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September News Discussion
It’s September!

September’s OotS is Otherworldly, along with their Celestial Crest and Infinite Vortex! This month’s coat and items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause

Our current Coats for a Cause campaign is set to end after 23:59 ST on September 28th. Be sure to pick up a Sunshower of your very own and lend your support to Stop AAPI Hate before this campaign comes to a close!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective is on hold for this month to allow us to focus on the Drawntlet.
  • All claimed Bingos are currently being tallied. Once you receive confirmation that your bingo was accepted, you are welcome to request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Wednesday, September 15th!
The Drawntlet Has Begun

This year’s iteration of The Drawntlet has now begun, and runs throughout the month of September! You can find the full details on this activity on the Town Square page, and a breakdown of the changes made this year based upon last year’s feedback in the discussion thread.

You can earn prizes like us!!

Artist Application

Artists applications are now open long term. If you’re interested in applying to be a site artist, you can find more details here!

Turning Leaves and Chilly Nights

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, as more comfortable temperatures begin to set in. Autumn officially begins on September 22nd, at which point Bruc will once again rotate his variety of seasonal mushrooms. Be sure to pick up any summer favorites before they’re gone—and get ready for whatever new flavor of Fall Seasonal Mushroom he’s cooked up for us this year!

Coming Soon…

Our next event is currently slated to begin towards the end of October. It is still in fairly early development, with work on it only just beginning. More information will be made available in next month’s News Discussion, so keep an eye out!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on event maintenance, bug fixes, and the drawntlet submission form. Next month glitch will hopefully have time to work on some inventory updates in addition to regular site maintenance
  • Myla worked on event upkeep, site art, and queue orders during the month. Next month will be more site art including starting work on the fall event, long term staff planning, and queue orders
  • The coordinator team is focused on running the Drawntlet, as well as working on the Fall event
  • The art team will be working on queue orders and other misc. site art! In general, the art team has a lot going on IRL right now
Posted 09/01/21, edited 09/07/21

What an adorable monthly!

I’m hoping that all the IRL things that are happening for people resolves as well as possible!

Catch me eyeballing that October event.

Posted 09/01/21
The monthly’s background…is that a JJK reference by any chance?
Posted 09/02/21
Oh I really like this monthly! It’s so cute! ^_^
Posted 09/02/21
ClearBright I did just watch that show but it was actually Hyasynthetic who suggested the name. :‘D
Posted 09/02/21
And I have not yet watched it, despite it having been on my watchlist for ages :‘D
Posted 09/02/21

fall seasonal is incoming which means it’s fall which means HAPPY HALLOWEEN-


Excited to see how the Drawntlet + long term artist apps play out, but Myla, if you wanted my credit card information you could’ve just asked instead of catering so nicely to my tastes!!! (the monthly is wonderful :D) (the new GCS coats are REALLY NICE also!!! touches them…)

Posted 09/02/21
The month’s set is so good, and I’m really appreciate of all the toggles on the Infinite Vortex! I expected it would be solid, so getting to actually remove portions of it was a great surprise (I really like this whirlpool-y effect it can make on the blue background). Customization has gotten ridiculously fun since toggles became a thing. <3
Posted 09/02/21
Oh my GOSH. Sorry i can’t see anything past the monthly and troutlicious. What the HECK y’all those SO GOOD
Posted 09/02/21
again love this monthly, the colors are so so pretty :pleady_face: and am excited for drawntlet!!! september is a good month, still pretty slow for school!!! plus 30 days is so nice n even, love it!!! looking forward to seeing everyone’s work!!
Posted 09/02/21
Hyasynthetic AHHH THAT’S HILARIOUS! So was it just a coincidence then or has Gojo’s influence extended that far past the show?
Posted 09/02/21, edited 09/02/21
ClearBright Pure coincidence! (Or perhaps a sign from the universe…)
Posted 09/03/21