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August News Discussion
August is here!

This month, our OotS coat is Cygnet, along with their Feathered Mask and Delicate Ruffles! August’s coat and items were created by Chou. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

July’s monthly roundup has been posted, and stickers, gems, and Bags of Wonder have all been distributed! Thank you all for your submissions - you’re all super talented! Keep it up!

This month, we are featuring a player submitted prompt by Cien, which asks you to consider what a character might wish for - and what sort of unintended consequences the fulfilment of their wish may have. For our canvas circle prompt, your task will be to design a unique tattoo for one of your characters, and for the adventure circle, we challenge you to create a magical weapon!

August prompts & July feedback are now open; we look forward to seeing what you create!

Coats for a Cause ongoing

Our current Coat for a Cause supporting RAICES is on sale through October 8th! A reminder that all proceeds from this coat will be donated directly to the charity. Since we launched the shop, you’ve raised $810 for this cause! Thank you all for your incredible support!

Mycenian Tradition Winners

During our birthday celebration, we had an activity inviting players to create a Mycenian holiday or tradition. We had a ton of marvelous entries and reading through all of them while considering what sorts of activities we could host along with them took us a bit more time than we anticipated. However, we are finally ready to announce the holidays we have selected!

KaceyCat’s New Meetings Day and sweaters’s Walk of Three! These holidays will be celebrated with forum events at some point in the upcoming year, and their creators will not only receive credit for their contributions to Cave lore, but will receive a copy of whatever prize item goes along with that event. More immediately, each will be awarded a Bag of Wonders! Congrats!

New Items

This month we had several players embrace our edit sponsorship process. As a result of this, the local shops have been inundated with new items!

Backgrounds, companions, accessories, magical accoutrements… So many new things!

Profile Tagging

We have introduced a new profile tagging, which allows players to tag the content of their Mycenians’ profiles in much the same way as they would their forum threads. More information can be found in the thread linked above!

Item survey results

The results are in from our annual item survey! You can view the top 50 results here. While there is no guarantee that our artists will create the items that appear on this list, these results often assist in determining what new items for will be designed for our events, shops, and activities!

Seeking Item Artist

Starting this month, we are looking for an item-centric artist to join our team! If you are confident in your art skills and are interested in the opportunity to see Mycenians decked out in your creations, you can check out this post to learn more about what we’re looking for and how to apply!

Upcoming Event

There’s been an uptick in activity over at Marcy’s farm… Booths are going up, banners are being strung across a particularly open area of land, and there seems to be… a forge being installed? Marcy’s been pretty hush-hush about what’s going on, but he claims that he’s hosting an event for some group called the Mycenian Hypothetical Historical Society.

He promises to have more information to share later this month!

Posted 08/01/19
Wait wait wait is Marcy going SCA? Be still my heart <3
Posted 08/01/19
As a SCAdian “Hypothetical Historical Society” made me laugh way too hard xD
Posted 08/01/19

CONGRATS KACE AND SWEATERS both of your events were really awesome and I look forward to seeing what forum events come out of them!

Also I’m super excited to see the upcoming event! :D

Posted 08/02/19
Heads up! Temporary forums issue:

An unintended side-effect of some Adventure System work we were doing has made it such that any threads marked “Exclude posts in this thread from the Recent Posts list” are temporarily excluded from, well, everywhere else as well: they are currently not appearing in the threads list, and direct links to them will result in a 404 “not found” error. We’re working on a fix, but it will take some time to complete (at most a few days). I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause for you.

Please don’t be worried: your posts and threads are safe. This is purely an access/display based issue, the data itself remains unchanged.

I will update this thread when the issue is resolved.

Edit: the issue has been resolved :)

Posted 08/04/19, edited 08/04/19
Update to Unique Pets order interface

Hi everyone! We’ve recently pushed an update to the Unique Pets shops (Customs, Edits, and Sprouts) to give you a clearer idea of the queue mechanics and better communicate some of the concepts. Rather than trying to guesstimate roughly how long orders are currently taking and giving you a rough idea of your position in the queue, it now makes specific numbers available to you.

