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[Games] Something to help pass the time


With people spending a lot more time at home and needing things to do, we’ve been taking some time away from our usual Mycena Cave development to fast track getting some more games out to you :) So with that, we are releasing two new games in our games menu:

  • Gemble (essentially: Mastermind)
  • Mycelium (previously codenamed “Hexgame”)

If you’ve been around a while, you may recognize these games from previous events. We’re also not quite done yet, so keep your eyes peeled for at least one more game in the near future.

Note that neither of these new games are good sources of nuggets at the moment. Like any new Mycena Cave game, Gemble is currently in playtesting where we’re recording statistics about played games. This allows us to get an idea of how to scale Gemble nugget rewards to be comparable to our other games. Mycelium, like Mushroom Meals, is a game that exists just for fun and is not tracked or rewarded in any way (we may revisit this in the future at some point, but we currently have no plans to make it a “paid” game for various technical reasons).

This effort of making more games available within Mycena Cave was not planned in our schedule, so other tasks have temporarily taken a back seat: we feel that, right now, bringing people more options for low-stress ways to enjoy downtime is more important. We look forward to resuming our planned work (incorporating the feedback from content tagging, incorporating more feedback into the adventure system, incorporating feedback from the marketplace update, etc.) as soon as we can!


Posted 03/20/20

While Echolocation is likely to always remain my default game for earning nuggets, this is a really neat update! Thank you guys! <3

Edit: it might just be a mobile issue, but I can’t actually play Mycelium. It won’t let me click any of the cells.

Posted 03/20/20, edited 03/20/20

Yess mastermind! :D <3 I really liked this one.

Posted 03/20/20

Oh man I’m kind of excited bc the hex game is one of my faves and I’d play it for ages when it was out during an event for fun? But on the other hand, not being able to monetize it is kinda disappoint bc I’m really getting burned out on maxing with the current games.

Thought: maybe a set number of nugs for each hex game completed, regardless of time or moves? No high scores, but a reward for finishing?

Posted 03/20/20

I love Mycelium, I’m really glad to see it added!

I agree with Chimerical, a flat reward just for finishing would be nice.

Posted 03/20/20
Poly is excited. Two of favorite games are now available all the time. Thank. <3
Posted 03/20/20
I also support making Mycelium give a fixed nugget prize because I forsee myself spending entire audiobooks playing this game.
Posted 03/20/20

Oooh thank you so much, I have been craving playing the hexgame for ages!!

I think a perfectly decent way to grant prizes for that (and maybe for the mushroom game?) would probably be like the Potions Master game - a set prize for correctly completing it.  20 nuggets per winning round of Mycelium seems like it’d be a nice way to chip at the daily max - might even be a bit of a low payout for how slow the games are, but it would be roughly the same effort as doing Potions Master (excluding people who have had bugs with Potions Master before or have a hard time differentiating colors)

Posted 03/20/20
Sweet!  Gemble looks a perfect time waster =)  thank you so much for adding the new games!
Posted 03/21/20
You are so sweet to thing of us
Posted 03/21/20

I’m excited for the release of Mycelium and Mastermind. I’ve been looking forward to them since it was hinted that we’d be getting new games back in (fallen stars?). I want to echo previous sentiments and say that I think having a set nugget payout for Mycelium would be a good idea. It’s a really zen game for me, and I’d love to be able to chip away at the daily cap with it.

Posted 03/21/20
Yaaay thank you! <3 Stay safe and healthy!
Posted 03/21/20

Wonderful to see the return of these games!

I really hope a nugget payout on Mycelium will be reconsidered. It’s admittedly pretty frustrating to know the one game I would actually be interested in maxing out for nuggets is the one without any reward. Extra free time, but spending it there just feels pointless. Pretty big bummer.

Posted 03/21/20



*whispers* Pirate echo someday? T^T

Posted 03/21/20

I’m glad to see people have been enjoying the new games :)

I realize I should probably have been a little bit clearer. When I said:

we currently have no plans to make it a “paid” game for various technical reasonsglitch

I meant that there are currently various impediments of a technical nature that prevent us from having Mycelium award nuggets.

For the time being, we have determined that the time and effort we could spend attempting to overcome these impediments is better spent on other endeavors.

Posted 03/21/20
Are there any nugget earning projects being planned for right now? Or even just “you cleared the board here’s 60 nugs”
Posted 03/22/20, edited 03/22/20
if there could be a turn counter for mycellium, i’d like to see it. i think it’d be neat to compare scores with other players. it would make the game feel less pointless than it does. (ie it’s fun, but i could be spending my time doing something more rewarding.)
Posted 03/23/20
I love that we’re getting new games after so very long but can we get games that aren’t quite so strategy or logic heavy?  something like match 3(bejeweled style please?) or that risk/reward game from the faire? or snake or memory match?  or even just straight puzzle piece games?
Posted 03/24/20