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October News Discussion
October has arrived!

This month, our OotS coat is Plaguebearer, along with their Doctor’s Mask and Drifty Cursed Censer! October’s coat & censer was created by priz, while the mask was a collab between priz and Meru. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Fall Seasonals in stock

With autumn staunchly here to stay, Bruc’s selection of Seasonal mushrooms has been rotated. Be sure to get your hands on any of your desired Fall Seasonal coats before Winter blows in on December 21st!

He’s got tigers, he’s got bats, he’s got dragons, vultures, and some brown death-y things! Collect them all!

Creative Collective

September’s monthly roundup has been posted, and stickers, gems, and Bags of Wonder have been distributed! Thank you all for your submissions and feedback!

This month, we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled Creative Circles to promote participation in our Inktober activity! Feedback for September’s submissions remains open, however, and will still be rewarded with a participation gem and end-of-month feedback raffle.

See you in November!

Inktober has begun

This year, we are excited to be running our own Inktober activity! Flex your creative muscles through a bit of daily practice and share your pieces with the community! And, of course, earn some exciting prizes in the process - including, for those of you who are dedicated enough to complete all 31 days, your choice of any individual Glowing Changingshroom coat mushroom!

Coats for a Cause wrapping up

Our current Coat for a Cause supporting RAICES is on sale through October 8th, after which the mushrooms will be available for purchase in Fungimental Magic. A reminder that all proceeds from this coat will be donated directly to the charity.

Since we launched the shop, you’ve raised $975 for this cause! So close to an even $1000! Can we breach it? :D

Artist Applications

We are now in the final stages of our search for an additional staff artist! We will be hosting final interviews and discussions shortly, and will then be ready to invite an applicant on board for a trial period. We’re very excited to be able to share more information with you all, so stay tuned!

New Items

Once again, we have been inundated with edit donations!  You can find the full list in this post, and as always, you can view all of our items here.

Way to make our community’s item collectors scramble, you guys!

Ye Olde Feedback & Behind the Scenes

The feedback summary for our Ye Olde Midsummer Faire event has been posted! We also put together another behind the scenes interview for this event, which can be found here! You can learn all about the process behind making our event adventure and what went into putting together the event banner. We hope that you enjoy our glances behind the scenes - they’re something that we plan on doing for future events, as well!

The Halloween shop cometh

Howard is once more making preparations to share his collection of Halloween goodies with the Cave! His Moonlight Collection will open starting on October 31st for a limited time, freshly stocked with all sorts of tricks and treats for your perusal.

Upcoming fall event

We expect our fall event to begin in early November. More details will be made available as we approach this date - however, we do have one important note to share with you all. This year, our fall event will not be our typical word-building fare. However, we know that this type of event is quite beloved, so it will instead return this coming Spring.

We’re trying out something a bit new, and are excited to share more details as November approaches! 

What a curious hint to leave you with…

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Look I was wiggling SO HARD last night for this month’s coat and items. ^^ This October is gonna be so much fun! Thanks for putting so much stuff together for us :D

EDIT also the mask without the goggles is a special kind of creepy :o

Posted 10/01/19, edited 10/01/19
New Items!

More items donated by players and staff!!

New in Sullie’s Closet

Mischief Mask sponsored by Crow, created by Plasma | Dog Tags sponsored by Crow, created by Myla | Pretty in Pink Ribbon sponsored by RadiationFox, created by Hush | Sparkling Bubbles sponsored by Hina, created by Plasma

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Immortal Antlers sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Rhyme | No-Nonsense Nibblers sponsored by Arintol, created by Hush | Duskfeather Crest sponsored by Malis, created by Hush | Dawnfeather Crest sponsored by Malis, created by Hush | Troll Tusks sponsored by Malis, created by Hush

New in Fungimental Magic

Flower Lantern sponsored by Crow, created by King and Eluii | Coral Cooties sponsored by RadiationFox, created by Plasma

New in Leeetle Companions

Snowfall’s Fox sponsored by Crow, created by Myla

Another big upload, so please echo me if you notice any errors. If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please see this post!

Thank you so much to those who donated their edits!

Posted 10/03/19

Just bought one of these beauties!

Posted 10/06/19

snafflewyrm  @.@  I was doing so well to resist this month and then you have to show me the drift.  Ooooohhh dear!  I feel another purchase and fishing for the ever elusive driftie again. 

