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[Feature] Gifting overhaul

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to bring you a new feature that’s been in the works for a little while. It’s a complete overhaul of our gifting (previously “transfer”) mechanic. We’ve completely reworked it, with the notable differences being:

  • You can now transfer Mycenians (subject to the same restrictions as with trades)
  • You can now send multiple things at once
  • You can now include a note to personalize your gift! Say something sweet when you send it

When you send someone a gift, they’ll receive an actual gift-box in their inventory. They can then unwrap the gift to receive all the things you sent them. Don’t worry! We poked little breathing holes in them, so any Mycenians you send will be fine… just don’t leave ‘em in there for too long or they may get grumpy with you.

For a small additional charge, you can also gift-wrap your gift-box. We’ll eventually have a number of different wrappings for you to choose from, but for now we’re starting with plain cardboard (free) or a nice gold wrapping (for 200 nuggets). To help with Secret Santa, we’re also making a special Secret Santa gift-wrap available for free through the end of the month :)

We hope you enjoy this new functionality as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Posted 12/08/18

omg!! notes!!! multiple items at once!??!?! what a great christmas update :D thanls for all your hard work!!
HOORAY no more 1 rock/1 nugget morse code 8D

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Posted 12/08/18
Posted 12/08/18
All of these are super exciting changes!! Even though I’m not able to participate in Secret Santa this year, it’s really nice to have this released in time for that! :D
Posted 12/08/18


Posted 12/08/18
oh HECKIE I am SO EXCITED to send people boxes filled with goodies this is GREAT

edit: why can you send nothing in a box?

Posted 12/08/18, edited 12/09/18
I’m so excited!! This will help with all of my secret gift-giving tendencies hehe..
Posted 12/09/18
Aaagh I wish I had stuff so I could go on a gifting spree! What a lovely holiday gift^^
Posted 12/09/18
Oh my, this is so so cool!! :o
Posted 12/09/18
Cosmo We put that in as an easter-egg :D
Posted 12/09/18
This is awesome!!!
Posted 12/10/18
This update is neat. Thanks!
Posted 12/13/18
This is great!
Posted 12/15/18