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[ACTIVITY] The Creative Collective [2021]

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December’s Prompts
Scribe Circle & Canvas Circle

Tis Better to Give

With the holidays upon us, we would like to invite you to focus your creative energy on spreading a bit of joy. This month, for both the Scribe and Canvas Circles, we would like to see you create something for one of your fellow Mycena Cave players! A piece of art; a poem; a kind letter… the possibilities are just about endless! :)


Adventure Circle

Make Like a Dialogue Tree

This December, we challenge you to create some branching dialogue. It can be simple, but feel free to get more complex if such an idea takes root. Don’t forget to log your entry. Beleaf in yourself and we’re sure you’ll make some great di-yule-log!

Submission Template

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[b]Feedback?:[/b] Yes or No
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Have an idea for a prompt?

We encourage players to submit ideas for prompts to be used in future months! If you have an idea for a prompt, please submit it to us by echoing Crow or Dove using the form below:

[b]Circle:[/b] (scribe, canvas, or adventure)
[b]Prompt Title:[/b] (title for your prompt)
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If your prompt is selected for use, you will receive a Golden Ticket as a thank you, as well as credit for the prompt’s creation. Please note that we may not feature every prompt we receive. Still, we’re grateful for your contributions!

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The Creative Collective is the overarching term for our monthly prompt-based creative initiative! It is made up of four different circles: the scribe circle, the canvas circle, the roleplay circle, and the adventure circle. Players are encouraged to participate in these activities in order to get those creative juices flowing and, equally importantly, earn prizes!

The Creative Collective runs on a monthly rotation. Each month, we will open submissions for the current set of prompts. The submission period will remain open from the first through the last day of the month. During the next month’s rotation, feedback may be provided on the previous month’s submissions.

Timeline Example:
  • January: “Blue Dog” submissions
  • February: “Red Cat” submissions; “Blue Dog” feedback
  • March: “Yellow Dragon” submissions; “Red Cat” feedback

Rules & Guidelines
Creative Submission Guidelines
  • In order to have your submission counted, you must ensure that it is complete and meets all of the guideline specifications of the circle for which it was created:
    • Scribe Circle: Must be a piece of writing which took approximately 30 minutes of effort.
    • Canvas Circle: Must be a piece of artwork refined at least to the point of being a cleaned sketch.
    • Roleplay Circle: A minimum of 3 RP posts containing at least one substantial paragraph of writing.
    • Adventure Circle: Must have spent approximately 30 minutes working on your adventure while achieving some notable progress. Must present a changelog and link to the adventure, if published.
  • Submissions must be entirely new work created for the chosen prompt.
  • Submissions, or links to them, must be labeled and posted in this thread, with the content posted on Mycena Cave itself (in this thread, musings, or pet profile). You should be using the same submission post for all of your Creative Circle entries for the month.
  • All submissions must have an on-site representation of the focus character. Please be sure to clearly indicate which character it is you’re using to respond to the prompt. Your characters do not have to fit into the Mycena Cave canon.
  • Submissions must adhere to Mycena Cave’s content guidelines.
  • All submissions must be posted (or linked to) in this thread by 23:59 ST on the last day of each month.
  • Refrain from editing your submission and your submission post once the deadline has passed. Once the monthly final compilation has been posted, you are welcome to continue working on your submissions as desired.
  • Each player may only provide one submission for each of the month’s prompts.
Feedback Guidelines
  • If you do wish to receive feedback on your work, you must clearly state as such when you post it.
  • In order to encourage quality feedback, we expect players to provide at least three sentences worth of commentary on the pieces they are providing feedback for.
  • You will earn one ticket in the feedback raffle for each submission you provide feedback for.
  • When commenting on another player’s submission, remember to be constructive and courteous. Do not offer intense or harsh criticism unless the author has clearly stated that they are open to such.

Creative Circle Submissions

Participation in each of the circles will earn you Stickers, which then earn you rewards at certain checkpoints. This is a work-in-progress feature at the moment, and will be compiled manually by staff until implementation. More details on the Sticker feature in general will be made available upon the feature’s release, but for the purpose of the Creative Collective, they are as follows:

  • Participation in the Scribe, Canvas, Roleplay, and/or Adventure circle will earn you a blue sticker for each submission.
  • Three blue stickers earn you one Bag of Wonders.
Feedback Raffle

Rewards for providing feedback on others’ submissions are as follows:

  • Each feedback comment that meets our guidelines earns you one ticket in the feedback raffle.
  • At the end of each feedback round, we will raffle off one set of OotS items from that month, as well as one Forever coat.
    • Essentially, each feedback raffle will have two separate winners.
Participation Prize

Meeting the following participation requirements will earn you 1 Golden Ticket each:

  • Canvas Circle submission
  • Scribe Circle submission
  • At least one Roleplay Circle submission
  • Adventure Circle submission
  • At least one Feedback post

This puts the total number of Golden Tickets you may earn per round at 5. Golden Tickets are an item which you can sell from your inventory for 3600 nuggets - this way, you may purchase gems or keep the nuggets if you prefer!