On the shop page, when you hover over or click on the queue’s “stats” link, you are shown how many orders are in the queue and how many orders have been claimed over the last month:

When you place an order, this data is now displayed on your order page. We have also clarified the section that allows you to jump into the queue at any time:


When you click the “Join the queue now” button, you are presented with a confirmation dialog that reminds you of the fact that not all artists are on all orders, and so it’s possible that your order may get claimed while still a ways away from the front of the queue:


Once you’re in the queue, you are kept informed about how many orders are ahead of you in the queue, as well as how many orders have been claimed (similar to the statistics on the shop page, except only showing the length of the queue in front of you instead of the whole queue):


As always, you can set the order to be open for Paw Prints from other players. If your order is still soliciting Paw Prints from other players at the same time as being is in the queue, you will see the following warning reminding you that your order may be claimed before it reaches the front of the queue, and that once your order is claimed it can no longer accept Paw Prints from other players:


We hope that you will find this additional data helpful in planning your orders, in particular during times when there is little enough data that averages and guesstimates aren’t helpful.

Posted 08/19/19
I’m glad you found ways to provide more information to players!
Posted 08/19/19
Thank you for the update to the queue interface! I appreciate that staff has been working to resolve the queue estimate issues.
Posted 08/19/19
Ooohhh! These stats are super nifty! Do they update in realtime as orders get completed/queued up, or after a certain amount of time passes? :o
Posted 08/19/19
ErsatzLace The stats update in real time. :D
Posted 08/19/19
What a cool update to the queue! I love that you can now see exactly how many orders are in a queue before you even enter it. I’m 100% guilty of having quickly popped into and then out of queues in the past to see how many orders are in it, either for myself or friends. This is an update I’ve always wanted but never actually realized I wanted. 8)! Thanks for your hard work on it.
Posted 08/19/19
Aahhh!! That’s super good to know! Thank you Myla! :‘D
Posted 08/19/19
Thanks for taking the time out to tweak things! It’s always appreciated. Hopefully this will help people make more informed decisions.
Posted 08/20/19
I really appreciate the changes and the increased information. Thank you.
Posted 08/20/19
Woooww!!! I love this new update!  I’ve always felt stressy with the not knowing part of ‘should I jump in now? what if it’s not enough time? how much time is it now?  will I be around for the artist if they pick up my order????’  This soothes a lot of anxieties.  Thank you c=
Posted 08/23/19
New Items!

More items donated by players!!

New in Sullie’s Closet

Perennial Flower Crown sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma | Crystal Pendant sponsored by Purr, created by Myla | Stalk of Wheat sponsored by Azurrys, created by Hush | Blushing Petals Necklace sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma | Gilded Bling sponsored by Purr, created by Myla and Plasma

New in Fungimental Magic

Lance-A-Lot sponsored by Lord, created by Chou and Myla | Excalibur sponsored by Lord, created by Hush | Drifty Sakura Katana sponsored by Lord, created by Hush | Wand of Nightmares sponsored by Lord, created by Myla | Drifty Impish Scythe sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Rhyme | Drifty Impish Sickle sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Rhyme

New in Leeetle Companions

Sea-dwelling Sidekicks sponsored by Chicken, created by Plasma | Drifty Noble Dragons sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Eluii and Myla | Aglet and Telga sponsored by Malis, created by Plasma

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Amphibious Wings sponsored by ErsatzLace, created by Plasma

New in Darcy’s Confection Perfection

Dango sponsored by Lycan, created by Rhyme

This was a big upload, so please echo me if you notice any errors. If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please see this post!

Lastly, thank you again to those who have donated edits—our shops are looking very happy! <3

Posted 08/25/19

-Hoards all the items-

I want them allll. They look so pretty *w*

Posted 08/25/19
!!!!!! weapons!!!!! Thank you everyone for weapon equips. *U*
Posted 08/25/19

Thanks everyone else who donated items! :D

(psst if anyone uses any of the things I’ve donated in dressups and wants to show me hit me up OvO)

Posted 08/25/19
Ohh, so many new items! Thank you! 8D
Posted 08/25/19
Thanks to everybody who donated items!! I want so many of these, I’m constantly so impressed with the generosity of the community! And an additional thanks to the staff for making these into equips on so many poses!
Posted 08/25/19
New Bag of Wonders Item!

Tidal Bow by priz and Myla!

Posted 08/31/19