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November News Discussion
November creeps in!

This month, our OotS coat is Harvest Bloom, along with their Picnic Set and Fresh Sunflowers! November’s coat & items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

After a short break to allow Inktober to shine, the Creative Collective is back! This month, we are trying something a little new with our prompts. In a nod to Inktober, we are giving single word prompts a shot, as well as asking for your opinion on what prompt style you’d prefer going forward.

Additionally, the feedback raffle from last month has been drawn, and prizes have been distributed!

Inktober is wrapping up

Inktober officially wraps up at the end of the day today! Get all those last minute entries in while you still can!

A small wrap-up and prize distribution/selection thread will be posted at some time tomorrow. We’re incredibly proud of the participation this activity saw, and are excited to host Inktober again next year!

Coats for a Cause

All in all, we raised $1,230.00 throughout our first Coats for a Cause campaign! That amount has now been donated to RAICES. We’re so appreciative and proud of how much our community managed to raise for a good cause - thank you, everyone, for being so supportive!

The Summer Sweet Mushroom is now available for purchase in Fungimental Magic.

Artist Applications

We received and reviewed many excellent applications from individuals interested in joining our staff team. This was a very competitive group of applications, and as such, we had to take every tiny detail into account in order to make our selection. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who applied for their work and patience with the process - and we hope to see you again next time we’re looking to add to our team!

That said, after much discussion, we have reached a decision. We would like to give a warm welcome to our new trial artist, Loon! She will be working closely with Myla over the next few months towards becoming a full fledged artist, so keep an eye out for her upcoming items!

New Items

More edit donations have become available!  You can find the full list in this post (and here, too), and as always, you can view all of our items here.

Ooh, ahhh!

Moonlight Collection

Howard’s pop-up Halloween superstore is once again open for business! He descended upon the Cave late the other night, and will happily trade his frightful accoutrements for your shiny, shiny nuggets through the end of the day on November 7th! Swing by the Moonlight Collection to peruse all of the devilish deals he’s prepared for you!

Upcoming fall event

Our Fall event is quickly approaching! We will have an official announcement thread for you within the next few days, but until then, if you’re lucky, you may catch one of the artists streaming their work on various event assets!

Once again, we’d like to remind everyone that we’re trying something a little new for this year’s event. The word-building event that usually fills your autumn schedule has been pushed to the spring to allow us a bit of room to experiment.

How gloomy…

Posted 11/01/19

Oh, the monthlies look lovely!

And now it looks like I’m gonna have to grind for nuggets to get the Summer Sweets mushroom oops fjdjfjwj.

Posted 11/01/19
Ok wow—super busy October and it seems like a super busy November coming up too! :D Things never get boring around here <3
Posted 11/01/19
Congrats, Loon! Can’t wait to see what you create OuO I’m very excited to see how the new event plays out, too 8D Great month for Mycena Cave newssssss :3c
Posted 11/01/19
Thanks, Purr! I’m really excited about being selected. 8)
Posted 11/01/19

Congrats, Loon!!!! I’m excited to see your stuff!!! ????????????

I’m super in love with this month’s coat!!

Posted 11/09/19
I wasn’t sure which staff member to echo, I just have a question about the monthly top scores. When do those typically reset? I’m just wondering when I get my gems hahaha I know things have been busy with the event, and I’ve been away long enough I don’t remember when it normally happens
Posted 11/12/19
Condor usually a day or two after the turn of the month, but it looks like I clear forgot this time around. Sorry about that!
Posted 11/12/19


Haha it’s been a busy month, that’s for sure! Thanks!

Posted 11/12/19
Is Secret Santa going to be a thing this year? :o
Posted 11/13/19

Yes! We should be putting an announcement up about it and starting sign-ups within the next day or two.

Posted 11/14/19
New Items!

More items donated by players and staff!!

New in Sullie’s Closet

Drifty Ram Skull Mask sponsored by Lord, created by Myla | Winter Berry Bow sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Plasma | Paper Crown sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Plasma | Teacup Hat sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Hush | Compass Necklace sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Myla and Eluii | Drifty Dangly Tail Ring sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Myla | Black Sophisticated Readers sponsored by ErsatzLace created by Mouse and Myla | Silver Sophisticated Readers sponsored by ErsatzLace created by Mouse and Myla | Golden Sophisticated Readers sponsored by ErsatzLace created by Mouse and Myla | Golden Nose Ring sponsored by Epipen, created by Plasma | Tiny Shiny Bling sponsored by Oxton, created by Myla | Translucent Neck Bow sponsored by Cien, created by Plasma

New in Fungimental Magic

Arrow to the Knee sponsored by Ishy and Sapphy, created by Myla and Chou | Lantern in the Sky sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Plasma | Celestial Curse sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma | Sturdy Battle Axe sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma and Myla | Stone Hand Axe sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Drifty Third Eye sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Rhyme | Drifty Starstruck Wings sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma

New in Leeetle Companions

Drifty Beep Boop Bot sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Hush | Spotted Seahorses sponsored by Metalhawk, created by Plasma

New in Land’s Within

Snowfall sponsored by Dove, created by Myla

This was a upload, so please echo me if you notice any errors! I was also not as on top of putting stuff into my spreadsheet as they were being donated, so if I accidentally missed something, please do reach out!  If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please see this post.