Posted 01/01/21

Feedback?: Yes.
A Kind Act

Feedback?: Yes.

Saff already found her good end, when she beat up the undead while they rose from their graves.

It was grody, and fantastic.

She’s showing off her bone collection while telling the story.

Feedback?: No


Ashlar‘s Canvas Circle: I feel like you did really well with the perspective on the whole scene. I enjoy how the futon kind of breaks the silhouette of the whole piece away from being a rectangle or a square. That gives it visual interest. It is also really fun that you were able to tuck so many cats into the corners of the blankets. I did mistakenly think that the cat sitting on the bedside table was a lamp when I first glanced past it, but I think maybe that was because I was assuming a lamp would be in that position? Brain trickery. The cuddling with the cats vibe is super nostalgic, and I like to see it. Well done!

Purr‘s Canvas Circle: I really enjoy the volume of the blanket that is piled around your character. It really sells the vibe of being cold, and pulling the closest blanket over to snuggle with, even if that means pulling over the queen sized comforter for the bed. The colors that you used were very nice, in that they offered clear distinctions between elements, but are harmonious together. The sketchy linework also really helps sell the feeling of being cold, as sketchiness tends to have more movement and character in it naturally. Well done!

Epipen‘s Canvas Circle: Nicely done reference image for Rinri! The anatomy is looking good. I enjoy the decision to make her have cat pawbs even though she is part human looking. I was also not expecting a kind of curly fur type on her tail, so that was a pleasant surprise. I guess I just assumed that Rinri would have a sleek tail? I’m not sure why. Well done!

Niki123‘s Canvas Circle: This is another really nostalgic feeling mood for me. I used to have a roommate who was from upstate New York State, so he was used to living in a place that got very cold during the winter, where I live in the dry and hot southern states, so I’m used to seasonal temperature drops, but nothing too extreme. He moved here for university, and anytime we went out in the winter, I’d be bundled up in layers and a coat, and he would go out with just a jacket. I’m also really enjoying the posing of the three characters. I feel like you perfectly nailed the vibe of people gathering together to stand and talk while they are waiting for something outside, and it is just really nice to see! Well done!

Gabriel‘s Canvas Circle: I really enjoy the lack of refinement on the elements in this piece. I feel like the looseness really allows for the energy of the moment to come through. This very much comes across as one friend rushing up to slam an arm around a friend’s shoulder playfully, and lean on them while teasing them or walking together. The way the snow is falling allows for a lot of movement and energy, and the eyes being the highlight of the piece, being in the middle as they are, really helps bring together the expressions. Well done!

teaunicorn‘s Canvas Circle: The style that you did this one reminds me a lot of Black Butler, in a good way. It has the readability of anime, as well as the potential for sensitivity. This really gives the character on the left kind of the loving, almost motherly vibe, and the one on the right an innocent and child-like quality. I love this one a lot. And I love that the dialogue seems true to the visual characters, where the more motherly looking character uses complete sentences, and the more child-like one making inferring statements. That is really common in real life communications between people who have large age gaps, and it is really nice to see it shown in art. Very well done!

Laggingbehindreality‘s Canvas Circle: WOH! What a well done piece! I’m really enjoying the limited color palette, the cleanliness of shading and lines, and the inclusion of environmental elements through the snowflakes. I feel like having the linework taper in and out, and allowing the background color and the mane color to be the same, really gives this the polished, ready for web style that makes the piece super effective. A piece like this would be something I’d commission for myself. I also really enjoy that the ghost buddies are simplified. It kind of gives the brain something fun to discover! Very well done!

Chicken‘s Canvas Circle: I really enjoy the colors that you picked, here. I think they go well with both winter, and the colors of the website in large. I feel like you did a really good job of bringing the character to life! Well done!

Prose‘s Canvas Circle: You have a really nice sense of shape! I think that the structure of your character is really good, and I can appreciate the mood of not doing cozy. I’ve definitely felt that way, in the past, as well. I really enjoy that your character also pushes the expression into one that is familiar with an emoji. It helps convey the mood very well. Well done!

luccamajere‘s Canvas Circle: I feel like you did a really good job! The background is simple, but clean, and I like the contrast between the simplicity of the background and the more gathered elements of the outfit. I really enjoy that your character is so well bundled up in layers, and that your description talks about him being layered up, as well. The composition looks nice, and I like that his character takes up a good amount of the canvas. Well done!

nope‘s Canvas Circle: It is really refreshing to see a quad piece! I really enjoy the pose that you chose for your character, and how well you colored them. I enjoy that the palette you chose to use seems to have a common undertone, like maybe you have a layer dedicated to being an undertone to the entire piece. I feel like your color palette is well unified. I really enjoy the shadow cast by your character, as well. Very well done!

