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May News Discussion
It’s gonna be May!

May’s OotS is Unflappable, along with their Elegant Cigarette Holder and Waved Bob Wig! This month’s coat was created by Myla, and the items were created by Loon. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has new prompts for May!
  • All claimed Bingos have now been tallied! If you’ve claimed a bingo, you may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Cavern of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Saturday, May 15th!
Bin-GO RP Updates

After a very productive discussion with the community about this activity, we’ve made several changes to the rules and participation guidelines for Bin-GO RP. The relevant threads have all been updated and the new changes are now in effect. You can find the full scope of the adjustments in this post.

Town Square

In response to feedback on the player survey, we have created the Town Square page to serve as an anchor for all site event instructions. We hope that keeping the flavor text and instructions portions of our event announcements separated will be helpful to players who may prefer to get right down to the nitty-gritty of things without details being lost in the flavor text.

In between events, you may catch small glimpses of everyday Mycenian life in the square.

Sprocket’s Combinabulator

The long-awaited crafting update has arrived! Sprocket’s Combinabulator can be used to combine specific sets of items into something new! We have decided to use this feature to release many of the recolored items we’ve been amassing over the past year or two, all of which are currently available to be crafted!

You can find more details on this in this post.

Random Encounters

As a part of the aforementioned crafting update, we have introduced Random Encounters to the site! While these most commonly distribute crafting ingredients, it’s a very versatile feature and will likely be used in other ways, as well. As you may have noticed during the spring event, we are very excited about this feature!

Marketplace Updates

We have made some adjustments to marketplace item sell-back values as a result of the feedback on the player survey. Previously, only some of our oldest shop items had this option, and it was set for 25% of the purchase cost. We have increased the sell-back value to 50% of purchase cost, and have included the sell-back option on all shop items!

Please note that by ‘shop items,’ we mean items that you can buy ‘from’ Mycena Cave in the Marketplace. This doesn’t include event prizes or Out of the Shadows items, or anything else that is only available by purchasing directly from other players.

Planned Shop Updates

Another market-related update we’d like to make due to feedback on the player survey is adjusting the price of a few shop items. Namely the enchanted gazes + scleras and standard colored wigs —these items are particularly versatile and popular, and this change would aim to make them more accessible to everyone by putting them on permanent discount. We plan on doing this once we finalize our selection which will be early in the month.

Item Updates

New toggle options were added to some older items:

  • Letters from Afar (border and background separated)
  • Cozy Campfire & Magical Campfire (fire and log separated and unburnt log added)
  • Mage Scarf (all colors) (long tail toggle)
  • Craftable Enchanted Gazes (individual eye toggles)
  • Plasma Whip (whip and plasma now toggle)
  • Midsummer Fantasia (toggleable sections)

You can preview the new toggles in The Magic Puddle and you can make toggle requests in this thread!

We also had several new edit donations added to the marketplace, and a new addition to the Bag of Wonders! You can find the full list here.

Antlers are like the donglers of the mammal world, right?

Behind the Veil
  • glitch was a busy bee with all his work on the crafting and random encounter features, as well as making the spring event possible! He will likely be working on tying up some odds and ends and QoL updates related to the player survey this month.
  • Myla has been working on site art, the spring event, marketplace updates, and queue orders this month. Next month will be focused on site art, planning (event/activities/long term), and queue orders!
  • The coordinator team will now be shifting focus to summer event planning and working on some goals from the player survey.
  • The art team will be working on summer shop art, queue orders, and other misc. site art!
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im v excited abt the price change planned!! some of those items i get sticker shock every time i go to buy one haha (even now i went to go check the loose braid wigs out….. whew!!!)

i also humbly raise the bobtails for ur consideration…..

Posted May 1
The new pet is really pretty!
Posted May 1