Thank you so much to those who donated their edits! <3

Posted 11/14/19, edited 11/14/19

I also increased the toggleability of the Spooky Stare.

Someone asked me about that… was itttttt Purr? (Sorry if I got that wrong!)

Posted 11/14/19
It was indeed me! Thank you Mylaaaa <3
Posted 11/14/19
I just wanted to say thank you to ErsatzLace (I hope it’s okay to ping!) for donating the Sturdy Battle Axe! I’ve been wanting a battle axe item for a good while now. *O*
Posted 11/14/19

Echoing a HUGE THANKS to everybody who donated items! But especially these adorable glasses.

My darling Everett can finally see!

Posted 11/14/19

Seconding the Battle Axe comment. Connor has really needed something big to smash things with (and he secretly hopes it will help him fend off his brother who is thus far beating him at biting this event :| )

Posted 11/14/19
We hope to see lots of limping ex-adventurers running around going forward. Er… maybe not running, but you get the idea.
Posted 11/14/19

Ahh this is such a big upload! :D Super thanks to everyone who donated, and the artists who made this possible

(I need a hundred of the lanterns)

Posted 11/14/19

Lol late reply but thank you! I do not mind pings at all and tbh it’s super gratifying when people make use out of donated items! ^w^

I’ve been considering donating those readers for a while now because I wholeheartedly believe we need more eye wear options on this site! Myla really pulled through with those recolors! They were originally just the gold. I requested the silver recolor and Myla added the black!

Also the axes were a funny story. I only noticed them because I was in the Custom Pricing Guide doing some *cough* research when I noticed something… familiar, but not too familiar.. under the “Clothing & Accessories” section. I was vaguely aware Outlander was an older custom when I bought them, but I didn’t even think to check for their previous forms. I got their pre-revamp images after requesting Mycenangelo and gave Myla free reign to cannibalize any parts that could qualify for an edit donation from them. c:

Posted 11/16/19
New Knowledgebase Guides

Four new guides are available in the Knowledgebase!

The stickers guide has information about the sticker system, what the various colors mean, and a listing of all the stickers there are so far!

Mycenian Bonding 101
This article explains bond-specific terms, forming a union between pets, breaking a union between pets, adopting a child, and removing a child. A lot of the same information is on the Sacred Tree page, but this goes into more depth, particularly about breaking bonds!

Item Sponsorship
This article goes through the item sponsorship process. For those of you who have donated, you’ll find that the process is mostly the same. The biggest change is that all item sponsorship stuff should go to Mycenangelo rather than to me just because I’m a lot more structured with their inbox. The guide also just goes into more detail about the process! Any of you I’m working with currently are still on “the old system” (i.e. communicating with me through this account).

Account Security
This one might seem trivial, but it’s super important! We strongly recommend you take the time to update your Mycena Cave password to something unique and strong. Another petsite reached out to us to let us know there have been account break ins due to weak or reused passwords. We haven’t seen instances of this occurring on Mycena Cave yet, but we have reason to believe they are/will be targeting other pet websites. Remember that keeping your account safe is your responsibility.

Posted 11/23/19
New Items

Loon made (and uploaded) her first new items! :D

The inky, cerulean, and sunset butterfly clips can be found in Sullie’s Closet.

We hope you enjoy!

Posted 11/27/19


Posted 11/27/19
Oooh! Congrats Loon they’re lovely :DD
Posted 11/27/19
:D Glad you like them!
Posted 11/27/19


Thank you for the Hue/Saturation sliders in the Magic Puddle ;AAA;

(to see they you have to unequip all items. So just click “Start Over”)

Posted 11/29/19

I’ve wanted this for SO LONG! Thank you!!!

And thanks Foxcat for mentioning that. I wouldn’t have noticed for a while probably.

Posted 11/29/19
I’m glad you find it useful! :)
Posted 11/30/19
I just want to add that I also super dig the hue and saturation sliders! I like not having to open up an art program to see how a coat would drift and.. gloom? :D
Posted 11/30/19
It looks like the drift preview in the puddle is not very accurate, and is particularly bad in the yellows and greens. Here’s an example of the actual drift on the left, and the previewed drift on the right:

One of the cool things about the drift preview is that you can see the result happen in real-time. This works because the transformation is happening in your browser, as compared to generating a new image and then reloading it on the page like when you equip an item or change the coat. Unfortunately, this seems to be a limitation of the approximations that browsers use when performing hue transforms, and I haven’t yet been able to find a workaround. I’ll keep trying things for a bit, but if I can’t find a solution, we may need to switch the drift previews to be more like equipping an item: select a value, click the button, and then see the result when it loads.

Posted 11/30/19, edited 11/30/19