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April News Discussion
April is here!

April’s OotS is Silver and Gold, along with their Filigreeflies and Spring Warmth! This month’s coat and items were created by Hush. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause

There has been a slight shift to our current Coats for a Cause campaign. While all proceeds collected between January 23rd and April 1st will still be benefitting the Animal Welfare Institute, for the last leg of our campaign, from now until April 23rd, all proceeds will be going to the Red Cross. You can read more about the current campaign and how to donate here! This coat will be available through April 23rd, after which all proceeds will be donated to our chosen charities.

Creative Collective

March’s monthly roundup has been posted and stickers, gems, and prizes have all been distributed! This month’s prompts have also been posted.

One important thing to note is that starting this month, instead of awarding participation gems, we will begin awarding nuggets in their place! The exact details of this distribution are still being worked out, but we figure this way players who want gems from their participation nuggets could still buy those, while others who are more in need of nuggets can benefit without having to sell their gems first.


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Wednesday, April 15th! We look forward to spending a day productive-ing with you all!

Moocena Cave

Our April Fool’s activity, Moocena Cave is ongoing through April 12th! In addition to a fun, if slightly unsettling new (moo?) game, there are two activities for you to participate in! You can check out the Moocena Cave thread for more information!

New Old Games

We have two new games for you to enjoy! Well, old games, actually - we’ve used both in events in the past. You can now play Gemble and Mycelium to your heart’s content! You can find more information about this game release in this thread

Other Activities

Wow, there’s certainly a lot going on right now! Two more ongoing activities have begun - a Profile Drive so that you can give a little love to your characters, and the Bin-GO RP! activity, so that you can give a little love to each other through your characters! We hope that you enjoy participating in these activities!

New Items

Several more player donations were added to the shops! Thank you again to all players who decided to contribute their edits.

On the Horizon

We’re busy working on various projects behind-the-scenes: glitch will be working on implementing changes to a few of our ongoing projects based on feedback (e.g marketplace & adventures). Community coordinators are actively working on projects focused on cultivating and renewing healthy community engagement (some of which have already been released e.g. Bin-GO RP). Artists are continuing to discuss and come up with potential solutions to problem areas with the queues, and will soon have a solid plan in place which will allow for us to move forward with looking for additional artists.

A note from Myla: Due to covid throwing a wrench into just about everything, a lot of staff schedules have needed to change in unexpected ways. We’re a hobby team, so we’re largely working on Mycena Cave in our spare time around major RL commitments. We have staff who have suddenly seen a large increase in the number of hours they need to work, and others suddenly without a job. It’s important that staff (and you all!) are prioritizing health, family, mental health, and safety. Our goal is for Mycena Cave to be as supportive and flexible as possible. We especially appreciate your support and patience during this time as we navigate through these troubled waters. <3

Upcoming Event

What? More things?? It seems a strangely frigid wind has blown in from somewhere deep in the Cave… and upon that frosty breeze, there appears to be the promise of an upcoming event! Our Spring Event is slated to begin on April 19th. More information will be made available a bit closer to release, but we hope you’re ready to get spelling!

Posted Apr 2, edited Apr 2
It seems a strangely frigid wind has blown in from somewhere deep in the Cave… and upon that frosty breeze, there appears to be the promise of an upcoming event!

You’re telling me that has just been False Spring all along? Noooooo!

Cheers for the roundup :) Lots of nice stuff to look forward to!

Posted Apr 2

Are we in for a cold spell? 8D

I will welcome that. It’s been too unseasonably warm here. I want my cool spring, not full on summer please. Thank you for the “what’s coming” updates. That’s really nice to see, and it gives me a good feeling to see you guys so responsive to user constructive criticism.

Posted Apr 2

Been too hot here, bring me the chill.

Also I love this oots coat, for the shiny colors if nothing else.

Posted Apr 2

Thanks for the update on the behind the scenes stuff! It’s always lovely to get an idea of what’s going on!

I also want to say I hope all staff and users on the site are doing well with everything going on in the world. I’ve been loving the surge of events here! They’re keeping me busy and distracted. :D

Posted Apr 2

It’s been snow-raining here on the Oregon Coast all week, and I hear reports from Idaho they are getting some power snows, so Cool Spring for sure out here.  My lil barn swallows still haven’t appeared .^.  my lil harbingers of Spring. 

Thank you one and all for keeping the Cave up and open for us during this time of getting away from it all.  Definitely keep safe, and we’ll practice being fle ible c=

The Mooos are adorabull .

Posted Apr 2
Woah! Another event? vibrates That should be a lot of fun! I’m really loving all of the activities that have popped up here recently on Mycena. I’m really excited that the Bin-GO is going to be an ongoing activity. I love the items in the shops, and both the Profile Drive and the Moocena Cave events have been spectacular! Thank you staff for all of your hard work! Stay healthy and safe everyone!
Posted Apr 2

Thank you for the updates.
I love the April Fools event & I’m excited for the spring event. <3

Posted Apr 3
Can’t wait for the spring event April 19th. Whoop. My first event here. :)
Posted Apr 12
Artist Returns from Hiatus

Plasma is back from her hiatus early due to covid-19 throwing a loop into her plans and is resuming work on Mycena Cave and the queues. WELCOME BACK, PLARM!! ;o; <333

Posted Apr 20
Posted Apr 20
Plasma Super sad to hear that you had to put your plans on hold but also super happy to have you back? Definitely strange times we live in. <3
Posted Apr 20
New Market Items

Tail Protector donated by Shiba, made by Hush and Plasma

Mystery Potions donated by Shiba, made by Hush and Plasma

These are available in Sullie’s Closet (sort by release date)! You can read more about edit donation and item sponsorship here. Thank you for the donations! <3

Posted Apr 21
New Bag of Wonders Item

Dragon’s Visage Shield by priz and Myla was added to the bag!

Posted Apr 30