Stanari‘s Canvas Circle: I really enjoy that you decided to go with a pixel art approach to this one. The massive pile of blankets really helps the mood of the piece read as humorous. I really enjoy the simplicity of the design, and that the colors are clean and straight forward. I feel like the whole piece overall reads a lot more clearly since everything is so clean, where a more busy shading situation might muddle the overall story. I also appreciate that you went with having the Zzz’s included to show that the sheep is asleep. It works well. Very well done!

Hyasynthetic‘s Canvas Circle: I really like the face shapes that you do. I feel like they read cleanly, and easily. I also enjoy how you did the hair, for this one! I think it is nice to see a character who is holding a mug of something warm, in their hands, as well. I feel like it is easy to relate to trying to warm up by holding a warm glass, so the gesture reads well and easily. Very well done!

Tamako‘s Canvas Circle: Aa! What a cute chibi style! I really enjoy that the face shape you have chosen is somewhat more angular, in comparison to the rounder faces that I think I see more often in chibi styles. I feel like the more angular face shape allows the face to read as cute, while not getting overshadowed by the starkness of a pure circle. I think it was a very nice touch to go ahead and lower the opacity on your sketch layer, and that doing so helps the piece read as more polished. The hair swirlies are super cute and well done, and I really enjoy that you put a bit of substance in the body build of your character. Very well done!

Posted 01/01/21, edited 02/05/21

Feedback?: Yes.
Entry with some enemies-to-friends-to-lovers who are both doing their best to act out of kindness.

Feedback?: No.

No best form! No good end! Only happy journeys, with the little things that build up to a “good end” every single day.
Featuring some of Sunspot‘s favorite things.

Feedback?: No — it’s not published yet!
Spiritual Guidance
- The Chariot upright post text written.
- The Chariot reversed post text written.


Epipen‘s scribe entry: I love what you built between Aura and Aiden, especially knowing how very little we’ve discussed them interacting. Their dynamic is darling, and I’m so happy you borrowed my boy for your entry. You’ve written it so realistically too. It feels like a real party, with Aura eventually being left alone and those depressing thoughts that can strike when it looks like everyone else is having fun but you’re not. The ending is so sweet after the rather solemn beginning where Aura’s disenchantment with his profession is so palpable. It left me wanting more!

Hyasynthetic‘s canvas entry: Hyakinthos has such a neat character design! The vibrant green of his eyes both clashes with and compliments the purple so nicely. It also really harkens to the whole purple hyacinth lore (though come on give the boy some pink, he deserves it as a treat, maybe just some flushed cheeks idk). The way you’ve shaded his eyes is also phenomenal and really adds to that pop of color. He looks very cozy. I think he should be glad Apollo dotes on him so.

Posted 01/01/21, edited 01/31/21

Feedback?: Yes or No

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

Feedback?: Yes or No

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

Feedback?: Yes or No (only for published adventures)

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

(list your feedback for last month’s entries here)

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A box of wonder
Kristal is delivering a gift to a friend.

Feedback welcome~

KaralienÄ— has an interesting idea of what’ll happen when she reaches her ‘good’ ending…

Feedback?: Okay~

Adventure: The Vault
A special adventure built only to be played by one person!

  • [REDACTED] - I’ve worked on Chapter 2, but spoilers!



Matt snuggling up in a blanket pile is adorable. I love the different colors of blankets and kitties around that are just providing maximum warm. ‘S a great choice of dealing with cold. You did a good job posing all the kitties too. :D

Posted 01/02/21, edited 01/31/21
Ignore this post pls. Thx.
Posted 01/04/21, edited 01/22/21

Feedback?: Sure!

I’ve kicked around the idea of Ko regaining his godhood for a while, and while I am incapable of committing to anything that could be considered an end to a character, I remembered that kintsugi is a thing last night and thought ‘oh hey, fixing his broken mask with that would be super symbolic.’ 

So, perhaps his Final Form could embody the idea of rebuilding something better than it was, and the journey it took to get there. Stumbling, wallowing, imperfections and all.


  1. Unnamed RP
  2. The Nightmare Pandemic

Crow for remembering this post is here

Posted 01/07/21, edited 01/27/21


not yet

Feedback?: Yes

Ericka, who’s happiness is rather simple in the end

The Beeness

Posted 01/10/21, edited 01/21/21

Feedback?: Yes

Rave got a long over-due hair cut and they’re showing it off.

The longer Rave’s hair is, the more power they have taken from others and stored it. They almost always have stupendously long hair/large amounts of power at hand.

For them to be confident about wearing their hair short, shows that they were able to find peace in being vulnerable. They can finally feel secure without having to take power from others. But they’re still going to be cocky about it. After all, it’s a new look, and they have to show off how refreshing it feels.

Posted 01/13/21, edited 01/13/21

Feedback?: Yes
Keidan and Augres almost bond when Keidan helps him when he’s hurt.

