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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun - Results posted!
Feedback results posted here!

Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun

Our event has concluded and we’d love to gather some feedback about it so that we can make adjustments to similarly styled events in the future! For every 10 responses to the feedback form, we will raffle off 1 random prize from the event.

The feedback form will be open through February 23rd. After that point, we will get together a feedback compilation post. Inputting your username is optional (though necessary if you want to qualify to win a raffle prize), and any question you aren’t sure how to answer can be skipped!

We’ll get participation stickers out soon! Participation stickers will be awarded to anyone who solved the mystery since we can easily automate that, though if you did any of the other parts but didn’t make it to the end, feel free to send me an echo and I can get a sticker to you.

Posted Feb 16, edited Mar 5

(obligatory post so i remember i filled this out already haha)

thank u for this event!!

Posted Feb 16

I really enjoyed the format and I love the sprout!

I said this in my submission form, but I wasn’t keen on the mechanic for the solution. Figuring out the solution itself wasn’t necessarily the issue, but having to submit a blank field—which most sites reject—is what got me. Finding out that the solution relied on submitting an incomplete form rather than my own conclusions was not satisfying. If there were some sort of specific hint after accusing everyone to indicate that a blank field may be an option (like “We’ve accused all four of them and gotten nowhere. Do we have any other suspects/options?”), I would have appreciated that.

Posted Feb 16

Absolutely loved this event, though I agree with Vely that the solution was unintuitive and would’ve liked to see it hinted at a bit more.

I mentioned this in my feedback form but I would love to see events with more widely applicable/generic themes get the “clicky event slot” so it’s easier to grab a pile of items - the nautical/pirate clicky event was fun but the items were fairly niche but widely available, while these items are super useful to me and fairly generic but you could only get one of each and everything additional has to be paid for.

Thank you to staff for the event and the hard work put into it! I really enjoyed it. ouo

Posted Feb 16
Thank you for the event! :D
Posted Feb 16
Loved the event and the mystery!
Posted Feb 16

I liked it, I hope they do more events like this were you get a free pet for completing it.

Wasn’t a fan of having to buy the coats and stuff for the desert one. Though I did like how you could buy event tokens.

Posted Feb 16
I was a little disappointed I did not realize you could just guess to get the answer (and thus the pet) so I never got to complete the final part. I guess it’s my fault for not looking at the announcement thread for updated information. The idea was cute though!
Posted Feb 17
Thank you for the fun event! I sent my form in. ^_^
Posted Feb 17

I’ll always hate site wide scavenger hunts because they’re annoying. Sort of fun for a while, but when you have one thing left and have to go and double check EVERY hyperlink it’s painful.

I would have preferred if the mystery was less misleading too. It felt like I had wasted all my time doing the event (i chose to do the event rather than just the last part even tho everything was unlocked by then)

Any complaints aside it was a fine event. It was engaging. I care about it. Also sprocket and aliza are OTP.

Posted Feb 17

whoop, I forgot to mention this in my feedback form, but something that kinda struck me as odd was that there weren’t any clues to find the stuff hidden around the site?  I feel like there’s usually some sort of hint when we have to hunt for stuff but there weren’t any this time and I ended up giving up and looking at other people’s logs for the answers :’‘'D unless I just missed the clues somewhere.  either way, shoutout to the people who managed to find everything lmao I owe you my life

thank you again for the event, it was very cool!

Posted Feb 17
Done and dusted ^=^
Posted Feb 17
Posting to say that I forgot the other “i” in my username so it was submitted as Bunni rather than Bunnii! ORZ;;; Sorry!
Posted Feb 21
Bunnii Thanks for letting me know! I’ll make sure it gets fixed for the raffle :D
Posted Feb 21
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 85 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated.

