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April News Discussion
April has bloomed!

April’s OotS is Data Decay, along with their Static Surge and Foursight! This month’s set was created by Meru. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

New Spring Seasonal

Spring has officially arrived, which means that Bruc has once again rotated out his stock of seasonal mushrooms! His newest offering is the Hedgecraft Mushroom, which will be available for purchase until the first rays of Summer peek across the horizon.

Activity Updates
Item Updates

New toggle options were added to some older items: Snowkissed Cape (Bow toggle + updated layering to be more edit compatible), Winter Berry Bow (leaves + berries + bow separately toggleable), Warm Autumn Hat (decorations can be toggled off), Galactic Globe (stand can be toggled off), “Blessings of” series of head jewels (eye + head shine separately toggleable). You can preview the new toggles in The Magic Puddle and you can make toggle requests in this thread!

We also had a new edit donation added to the marketplace: the oh-so-sweet Ice Cream Horn!


Paws for Effect…take two!

Upright drasillis now also have a paw edit template! Like the other paw templates, having this version edited onto your unique Mycenian costs 3PP as opposed to the 6PP it would cost to have paws drawn from scratch!

Fashion, baby

We had a small dress-up raffle , focusing on a handful of Fungimental Magic coats! We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creativity shine, and hope that you enjoyed spending some time playing in the Magic Puddle, too!

Player Feedback Survey Wrap-Up

The wrap-up summary for our recent player feedback survey has been posted! We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us — we really appreciate it! You can check out the survey summary here.

Cabbages, Cabbages

The lovely leafy greens of Mycena Cabbage may have wilted away, but there have been continued sightings and an odd assortment of cabbage creatures spotted throughout the Cave. The downside of a cabbage-based world is their relatively short shelf-life—you can expect these activities to expire after April 15th!

And, if your Mycenian still longs for its vegetable-y noggin, the cabbage heads are now available for purchase in the Marketplace!

Coming Soon

Spring is in the air—that’s S-P-R-I-N-G. Apparently, the compulsion to spell is in the air, too, which can only mean that our annual word-building event is on the horizon! We’ll have more information available soon, but we advise you all to start taking your allergy meds, because there are things blooming somewhere in the Cave….

Behind the Veil
  • glitch made the magic of Mycena Cabbage possible, and has been hard at work on the fishing/crafting updates. He’s finished a big chunk of the coding needs for that and expects to have it finished soon.
  • Myla planned the Fungimentally Spring fashion activity and Mycena Cabbage, and has been working on assets for the upcoming spring event! She’s also been working on orders and long-term project planning.
  • The coordinator team has been working on the spring event, put together and analyzed the player survey, assisted with the raffle activity and Mycena Cabbage, and have been working on long-term project planning.
  • The art team is largely focused on the spring event right now—queues are moving slowly as artists focus on site art and finishing up the spring raffle sprouts!
Posted Apr 2
happy spring to everyone! i love hedgecraft’s birch broom o:
Posted Apr 2
April Flowers & Town Square

The Cave continues to grow and change, and there seems to be a gathering of Ineki huddled around some kind of noticeboard talking about flowers ... This is new - it’s the Town Square!

For the Spring Blossom Festival, you can find lore and discussion in the announcement and the rules, guidelines, and information in the Town Square! Now that we have a bulletin board of sorts, I wonder what other notices we’ll see popping up ... ?

Check out the Spring Blossom Festival and the Town Square and take a look!

(You can also find the Town Square under the “Community” tab at the top of the page, right next to “News”!)

Posted Apr 8, edited Apr 8

Following the recent community discussion, we’ve made some changes to the way Bin-GO RP works. Hopefully this will make Bin-GO more fun and accessible for everyone! All of the official Bin-GO threads have been updated, and you can find a summary of the changes here.

Posted Apr 18
I just separated Floral Wish’s general expression edit to a lash and a brow expression edit. As a result, you might need to go in and fix the face toggles if you had the expression toggled off since the brows will have reappeared with this update!
Posted Apr 19
New Shop Items

Aurora Mycenalis Background was donated by Meru and created by Rhyme

Pink Dapper Donglers was donated by Meru and created by Meru

Black Dapper Donglers was donated by Meru and created by Meru

Sakura Tail Puff was donated by Miranda and created by Plasma

Sakura Antlers was donated by Miranda and created by Plasma

You can find the new items for sale in the Marketplace! Thank you for the donations! You can learn more about edit donation here.

New in the Bag of Wonders

Nightwing Staff, created by priz and Myla, can now be pulled from the Bag of Wonders

You can earn a Bag of Wonders by gaining blue stickers from our creative activities, Chamber of Reflections and the Creative Collective!

New Toggles

Some old items have been updated with new toggles: all of the mage scarves (long tail toggle), the craftable enchanted eyes (individual eye toggles), the plasma whip (whip and plasma now toggle), and midsummer fantasia (toggleable sections)!

Posted Apr 20, edited Apr 20
New Toggles

More old items updated with new toggles:

  • Letters from Afar (border and background separated)
  • Cozy Campfire and Magical Campfire (fire and log separated and unburnt log added)

in addition, the Ashen Flowing Wig was missing a layer on the upright ineki, so that was fixed.

Item layers that get added or get updated revert back to their original layer order and may toggle back on, so you might need to make adjustments if you had these items equipped!

Posted Apr 23, edited Apr 23
Marketplace Update

Sell back values have been readjusted on the (very) old shop items and added to the rest of the shop items.

We had sell back values of 25% of the item’s original cost on some of our oldest stock, but most shop items didn’t have sell back values at all. Shop items all should have a sell back value of 50% of the item’s original cost now!

Posted Apr 28

inhales deeply

the sweet sweet smell of lil qol updates…..... thank you guys as always!!!!!!!

Posted Apr 28
OH MAN thank you so much there were so many things I bought on an impulse and then never actually used 8D
Posted Apr 28