Cleaning the priests’ private quarters was just one of the many jobs the clerks had to perform on a weekly basis. It certainly wasn’t Keidan’s favourite, but he had a good enough relationship with most of the priests that he could come and go as he needed, talking with them if they were there or just doing his job and leaving if they weren’t.
But there was one case where he always waited until the room was empty before he started work. Augres and Keidan didn’t have the greatest relationship, despite Keidan’s best attempts to befriend him. In the end, they’d settled for active avoidance, which meant that Keidan had to tread very carefully when invading Augres’ personal space.
Keidan knocked sharply on the door and called out. There was no answer, so Keidan let himself in. But immediately he could tell that something was wrong. Augres usually kept his room pristine, but it was in complete disarray. The bed was unmade, clothes and books were scattered across the floor, between shards of what had once been a glass pitcher. Worry set in, and all Keidan could think about was making sure Augres was all right.

Augres was crouched in the small attached bathroom. He was hurt. Blood splattered the floor around him, his normally immaculate blue sleeves were spotted red, and his hair had streaks from where he’d tugged at it with bloody hands. His robes were bunched around his knees exposing deep cuts in his calves. Injuries weren’t common in Cathedral; blood was sacred, and intentionally drawing blood was a crime. But the cuts in Augres’ legs were too precise to have been accidental.
“Oh, gods, are you okay?” Keidan exclaimed, kneeling down in front of him. He wadded up some nearby paper and pressed it against the cut, trying to staunch the bleeding. It was only then that he noticed Augres was crying. “Augres… are you okay? What happened?”
“Nothing. I’m fine.” Augres refused to look him in the eyes, and Keidan didn’t press further. It didn’t matter why Augres was hurt, just that he needed to stop the bleeding.

They sat in awkward silence for a while, Keidan periodically changing out the paper until the wounds stopped bleeding. Augres refused to look at him throughout the process. When Keidan pulled away a wad of paper and confirmed that Augres was no longer bleeding, he stepped back and held out his hand to help Augres up. It was ignored.
“Don’t tell anyone,” Augres growled, stripping down and thrusting his bloody robes at Keidan.
“Okay. But you really should go see a medic. It might get infected if you don’t.” Augres didn’t acknowledge Keidan’s words as he pulled on fresh robes and left, slamming the door behind him.

Feedback?: Yes

Zeph would live his ideal live away from Cathedral, probably co-managing Silver’s brothel. And, probably most importantly, not being dead.

Feedback?: N/A

I had the brief thought of a countdown mechanic, so I headed into my Orphaned Mechanic adventure and set that up

  • Created a new node, called Countdown
  • Created 3 new commands, Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and a new encounter.
  • Created a new command in the navigation tab which moves to the countdown node and sets the variable “countdown” to 5 (Side note: I attempted to do this but var_set is just straight up refusing to work for some reason and I don’t rightly know why. I ended up just manually setting it in the instance editor for now.)
  • Set up the commands to check the variable and if the variable = 0 trigger the encounter and if not display how many ticks left before the countdown reaches 0.

A fairly simple affair, with the exception of var_set being mean, however, I suspect it could be used in lieu of a timer in order to create tension, perhaps in a tense dungeon situation (time to escape before the boss appears) for example.

Posted 01/15/21, edited 01/31/21

Scribe Circle:

Wherein Clara performs a rare act of kindness...

Canvas Circle:

Pete’s ultimate good ending, finally reunited with Raine (though perhaps not at all in the way either of them imagined >.>;; ).

RP Circle:
1. Pertaining to Containing Plants1
2. Pertaining to Containing Plants2
3. Pertaining to Containing Plants3

Adventure Circle:

Adventure Circle: Jan2021 - Roll the Dice

- created and named the adventure, set the number of players, and made it non-canon
- set the adventurer HP to 100
- added a one-line description and set the adventure tags
- wrote some embark text
- added a few more adventure tags
- edited the embark text a little
- renamed node 1
- tried to create node 2 but was unable to figure out how ._.;
- wrote post text for the start command
- edited the status message text for the defeat command
- figured out how to make nodes and created node 2
- created node 3
- set the destination node and wrote some post text for the defeat command
- added a var set action to the start command

Feedback Circle:

Aaa, that image is so utterly adorable. ;o; Dhanzi clearly has the right idea - giant blanket for the win. You made it look so poofy and snug, and the shading really gives the impression of fluffiness. It definitely gets across the impression of a blanketpile, and speaks to me on a deep level. By which I mean - I also immediately felt the need to blanketbundle in the biggest blanket I could find. |: His expression is also fantastic.

The way you drew Elise is suuper cute, and I love the little curls in her hair! They’re absolutely charming and delicate. Her outfit is also really adorable and cosy, and the way the scarf sort of drapes over her hands is nicely done. That little bit of hair sticking straight up is a nice touch, and an adorable little detail.

Twotail’s expression behind that scarf is fantastic. Those sideeyes really help convey the ‘hates-the-cold-but-won’t-admit-it’ attitude. XD The puffy jacket is well drawn, and I like the little details of the lines where the folds are. Also, the matching hat and scarf are so cute, and add a nice bit of warm contrast with all the blues/teals.

