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note: 21 April 2020: I need to update this.

questing (eventually): Honey Milk, Lovebird, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Ephemeral Light, Angelic Solstice, Truffox (A)
—possibly: Fable (A), Rainforest (A), Winter Phoenix (A), Flowering Fawn (A), Frazil (A), Lucky Rabbit (U), Nishikigoi Paradise (U)
maybe: Pancake (U, with Pancakes & Bacon Scarf & Eggy Earrings…)
items (ones I like for which I’ll be watching): ((just redoing this completely. April 2020))

Thinking of carrying over my custom Yrn from Digis, but with Slave-Leia hair (Super Complex (Tier 2) - 6 PP ($30)?) & Fennec Fox Ear (Simple - 2 PP or Medium - 3 PP I think) edits as well. Maybe when I get more of a hang of the ‘caves & their customs. Suggestions & advice welcomed.

Since I can’t post on pet bios until I name them… :makes face: Also kind of a list of things I’d like to cobble together for a look:
-will make a pirate w/ Stormy Sails (doesn’t list in magic puddle), Run a Rig Wig, Seadog Sash, & Blunderbuss.
-Gypsy type with Pirate’s Glamourrr & Seadog Sash. I would have liked to use a wig… but they all cover much of the earrings. Might try what I can do with the layering options…
—Twelfth Hour with Cavern of the Lost
—Dead of the Night upright with Spectral Summoning & Untamed Dark Magic
—Dead of the Night active with Spooky Tree & Tattered Wings


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