a gingerbread house, complete with delicious-looking candy-inspired accents. It must have taken hours to put together… you swear it was just a normal building last time you were in town.

As you step inside, careful not to tread snow beyond the threshold, you are greeted by the familiar sight of Darcy’s Kitchen, except all of her usual products have been set aside to make room for several long tables, at which handfuls of young Mycenians are gathered, surrounded by bowls of frosting and sprinkles and other tasty accoutrements. Darcy herself is stationed behind the counter, expertly juggling sheet pans of freshly baked cookies coming out of the ovens with the chilled dough ready to go in.

She catches your eye as you enter, and for a moment you pause, worried that you’ve interrupted some sort of private function. Her gaze is stern as always, but it doesn’t linger. “Come in; don’t just linger in the doorway.” She says, sliding a handful of cooled cookies onto a platter and offering them your way. “We’re decorating cookies. Take a seat wherever you like, and don’t mind the mess. The kits will be cleaning up after themselves before they leave.”

Participation Guidelines
  • Decorate some cookies using the bases provided below! You may choose to draw your own cookie shapes if you prefer, or can even bake and decorate real life cookies for participation** (they do not need to be Mycena Cave inspired)!
  • Each player may decorate up to four cookies for credit
  • We are looking for approximately 10+ minutes of effort for each cookie decoration you create
  • Any medium may be used - if you prefer to write a tantalizing description of your cookie, you are welcome to do so!
  • This activity ends after 23:59ST on December 19th. Any entries posted (or posts edited) after this point will not be counted!
Rewards & Raffle
  • Decorating at least 1 cookie will earn you a Festive Garland Frame, a Winter Celebration avatar background, and a participation sticker. Decorating more than one cookie will not earn you additional copies of the items or sticker.
  • Each cookie you decorate (up to 4 per player) will enter your name into a raffle which will be pulled at the conclusion of the activity. Each of the 10 winners pulled will receive a randomly selected Cave Capsule!
  • **Cookies made IRL will count for 2 entries (still up to 4 total per player) due to the additional time/effort required.
Activity Resources

Template Notes:
Note for those editing/coloring the images with a digital art program: copy/pasting the images directly into an art program will sometimes result in getting an image that looks like a black square, so if you’re having that issue, save the images first rather than copy/pasting.

Or, you can download the .psd file, which includes all cookie variations!

PSD File Notes:
Compatibility: The .psd file is compatible with any program that supports folders and clipping groups (SAI, CSP, Photoshop, etc.).

Activity discussion, questions, and finished cookies should be posted in this thread!
Posted 12/05/21, edited 12/05/21
this is really cute! I’ll have to make at cookie
Posted 12/05/21
So cute! I guess Im baking cookies tomorrow! :3
Posted 12/06/21
Posted 12/06/21

Its a bit messy but I tried my best! :’)

Posted 12/06/21
That was fun. :D

Posted 12/07/21, edited 12/07/21

I still don’t know how the regular color changes happen but hey hue slider works. <<

Posted 12/07/21

My sweets themed geness is perfect for cookie decorating c;

Posted 12/07/21

Gingerbread themed friend with some sprinkles!

Posted 12/07/21


How about a little sugar frosting cookie?

Posted 12/08/21

~ a drippy sugarplum dras :d

~ a swirly snowtiger ineki >c>

~ a lil frozen fox c:

~ and glazed gumdrop kelph b:

Posted 12/09/21

I enjoyed making these!

Posted 12/09/21, edited 12/09/21
Posted 12/09/21

Remember, kids, using a mouse isn’t always your friend, but when it’s all you’ve got, ya make do ^^;

Mouse rule still applies ^^;

Posted 12/10/21, edited 12/12/21

Posted 12/10/21
Posted 12/10/21, edited 12/11/21
So there were a lot of mishaps with the cookies me and Acyd made, but hey, that just gives them more character, right? ...What do you mean that’s not what they meant by “holiday” cookies?
Posted 12/11/21

The Arby’s Witch applied the last pearl sprinkle to their creations with a triumphant “Hah!” They had spent the afternoon baking birthday gifts. As they admired the cookies, a thought occurred to them that they had not considered before. “I sure hope it’s not weird to eat a miniature of yourself for your birthday…”

Posted 12/11/21

Me and Promise made cookies together~! ...Clearly you try and get the entire roll of cookie dough on one sheet, right? Of course you do!

Lifeline, gooey sugar cookie!

And a cry for help cookie, cause this was my first time decorating cookies in all my 28 years! :D

Posted 12/11/21

Couldn’t tell you why my brain thought a clown was the best decorating decision for a “holiday” cookie, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s the red nose LOL

Posted 12/12/21
The cookie-dough brownies, spoken of in tales of old… (I did my best, should have remembered I only had sprinkles to decorate with…)

Posted 12/12/21

All of my winter themed pets!

I could not get his hair right.. I also noticed the majority of my Drasilli are wingless.

Posted 12/13/21

I made some for my palss

Posted 12/14/21
Posted 12/14/21

Some of mine got a bit… burned n___n;

Posted 12/15/21

Made some cookies based on friends’ pets. 8)

Posted 12/15/21

my tablet is officially broken please have a gingerbread

Posted 12/15/21

My cat! An Apollo cookie!
I bet it’s gingerbread flavored… Cuz he’s a ginger kitty, huhu. I might make another, I dunno.

Posted 12/15/21

Posted 12/15/21

Sweet cookies! Sweet cookies!  who wants sweet cookies!?

Sweet kitten of red luck

New Year’s Fox Cub-Christmas tree

Strawberry depths of dreams

Chocolate milk sponge cake with mint

Posted 12/16/21