Posted 01/15/21, edited 01/30/21

Feedback?: No

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

Feedback?: No

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

  • Link 1
  • Link 2

    Feedback?: Yes or No (only for published adventures)

    put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!


Posted 01/15/21, edited 07/01/21

Feedback?: No


Feedback?: No


Feedback?: No

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!


Posted 01/15/21
Posted 01/21/21, edited 01/21/21

Feedback?: sure!

My entry is here!

Feedback?: sure but be gentle please!

I have been thinking a lot about this geness lately because I used their geness for my chamber of reflections entry this month and because they’re in sprout queue right now so I decided to draw them at their happiest moment which is when they finally find each other again. I am…. weak….. for romance I’m sorry also please forgive poor Cupid’s wonky hands the reference I used wasn’t much help for those they’re as refined as I knew how to make them!! 

Purr i want you to know that i would die for dhanzi, grumpy baby, i too hate the cold. also i love the way u did the ruffly super fluffy parts of the blanket, like coloring them in! the placement of darker color/shadow parts that also make it look so fluffy came out rly cute n i can tell thats something u got down rly good and like as someone who cant do it…. im proud of u!!

Nyfeaena i LOVED ur scribe entry! i felt like i could hear the drums in my heart!! u captured the tension and suspense and lil bit of fear keitia was feeling so well i really understood it and i felt it too! also im obsessed with the line “Her body sung like a chime and she sang with it,” SO good. i rly enjoyed this!! (also i love prism dust haha)

Posted 01/22/21, edited 01/27/21

My Indra and Gabriel‘s Devon.

“It doesn’t mean anything like that you know,” Indra grumbled, her tone tilting on arrogant in the way one often did when they didn’t quite want to admit anything else. Her relationship with Devon was one that sat somewhere she wasn’t quite sure of, centuries of life not particularly useful when one spent most of it in social isolation.

“I didn’t say anything,” Devon simply smiled, her eyes knowing. She was frustrating like that. “But I appreciate it, you know? That you thought to get me a drink.”

Indra huffed indignantly. “Look, it’s hot and you spend too much time on that stuff of yours.” Devon chuckled, sticking a pause just a second too long in between Indra’s words. She wasn’t being soft, no matter what Devon thought. “I just don’t need you passing out or something. That’ll mess with my plans, that’s all. It’s not about you, I just need you to be fine so I-” Indra stopped, her face contorting into a pout as she took note of the fact that Devon was laughing. The type of laugh that was only barely restrained, mostly consisting of puffs from her nose and every motion hidden behind a hand.

Devon seemed to notice that Indra had paused her defense, shaking her head a little as she took the opportunity to speak up again, her voice still tickled with mirth. “Sure Indra. I’ll make sure I pay you back later, ok?”

“I’ll be expecting it.” Indra replied firmly, disgruntled that she had to put effort into keeping her voice unshaken. It had been growing harder and harder to keep herself in check as the months went on. Still, it was no matter. When she took back her power, things would surely fall back into place. This just wasn’t really her style, the whole being nice thing.

Though perhaps the worst of it was that when things were quiet. When Devon was absorbed in her work and the only sounds to be heard were the scratches from her pencil, her desk fan juddering… Indra couldn’t help but think on Devon’s smile as she’d given her that drink, at least for just a second. A second too long, considering what a pain she was.

But it was an inexplicably pleasant second nonetheless.

You know I love our gfs, I’m really fond of this piece because you captured their differing vibes well with the body language used <3. I think the simple touches you’ve added to the foreground (the fog from their breath, the motion blur of the snow) really capture the cold and helps create more of a coziness between the two of them. Also in particular I think the use of the circle in the background really draws and focuses the eye in towards the main subjects of the piece which is really cool. <3

Posted 01/22/21, edited 01/31/21


put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!

Feedback?: sure!

this month featuring annie and mine…....... a glimpse into the far flung future where they actually like each other



Tamako aaahhhhhh this is SO CUTE!! I love her puffy lil hand warmer arm cuff…... thing (I can’t remember what they’re called hhhh) and the scarf looks so good.  the thought you put into how it would fall and interact with her arms is awesome.  also her curls??  I don’t know if you did it on purpose but they look like little roses framing her face and it’s so so precious.  also just the curls up against the big poofy ear muffs….... I’m obsessed.  the sketch is also just so soft (I can’t tell if you used a light grey or just lowered the opacity) but it gives it such a nice wintery vibe.

