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January News Discussion
January is here!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had an excellent beginning to 2019!

January’s OotS is the Cybernaut, along with their Holowings and Tactical Visor! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You may purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

New Seasonal

The winter winds have swept in mischievous but helpful little ineki. Little Nisse will be available through the winter season in Fungimental Magic.

The Creative Collective

December’s Creative Collective has drawn to a close! Thank you to everyone who posted a submission, engaged in a roleplay, or offered some feedback this past month. The raffle has been drawn and a new prompt has been posted!

Secret Santa

Our annual Secret Santa is drawing to a close! The hard gifting deadline, January 7th, is coming up. If you haven’t received a gift after the deadline has passed, we will be reassigning you to a Super Santa.

Gifting Overhaul

We overhauled one of our oldest features, gifting! Gifting now supports sending pets, sending multiple things at once, wrapping gifts in a box, and including notes. Read more about this update here!

Open Beta for the Adventure System

December was filled with preparation for the open beta launch. This included making changes according to the final feedback round from the closed beta, documenting the adventure builder’s features, and making open-beta specific tutorials and information. Our goal to is to launch the open beta mid- to late- January. Once we know for sure when we’ll be finished, expect an announcement with more details and the open beta dates!

Small winter event coming in January

Mycena Cave will be hosting a winter event similar to last year’s Winter Watch II.  More will be announced as we get closer to having that put together!


Some Planned Updates for 2019

As we work on wrapping a year’s work on the Adventuring System, we’re looking ahead to what is next on our list!

Priority #1, major update: Finish Adventuring! We still have the open beta, updates according to open beta feedback, and the actual feature release, but we’re done with the majority of the heavy coding.
Priority #2, minor updates: At least one game release will go here as well as some necessary small updates to staff interfaces.
Priority #3, major update: Marketplace-related updates will go here which will be a major undertaking. This will include updating the marketplace, search, and will also include the stocking mechanic with all of the unreleased item recolors. We had a marketplace feedback survey earlier in 2018 to help direct us in this endeavor.
Priority #4, minor updates: Here we will likely focus on smaller updates that make the site more friendly to new players. We’d also like to have the fishing additions/recipe expansion ready to go here as well (we’re using this player-created thread to bring in some player ideas for items).
Priority #5, major update, tentative: Our front end is quite old & crusty at this point and is in need of an overhaul, and we would tentatively like to plan that for 2019. This would include rewriting all of the front-end code which would be a very time-intensive process. One of the many benefits of doing this would be a more mobile-friendly interface.

Thank you all for joining us in 2019! Here’s to a great year! <3

Posted Jan 1
I have a mighty need for that monthly.
Posted Jan 1

Aaa I loved the Winter Watches I’m so excited to have another event in that vein :D

Also SUPER looking forward to the Adventuring system, thank you all so much for your work on that!!!!!!!

The monthly is also literally the best thing that’s happened all year. >:V

Posted Jan 1

I’m a little sad I only got the second monthly and not the first. (that 2015 who got shroomed don’t count lol)

but there’s always next month to try again :P It’s still really pretty X__X

Posted Jan 1
New game new game!!!!
Posted Jan 1

Heheh, too slow. I really wanted the first pet of the year as well. ;P
It really is very pretty. I love the cybernaut coat + items.

Yay new game! Excited to have a new way of earning nuggets potentially coming up soon, along with the tasty RP nuggets I’ll be getting from the adventure system. Been a blast to help test that by the way, can’t wait to share our adventures with the world. :D

Oh, does anyone know if Little Nisse’s face edits are toggleable? I like the coat but that face really throws it off for me.

Posted Jan 1


I suppose the second non-shroom’d pet of the year is good enough :D

and I’m not sure :/ i’m just hoping I can throw the gems together to get the cybernaut items.

Posted Jan 1
polygone, the Nisse’s face edits are toggle-able! ouo
Posted Jan 1
I’m so excited! I checked out the previous winter event and that looked like something I would definitely participate in, so I just can’t wait for this new winter event! Everything sounds super exciting, and I’m really hoping to save up for that Little Nisse coloration. It’s cute and I’m really vibing it.
Posted Jan 1
O hot dang at that OotS coat. o.o I must have been half asleep when I looked at the preview, I missed so much of the lovely detailing. I need it immediately, and maybe two pairs of the wings.
Posted Jan 1
As new games are released, ideally to make grinding the 3k a day more possible for more people, is reinstating bank interest on the table?  A bunch of the economic woes were pinned on interest when in reality it had to do with things like difficulty grinding and player retention.
Posted Jan 2

Just wanted to say I really appreciate y’alls keeping us so up to date on the beta work for adventures. ^^ I really love checking the beta news page and seeing a new little note pop up! It’s fun to keep up with what’s going on behind the scenes.

Also highly excite for this year’s priorities!

Posted Jan 7
Open Beta for the Adventure System Update

The open beta will begin on February 10th! We’ll also state this in the February News Post and have an official thread with more information about the open beta closer to the start, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up that we’re starting in Feb as opposed to the end of January. Our original plan was to have the Winter Watch and Adventure Open Beta overlap but we think it’ll be less chaotic for us and less stressful for players to separate them out. <3 If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

Posted Jan 22
AHHH YAY it’s so nice to have a solid date eeee I’m so excited to get to adventuring!
Posted Jan 22
New Bag of Wonders Item

Lotus Shield by priz has been added to the Bag of Wonders!

Posted Jan 31