MANY Thank you!!!!!!  to all the kind Mycenians who are sponsoring items!  They are simply amazing!!! =D I’m having a grand time at the Puddle and shopping =)

Posted 10/06/19

Hehehehe XD The blue is so beautiful but I’m planning to keep drifting them to see all the colours!

Posted 10/06/19

So here’s a random question — will there ever be a separate category for the seasonal coats? There are enough of them (21 out of the 32 coats in the “Other” category, if my math is correct, with three years where they were the only coat released in that category.), and they happen on a regular basis — like a slower monthly.
And to say nothing of the minor annoyance of the Light in the Darkness and Essence of Love being in “Event” and the Lovestruck in “Other”. I’m just really passionate about consistent categories, apparently.

Posted 10/07/19, edited 10/07/19

Hyasynthetic We haven’t ever talked about potentially separating it, but I’m happy to bring it up and see if we should! The nice thing about it being in the “other” category is that it makes it less disruptive if we ever discontinued them, but at this point, I’m not sure if there would be any other cons to separating them out. It would be worth considering further anyhow. :D

I’m also happy to re-evaluate those categorizations! I think my logic at the time was that Lovestruck was given out through an forum activity rather than an major site event. EoL I believe was through a major site eventedit: nope that was a freebie, but Light in the Darkness we just gave out as a freebie(???), if I am remembering correctly. I just want to make sure I’m not going to be breaking anything important by changing over its categorization before I commit to it. 8);;

Posted 10/08/19, edited 10/08/19
For what it’s worth I’ve always been slightly bothered by the fact that seasonals don’t have their own category, as well as the miscategorizations(?) Synth pointed out!
Posted 10/08/19
glitch Was there site downtime earlier today? Or was it just me?
Posted 10/11/19
Chimerical Yes, we were unexpectedly offline for a few minutes—it looks like everything is running smoothly again though! :D
Posted 10/11/19
Behind the Scenes: Live Edition

Hello, Lovelies! After the interest shown in the Behind the Scenes thread, I’m pleased to extend an invitation to come and take a peek at some of the behind the scenes work live! As time allows, I’m going to stream some of the things I’m working on for Mycena Cave right here

As of 10:00 ST, 10/20, the stream is live. Today, I am working on some art for the upcoming fall event!

Please remember that, while this is an offsite stream, the Site Rules still apply to the picarto chat when the chat is available. Be excellent to each other and enjoy the sneak peek!

The stream is offline! Thank you everyone who stopped in! I’ll be doing this again soon!

Posted 10/20/19, edited 10/20/19
New Items!

More items donated by players!!

New in Land’s Within

Lumina Galaxy Background sponsored by DelightfulDragon, created by Rhyme | Prodigious Rose Background sponsored by DelightfulDragon, created by Plasma

New in Fungimental Magic

Galactic Globe sponsored by Nyfeaena, created by Plasma

Thank you for your donations! <3

Posted 10/23/19
Oooh ooh ooohhhhhh these items are stunning :D
Posted 10/23/19


I’ve always loved that Lumina Galaxy! How exciting~ OwO

Posted 10/23/19

Lumina Galaxy is exactly what I need for so many characters, I can’t even decide who gets it. Loving all the new sponsored items. <3

Edit: That got me wondering, will the Misc. Images section be updated with the large images of user-sponsored backgrounds like we currently have for the other background items? Myla is this a question for you? I think in the past you have answered questions about this page?

Posted 10/24/19, edited 10/24/19
raus Yes, that is a question for me. :D Big versions of those backgrounds will go up in misc images; I’ll try and get caught up on that soon! <33
Posted 10/25/19
Myla Good to know, thank you!
Posted 10/25/19
New template option for unique pets

Kelph now have a template hoof option. Before if you wanted hooves on a custom, they needed to be drawn from scratch for 8 PP. We now have template hooves you can request for 3 PP! They have been added to the pricing guide.

Thanks goes to Meru for making these available. <3!


Posted 10/27/19
Yesss!! I’ve been waiting for these! Thank you Meru and Myla! :DDD
Posted 10/27/19
Misc. Images updates

Misc. images updated with Midsummer Faire art and new backgrounds!

raus :D
Posted 10/27/19
Posted 10/30/19