Stanari I’m genuinely going to lose my mind this is so delightful.  I long for nothing more than to be a sheep sleeping under an enormous pile of blankets.  this piece is so simple and I love the fact that it’s pixel art.  LOVE pixel art. I like that you used so many different but muted shades for the blankets.  very wintery. and the tiny little z’s are so precious.  I support her and her blankets and I hope she’s sleeping well.

nope  dang this is cool!  I love the look on Loisl’s face - it’s sorta whimsical but also kinda creepy, but that might just be me because of the whole eye thing going on there haha.  but the color and linework here is fantastic.  and the background!!!! I love the shade of purple you chose for the sky.  the tiny little stars and the mountains fading into the background… it’s really awesome.  there’s such a calm aura to this piece despite the huge dog creature staring directly at the viewer.

Laggingbehindreality okay maybe I’m just a sucker for limited pallets but…...... I love the pallet here lmao.  obviously when I think of cold and winter I usually think blues but this purple scheme you used is perfect.  there’s also so much fluff in this image I just wanna bury my face in it all.  I love the way you drew the paws and claws - you really paid attention to the shapes and perspective!!! also the little ghosts…... adorable.

Posted 01/26/21, edited 01/31/21

The box on Jaellal’s desk was made of a birch typically only found in the Ghostlands. How it had ended up in Stormwind City, Jaellal couldn’t say. Had its owner deserted the Horde? What else had the person brought with them across factions? Its plain yet delicate design indicated it may have belonged to someone wealthy before ending up in this house.

Jaellal had made significant progress trying to crack it open in the couple of days it had been with her. She’d opened it long enough to stuff something in the lock so that it wouldn’t automatically relock on its own before the client came to pick it up, but in doing so, she had caught a glimpse of the contents inside.

On top, there had been a photograph, grainy and black-and-white, of a young goblin woman standing next to a dwarf woman. The dwarf had turned her head to press her lips to the goblin’s cheek, and the goblin was grinning at the camera. They wore silk robes that shone in the sunlight from a nearby window. The photograph rested atop a pendant, which rested atop a velvet cushion. Jaellal, a pang in her heart, had closed the box after, not bothering to see if there was anything illegal in the box. This was one of the few times she’d felt as if she were intruding on the client.

A gentle knock low on the door pulled Jaellal away from washing the dishes. That must be the client. She dried her hands on a nearby towel and slung it over her shoulder before unlocking the door.

Indeed, it was the dwarven woman from before. Her face, now weathered and thin-skinned from the years, still held the lovely charm it must have had for the goblin in the photo despite being dressed in plain and dirty skirts. Her gnarled hand tossed a long braid behind her shoulder. “Sorry for bothering you,” she said, peering up at Jaellal.

“It’s no trouble at all,” Jaellal replied. She waved off the notion. Jaellal ran a box opening business; as long as the sign was flipped to open, nothing was a bother.

She motioned the dwarf into the house and guided her to the sofa. She went into the next room and collected the box. “I stuffed the lock so it wouldn’t close. If you want to relock it at any time, just take out the cloth. But, uh, be sure you have the key if you do, unless you don’t mind coming back to me in the future.”

Jaellal passed the box to the woman, who stared at it in her lap.

“Thank you,” the woman said finally. “It’s been bothering me for years, not being able to open it.” She shifted, reaching into her pocket, and held out a closed fist. “Thank you for opening it.”

Jaellal stared.

The woman shook her hand, and there came a clinking sound of a few coins.

“Oh!” Jaellal started. “You don’t have to worry about tipping. I’m happy to do it without any strings attached.”

The woman frowned in confusion. “Are you sure? But we agreed . . .”

Jaellal waved the thought away. “No, I promise it’s fine.”

The woman kept frowning but stood tucked away the coins. “If you’re sure. Well, I’ll get out of your hair. I appreciate your help.”

Jaellal grinned as the woman exited the house. “Feel free to come back anytime!” she called.

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Kitty Bear - ultimate ending - coming to terms with her split personality rampaging (literal) bear inside of herself, and being able to transform at will while retaining both minds.


My feedback is not helpful but see things that I need to comment on.

Hoax I love the texture on your icon, and the lines!
teaunicorn I don’t know how your art keeps getting more adorable every time, but it does.
Tamako AHH THAT haaair <3

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Sweet, featuring Victor

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Nyfeaena‘s Scribe entry: I love what you did to set up the ambience of the scene with the shadowy moonlight and the lingering silence broken by beating drums. Keitia’s anticipation builds with the reader’s own, and her brief conversation with her mother mirrors that. I really like the image of the fireflies, the Keitia’s brief encounter with someone else, and the celebration itself: the passage makes me want to learn more about the ceremony, Keitia, and her world. Great work!

Purr‘s Canvas entry: I love your use of line here! The sketchy straight lines for the blanket and the smaller, fluffier curved lines for the fluff really give a sense of the different textures while sticking to the cute, minimalist feel of the drawing. Also, Dhanzi’s expression is super relatable: being cold is serious business, and I feel like I’d look the same buried in a blanket in freezing weather

Ashlar‘s Canvas entry: Just when I think I’ve found all the cats, I see another. I love this image, first of all, and wish I was Matt because cuddling with cats is the only way to cuddle. I think you did the blankets well, keeping the lines minimal while also giving a clear sense of their movement (and whether a blanket held a Matt or a cat beneath). The little strands of hair hanging over the blanket are a great detail, too!