Notes: 1 = too short, 5 = too long

Notes: 1 = disliked it, 5 = liked it

Notes: Cut off text -
35.3% - “I liked being able to skip the first three days.”
20.0% - “I would have liked all days to be required.”
small percentages from comments listed under “other” and blurred to protect individual’s private comments

Notes: 1 = too easy, 5 = too hard

Notes: 1 = disliked it, 5 = liked it

Notes: 1 = too mechanic-heavy, 5 = too story heavy

Notes:small percentages from comments listed under “other” and blurred to protect individual’s private comments

Notes: 1 = not useful/applicable, 5 = very useful/applicable


Repeated Comments

Many respondents liked the lore and characters of the event
Story-centric events that help develop our lore and characters are generally well-received and engaging.

The theme and items were also popular
Comments indicated that the city setting was a useful theme for many existing characters, so much so that some wish there was an easier/more affordable way to get more of the items since multiple copies were desired.

There was some confusion about the prize shop
A few respondents were expecting the shop to remain open after the event like we have in previous events, so making the shop’s date more clear/consistent would help.

Respondents liked getting a Sprout as a prize
Many liked experiencing the growth stages of a Sprout and playing with the Gloomshroom mechanic that came with them.

Many felt that the answer to the mystery was confusing
The interface for submissions threw players off since many didn’t realize you could select a blank spot as an answer. Some respondents felt like the solution took the strategy out of solving the mystery which took away from the overall experience. Respondents were glad that there were unlimited chances to guess.

Some respondents felt the adventure lore was fun, but tedious
The flow of the adventure and the amount of text felt clunky to some, though the responses from the accused and the lore gained from the adventure was appreciated.

Some were confused about how adventures work
More guidance on how to use the adventure system would be helpful to those who haven’t used it before.

Some respondents would have liked more clues for the scavenger hunt
More direction for where players were supposed to go to look for clues would have been helpful for some.

Comments about requiring players to do all of the activities to get the prizes were mixed
Some felt that more requirements should be put in place and more legwork should be done in order to obtain the prizes, where others enjoyed being able to skip parts they didn’t enjoy or didn’t have time to do. In general, respondents do appreciate anything that leans more toward the side of play-at-your-own-pace style of event.

Some respondents wish there was more to the event
Some comments indicated that this event seemed small and would have liked some more activities to go with it.

Thank you as always for taking the time to tell us your thoughts! Overall, the impression is that players enjoyed this event, but there was a lot here we can use to make improvements on similarly-styled events/activities like this in the future. As a reminder, if you didn’t see your sentiment echoed in the comments above, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it or consider it; these results tend to take the larger themes from analyzing the comments rather than focusing on individual ones.

And a thank you to Hyasynthetic for analyzing the feedback results!

Prize Raffle

9 winners were chosen via random number generator, are are as follows:

If you all want to send me an echo or post here with the item you’d like (choice between Detective’s Notebook, Trusty Revolver, Cigarette, Noir Alleyway Background, and City in Need Background), I can get that to you!


Posted Mar 5

ooh I was not expecting to win this is nice :D

can I get a second Cigarette please?

Posted Mar 5, edited Mar 5

1 Trusty Revolver, please and thank you!

Received! Thank you!

Posted Mar 5, edited Mar 5

Oh how unexpected! I would love the alley background, if that’s possible!

Edit: thank you so much!!

Posted Mar 5, edited Mar 5


could I get a noir alleyway please!!! thank you! :>

Posted Mar 5
Wow I won! Thank you! I would like the noir alleyway background please!
Posted Mar 6, edited Mar 6

Thanks! Noir alleyway bg for me too, please :)

Posted Mar 6
Myla Sorry for the delay, may I please also get a Noir BG?
Posted Mar 6
oh gosh!! i completely forgot about the raffle. i would like a detectives notebook please!
Posted Mar 6

Detective’s Notebook, please and thank you.

Another thank you to Mycena staff and members for making such great events! I might not always participate fully, but I really appreciate all the effort put into each and every one. ^_^

Posted Mar 23