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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Echoes of Nautalis (results posted!)
Feedback results posted here!

Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through December 10th. As always, we appreciate any thoughts and comments you have regarding this event! We made some tweaks this year and will make changes and tweaks again next year based on feedback responses. We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed.

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 random non-mushroom prize from the event.

Event Credits

I’d love to take some time to thank and recognize staff who helped out with this event!

Event lead
Crow was again the event lead, putting together the theming, sign-ups, ideas, a lot of the text, sketches, coordination, and so forth for the event! It’s always a lot of work to take on this job, and Crow always does an amazing job! This was no exception.

Coding, event maintenace
glitch is always a trooper in getting these events up and running and making adjustments and bug fixes as needed. We always ask for some sort of addition or tweak, and he’s always willing to listen, help figure out the logistics, and implement the changes.

Writing + more!
Crow - Most of the forum posts, flavor texts
Cien - Helping with naming of components and potions, flavor texts, openable text, random encounters, social media posts
Prose - Random encounters, item descriptions
Hyasynthetic - The gross hair random encounter 8), will be doing the feedback analysis

Banner - created by Plaid
Equippable items - created by priz, Plaid, Puppy, Eluii and myself
Coats - created by Rhyme, Plaid, and myself
Event title header - created by Crow
Guardians (axolotls) - created by Plaid

I’d just like to write an extra acknowledgement and thanks to those who were able to help with this event! I had to really rely on the staff team to get this up and running since I was sick for a lot of the heavy duty work. I was supposed to heavily contribute to the event art this time around but other artists stepped in to help collaborate or take things off my plate. The fall event end of “event season”—there is not much of a break between working on the spring -> summer -> and then fall event. We’re all pretty ready for a break by the time fall rolls around, so I was extra grateful to everyone for helping.

And thank you to the community for your participation! We get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the community play and enjoy our events and it’s why it’s worth putting the effort into getting these up and running every season! <3

Posted 12/02/21, edited Feb 10
Nicely done event! Thank you!
Posted 12/02/21
Thank you for the event and all the hard work <3
Posted 12/02/21
Thank you for the event! ^_^
Posted 12/03/21
Thanks for the event! I enjoyed it and all the lovely coats and items!
Posted 12/03/21
thank you for the event, though I must admit I was a bit too busy working IRL ( on not getting homeless ) to fully participate and enjoy the event.
Posted 12/03/21
thnxs for this event i kind of liked it though
Posted 12/03/21
What a fun theme and event!  Thank you one and all for your hard work, very enjoyable c=
Posted 12/03/21
Thank you for yet another wonderful event! :D
Posted 12/10/21

I apologize for the big delay in getting the results posted; we should be more timely about it in the future!

Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 66 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated.

Notes: 1 = too short, 5 = too long

Notes: 1 = prices were too low, 5 = prices were too high


  • I liked when there was a heavier emphasis on the bags, bring back the 2x multiplier
  • I like that the direct buy was lowered to 1.5x, keep it that way in future events
  • I would like an even heavier de-emphasis on the bags, lower the multiplier further in future events
  • I don’t have a strong opinion about the direct buy multiplier

Notes: 1 = not frequent enough, 5 = too frequent

Notes: 1 = not useful/applicable, 5= very useful/applicable

Notes: 1 = not useful, 5 = very useful

Repeated Comments

Comments about the event overall
Comments indicate the event was liked overall. The theme, names of components, items, and coats all received positive comments.

Comments about random encounters
Commenters generally felt positively toward random encounters. For the text-only lore based encounters, there were suggestions to add more variety (e.g. encounters with specific event NPCS with their avatar image). For the ones that gave out items, there were suggestions to lower the drop rates of the items you could get in the event (i.e. the Clambys) in favor of increasing the drop rates of the recolors.

Some people mentioned they’d prefer to know which recolours were specifically from the random encounters upfront and which shops they’d be heading into, and others suggested a weighting system that prioritises encounters you haven’t yet gotten (note: we currently don’t have a way of doing that)

Comments about ingredient balance
There were a few suggestions about the Embeubbles, mostly about how they/the potion ingredients felt unbalanced, leaving players with far too many of one color that couldn’t be used and almost nothing of another color that was often used, regardless of rarity. A suggestion to rectify this was to have a trade-in system where you could trade five of one color for one of another.

Comments about the battleship mechanic
Many commenters felt that the battleship sections weren’t integrated as well as they could have been, partly due to the shot reduction making the board feel too big, and certain rewards feeling lackluster.

As always, thank you to those who took the time to fill out the survey! As a reminder, if you didn’t see your sentiment echoed in the comments above, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it or consider it; these results tend to take the larger themes from analyzing the comments rather than focusing on individual ones.

Also, a special thanks goes to Hyasynthetic for analyzing the feedback results!

Prize Raffle

7 winners were chosen via random number generator, are are as follows:
Parasitic Candy

I’ll get those prizes to you shortly! done!

Posted Feb 10, edited Feb 10

I’ve never thought the ingredients for the crafting events really felt unbalanced but I tend to craft things The Second I Can instead of holding onto all my ingredients so I can craft only the highest-value items. I’d definitely welcome a trade-in feature in the future, especially early on in an event I know I’d take advantage of it, but an alternative suggestion might be to put a bigger emphasis on crafting things as you can so ingredients don’t have the chance to build up like that?

While I’m thinking about it, the board feels like a perfect size on mobile when you can see pretty much all of it at once, but on desktop especially at wider resolutions I could only ever see half of it at a time so I tended to save the battleship segments for when I was on my phone.

Thanks staff for putting the event together, it was a really fun one :D And thanks for the feedback wrapup, these are always fun to read!

Posted Feb 10