Epipen‘s Canvas entry: I love the fur texture you chose for the ears, paws, and especially the tail! Rinri’s outfit complements her cat aspects really well, and I really like the little bits of info you shared about how others react to her clothing in cold weather. This piece is great as a ref and as a drawing in itself!

Laggingbehindreality‘s Canvas entry: Awww, this drawing makes me feel cozy and warm just looking at it! I love the delicate use of line, and the way you chose to leave the ghosts without line art: that adds to the ephemeral feel for me, and it makes me think more critically about blending line art and lineless art in future drawings. Aran’s expression is so subtle and sweet, and the limited color palette adds to the thoughtful simplicity of the piece to make it such a lovely finished work!

nope‘s Canvas entry: Oooh, I adore the blend of cute and creepy, and you did it so well. The sweet pose and soft color contrast the haunting eyes and ambiguous shadow, and those differences complement each other so well. I think Loisl’s expression adds to the feeling, too: both friendly and vacant, lingering in a way that’s unsettling and mesmerizing. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

Stanari‘s Canvas entry: This is such a sweet pixel drawing! The color palette adds to the sense of calm and wintertime, and Mornah’s expression itself is so sweet and peaceful (I love the hair tufts!). The shape of the blanket pile makes it even cuter, and the zzz’s add to the adorable feel of the drawing.

Hyasynthetic‘s Canvas entry: I like the color palette you chose: the purples feel cozy, and they make Hyakinthos’ eyes stand out even more! I like how, after the contrast of the eyes, the large shapes created by the face and clothing make my attention go to the smaller shapes of the mug and the thick hair. You have a great sense of balance here!

Tamako‘s Canvas entry: You have such a great sense of shape here! The fluffy earmuffs, wide eyes, and big curls create this really soft circular repetition that makes the drawing seem even gentler, and Elise’s small smile adds to that feeling. I like the angle of Elise’s body, too: it reads even gentler and bouncier than a more upright pose might have, and it really suits the overall feel of the image.

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Felicity stifled a giggle at the scene she was greeted with when checking in on Simone. Not only were they sprawled across the desk in a pile of pens, but a piece of washi tape had stuck itself firmly onto their cheek. The tape gently fluttered as they breathed and the warm yellow light from the kitchen cast soft shadows across the room. Felicity couldn’t help thinking they almost looked peaceful. The bright red ink slashes across the journal in front of them made her heavily doubt that though.

Felicity gently closed the door to her room behind her as she stepped into the common area. It was getting late, so it made sense that they would be asleep… Usually, they at least made it to the couch though. They must be more stressed than they were letting on. Felicity’s bubbling joy at seeing her significant other’s silly state dampened a bit with that thought, but she tried not to get bogged down in it. The two of them could talk later.

As she moved in closer, she pulled a blanket off the back of the couch, draping it over her arm temporarily. Her footsteps were naturally soft and she knew Simone was a heavy sleeper, so she wasn’t super worried about being quiet in her approach. In fact, she immediately reached to tug the jacket falling off of Simone’s arm back up before covering them in the blanket.

Simone shifted slightly in response, but there was no indication they would fully wake up. The movement did come close to knocking an inkwell over though, so Felicity leaned over the table to cap the endangered object and shift it out of the splash zone. Then she extracted the journal from between Simone’s arms and carefully closed it back up. Next, she carefully gathered up the scattered pens and placed them back in their box before she finally reached for the tape on Simone’s cheek.

Smiling, she gently cupped Simone’s cheek. Her thumb stroked over it once or twice and Simone leaned into the touch.

“You’re too cute for your own good,” Felicity whispered as she tugged the tape off. Simone gave a satisfied rumble in response, almost like a purr. They were always so wonderfully expressive in these small ways when they slept.

With everything just a little cleaned up, Felicity rubbed Simone’s back one more time before she went to flick the kitchen light off. “Sweet dreams, darling.”

Words that sounded suspiciously like “love you” drifted through the apartment after Felicity’s retreating form.

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“Ay, Lulu?” Taylay knocked on the two double doors leading to the rented basement where Lulu lived.

No response. Were they out of the house? He hoped not, he hadn’t been able to spend much time with Lulu lately, and he really was looking forward to spending a day with them now that they both had free time—

The doors burst open, nearly smacking him as he was absorbed in his thoughts. “I’m Hee~eeree!!” Lulu sang. they blinked and looked down. “I’m so glad to see you again Tay, I was—O-oh no, I nearly knocked you over,,”

“You’re fine.” Tay shrugged off the close call. He took harder hits with his line of work, anyway. “Anyway, how about that movie?”

Lulu grabbed Tay in a hug. “Mmm! I’ve been looking forward to this all MONTH I just know you’ll love this one! Let me just set everything up, okay?”

