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February News Discussion
February flutters in!

February’s OotS is Sugar Serenade, along with their Crown of Passion and Love is in the Arrow! This month’s coat was created by Morgan, and the items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause

Our current Coats for a Cause campaign features the Rainbow Serpent coat and benefits the Animal Welfare Institute—specifically, the animals impacted by the Australian wildfires. You can read more about the current campaign and how to donate here! This coat will be available through April 23rd, after which all proceeds will be donated to AWI.

An official welcome!

We are happy to announce that Loon has completed her trial period and has officially joined the team! Over her trial period, she completed a number of assignments that introduced several lovely items to the site. We are excited to see what else she comes up with!

Creative Collective

January’s monthly roundup has been posted and stickers, gems, and prizes have all been distributed! This month’s prompts have also been posted. As always, we look forward to admiring your work!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on February 15th! We had a great turnout last month, and hope that the 15th falling on a weekend this time around will be helpful to many of you!

Image Generation Updates

Glitch put a lot of work into reworking Mycena Cave’s image generation code this month! Not only did this make image generation much faster, but allowed for some rather magical enhancements to the Driftshroom effect. You can read up on all the details here!

Driftshroom & Gloomshroom Updates

Driftshrooms have now been updated to allow players to toggle between which color-shifting method you would like your drifted Mycenians to display. Additionally, Driftshroom and Gloomshroom effects are no longer randomized, and can be adjusted at will, allowing you to get that perfect hue you’ve always wanted!

As this makes the drifting & glooming mechanic a fair bit more flexible, the respective mushrooms are now being sold in Rikur’s Rarities for gems. Alternatively, you can continue to find the components to craft either shroom in the fishing hole!

New Items

In addition to those created as a part of Loon’s trial period, several more player donations were added to the shops! Thank you again to all players who decided to contribute their edits.

Love is in the air

Ahhh, the sweet smell of romance. That can only mean one thing—Peent is preparing to reopen her boutique once again! She promises an array of lovely items, both new and old. Her shop will be open from February 14th through February 21st!

Valentine’s Sprout Raffle

The Sacred Tree is in bloom! Or, rather, it will be soon! Our annual Valentine’s Sprout (and Semi-Custom) raffle is coming up on February 14th. Time to start setting aside your nuggets and dusting off those geness profiles!

A peek at current goings-on…

The current project on glitch’s plate is the long-awaited Marketplace update. This is still largely a work in progress, but we thought it would be interesting to share a little peek at what he’s been working on!


Upcoming Event

There have been some rumblings recently that a new citizen may be moving to the Main Settlement! Preparations for her welcome have been underway by the current residents, who only know one way to celebrate things—a community festival!

Grab your paints and quills, because the Winter Book Fair is coming soon!

Who is this little friend??

Posted Feb 1
Wow, a preview of what items look like will be so useful for newer players! I can imagine the catalogue of apparel is extremely overwhelming if you join later on. Looking forward to the revamp!
Posted Feb 1, edited Feb 1
Posted Feb 1
Thank you so much to everyone for the warm welcome I’ve received! I’m super excited to be an official part of the MC team, and looking forward to making lots of new bits and bobs in the future. <3
Posted Feb 1
Ah! Congrats Loon! I really can’t wait to see all the new items you’re going to make! I’ve loved what you’ve made during your trial! Peent is back! Eeee! This oots is so pretty, love all the detail and can’t wait for the event!
Posted Feb 1


Peent is honestly my favorite part of Valentine’s Day as a whole I nominate Birbentine’s should be the new official name EVERYWHER <3

Posted Feb 1
Is there a way to buy gems with paypal? I really want that fox!
Posted Feb 1


If you want to buy gems with Paypal, you need to echo glitch and he will add them manually for you. c:

Posted Feb 1
Heads up!

The Winter Book Fair event will be starting sometime tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and run through the end of the day on Feb 17th! Like previous winter events, it will be comprised of a handful of forum-based creative activities!

Posted Feb 2
New Items!

More items donated by players!
New in Val’s Modern Composition

Wick Horns donated by Lord, created by priz | Moonkissed Horns donated by Kiwi, created by Morgan | Drifty Fluttering Wings donated by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma | Cloudborne Tail donated by Reggi, created by Plasma | Cloudborne Wings donated by Reggi, donated by Plasma | Vampire Wings donated by Reggi, created by Myla | Tattered Ear Flappers donated by Reggi, created by Plasma | Tattered Nightmare Wings donated by Reggi, created by Plasma

New in Sullie’s Closet

Experimental Bubbles donated by doragon, created by Meru | Sprout Flower Clip donated by ErsatzLace, created by Meru and Myla | Tangled Flowers donated by Purr, created by Meru | Racer’s Goggles donated by Promise, created by Hush | Racer’s Hat donated by Promise, created by Hush

New in Fungimental Magic

Stellar Orbit donated by doragon, created by Plasma

If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please check out the Item Sponsorshop article.

Thank you so much for the continued donations! This was a big upload, so please echo me if you find any errors. :D

Posted Feb 10
Posted Feb 10

I don’t know if it’s in the realm of possibility, but I would adore recolors of the racer’s hat. $_$

All the items are so good! Thanks everyone :D

Posted Feb 10

*vibrates in anticipation of peent goodies 8w8*
gimme food items plz. need that borfday cake >::3c

Posted Feb 11
Are there any plans to do a Productivi-Day this month? :o
Posted Feb 15

Oops, yes! We forgot to post the thread up, but it’s supposed to be today! We’ll get the thread posted asap - and to make up for lost time, we’ll be stretching it out through 23:59 ST on the 16th.

Posted Feb 15