“Sure.” Tay said as he let himself be dragged into Lulu’s basement home. It was only a single room, but Lulu had made it into a homely enough space for themself to live. It was a bit messy, sure, but it was messier when they weren’t expecting guests.

“Just give me a minute, I put it here somewhere.” Lulu started pawing around the small television for a CD. “I made popcorn, help yourself!”

“Take your time.” Tay started clearing a space on the singular armchair before the television, getting comfortable. He eyed the popcorn, tempted, but he waited until Lulu was done.

“There!” Lulu pressed a button on the remote and a movie intro started playing. They grabbed the popcorn and jumped into Tay’s lap. “You didn’t take any, cmon!”

“I know, you tend to sit on the floor if I have the bowl in my lap though, wanted to make sure you got dibs.”

Lulu gave Tay a buttery kiss on the cheek. “Aww, you—oh it’s starting!”

The two fell into silence as the movie began, silently thankful for the small kindness they brought to each other’s lives.

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This looks a bit more somber than i intended but its supposed to be Tyrant leaving his mask behind and living his life without obsessing over forbidden magic,,,
eh, interpret it however you want


Tamako This sketch nice on its own, but the completed work in Elise’s profile gives me a new appreciation for it. Every part of the drawing is distinctly recognizable as what it is meant to be at first glace, which is something i struggle with in some images (if I were drawing a similar image I might have mixed up the end of the scarf with the hair, for example). I also like the way it ends at the jacket, makes it look like it was meant to be a halfbody instead of a cropped larger image. It’s overall really soft and cute, normally I’m iffy about characters that look in the direction of the viewer but this one didn’t give me the usual weird feeling. Really nice work!
luccamajere This is such a cute art! Twotail’s grumy expression and posture mixed with his bright, candycorn hat and matching scarf is a really good contrast, almost makes you want to pinch his cheeks. The background being a more…idk the word for it, ‘permeable’ brush? as a contrast to the solid bright colors in the focus character, it’s a good way to make him pop from whats behind him. The shading is well placed, and I like how it gives texture to the jacket rather than more lineart. Great work!
polygone For a story that has five named characters in it, it stayed much more on track than I think I could have been able to juggle for such a short story. Though, the tiny crystal siblings being treated like a bloc probably helped with that, their participation in the events makes it pretty clear they’re not just ordinary kids. Aside from that, the nature of that deal Suzy and Darling struck has me wondering just what these people are preparing for.  An intriguing read all around, I’m interested to see where this goes!

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Ash has finally reached a point where he’s, genuinly, happy and safe. He’s always liked watching fireflies, and they were one of the first things that he saw when he gainhed safety, so he’s a little fond of them now!

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For Nyf’s adventure! <3


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Seeds (I)

featuring Mornah as the prompt focus (though she’s never mentioned by name)

Elánra is already living in her good end also i hate feet

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feedbacc is always a okay =w=

The stranger stirred in her bed, rolling to the other side and letting out a low moan. Evangeline let out a small breath, snapping her book shut and hurrying to the side of the bed.
She’s waking up!
The stranger’s blue eyes blinked open, looking up at Eva fuzzily, clouding with confusion. Eva flushed and took a step back, realizing how disoriented the stranger must feel right now.
“Ah - you’re awake!” she exclaimed nervously, averting her eyes.
The girl slowly sat up, glancing around the room, before looking back at Evangeline. “Uh, hello! Where, uh… where am I?”
“Oh right, yes - this is, um, well, my palace, or - not my palace, my parents—” Eva let out a nervous giggle and tucked a strand of hair over her shoulder. Remember what Dad taught you - imagine if he saw you now, Eva!! A shudder ran through her at the thought and she cleared her throat, composing herself.
“My name is Evangeline. I found you on the ground, beneath the clouds, you were unconscious. I knew I could help you, so I brought you home to help restore you. I hope you do not mind.”
“Oh-” Recognition flashed through her eyes, as though remembering something. “No, no! It’s just- I need my mother to-”
She paused, holding her hands in front of her face quietly for a moment, surprise flooding her features now.
Eva tilted her head. “Your mother to…?”
“I feel… fine? Better??” She dropped her hands and looked over at Eva. “Are you an elemental?”
Elemental? No. But how would she define her and her family? Dragons? Demigods? Oh lord. She paused for a moment before settling on something - “No, we are royalty.”
“Royalty!” the girl replied, clearly disarmed by the implication she had been idly chatting with a queen. Eva shook her head to try and mitigate some of the girl’s panic.
“It’s more of an inherited title than anything. There isn’t much kingdom left to show you.”
The girl shifted the blankets off of her, taking a few tentative steps, surprised at how well it seemed to go. She looked back up at the princess. “How did you heal me? The only thing that’s ever worked is my mother’s elemental magic - I - I would die without it! My whole life…” She shook her head. “What else - how did you do it?”
Eva paused for a moment, before smiling. “Would you like me to show you?”




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