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[Update] Account trade policy and player profile options


Tonight, we’re announcing two updates: a change to our account trading policy, and an update to player profile options.

Account trading

Starting one month from now (May 10, 2018), Mycena Cave will no longer allow account trading of any kind. Until May 10th, we will continue to provide the service of swapping login information should you wish to trade accounts, but no other data will “follow” you during the move.

Why the change?

Previously when accounts were traded, we provided the service of swapping all associated data between both accounts. As a result, if you traded accounts with someone, your login data, forum posts, echos, trade history, etc. would all follow you to your new account. In effect, the primary result of trading an account would be a change in your numeric user ID.

From a technical perspective, the procedure for performing this swap essentially means taking Mycena Cave offline for all players, searching every table in the database for references to the first account and replacing them with a dummy value, searching every table in the database for references to the second account and replacing them with a reference to the first account, then searching through the database a final time replacing all of the dummy references with references to the second account, before finally rebuilding our database indexes and bringing Mycena Cave back online.

When we were small, doing this was feasible: the procedure would involve about 30 seconds of downtime, so we’d just do it at e.g. 2 AM on a weekday when nobody was online. At our present size, however, this process takes about 30 minutes, and there are no more times when nobody is online. As such, we can no longer justify offering this service. With the wealth of potentially sensitive or personal information attached to your accounts (including purchase history, etc.) as well as moderation histories or account restrictions that may be in place, we are not willing to allow account trades without performing the data-migration service. As a result, account trading will be disallowed in general.

What about account merges?

For the same reasons outlined above, Mycena Cave will not offer the service of merging two separate accounts into a single one. If you would like to “move in” with another player and share their account, remember that neither of you may have a separate account on Mycena Cave of your own. As such, one of you will have to close your account before gaining access to the other. Closing your account is now possible from the Account Settings page, accessible from the dropdown menu from hovering or clicking on your username at the top-right of the page.

What happens if I want to trade / sell my account before May 10th?

Please contact me directly via echo once you have the details sorted out. Once I have confirmation from both players, I will swap your login details so that you do not need to share passwords. I will also move over any moderation notes or account restrictions attached to your accounts. Nothing else will follow you, so be sure to have exited any echos you want to keep private, and understand that the person will gain access to your account history including trades, transfers, custom orders, purchase details, etc.

We understand that this is in contention with our stated goals above, but we are offering this option until May 10th in the event that you have already begun the process of negotiating an account sale.

What happens if I want to trade / sell my account after May 10th?

After May 10th, Mycena Cave will no longer allow account trades or sales of any kind.

How common are account trades on Mycena Cave?

Since opening in 2013, there have been five account trades and zero account merges on Mycena Cave.

Player Profile Options

Based on player feedback, we’ve implemented new options for representing yourself on your profile. Starting immediately, you can now replace the human character on your profile with one of your pets instead!

How do I replace my human character?

Hover or click on your username at the very top-right of the page, and click on “Community Settings”. You will see a new section called “Set your profile representative”:

Any Mycenians which are eligible to be your avatar are also eligible to be your profile representative, but these two do not need to be the same if you don’t want them to be. Selecting a pet as your profile representative will result in that pet being displayed instead of your human character:

Where did the “Human Character” menu item go?

We have removed the link to the human character editor from the user menu. To edit your human character, go to Community Settings and click the “Edit your human character” link, visible in the screenshot above.

If you have any questions or comments about either of these updates, please feel free to discuss them in this thread. A reminder of both of these updates will be included in next month’s Monthly News Discussion thread.

Posted 04/10/18

I don’t think the profile thing is working? I just tried to set Ophelia as my profile rep twice and it didn’t work. glitch??

Edit: question is this sharing a save button with the forum avatar for some reason?

Posted 04/10/18, edited 04/10/18

Lala you’re clicking to save your profile bbcode, not your avatar / representative.

Posted 04/10/18, edited 04/10/18
glitch unsure if it’s necessary to comment but mine seems to be working just fine! so it’s presumably not a site wide bug?
Posted 04/10/18


Thank you!!

Posted 04/10/18
Oooh, Tama is so happy about the profile changes! oUo <3 Seems you guys saw that feedback thread and liked some of the ideas there! Yaaaay!!! Thank you! <3
Posted 04/10/18
glitch whoops that was apparently it. @//@; I didn’t realize that was sharing a save button sorry.
Posted 04/10/18
Lala Making those screenshots I can see how that can be confusing. I’ve updated the buttons to be a little clearer about what they do :)
Posted 04/10/18
Yay!!! I’m so glad my idea actually came to fruition! I’m probably not the first to mention it but still I’m so happy to put up a pet representative on my profile! *u*
Posted 04/10/18, edited 04/10/18
glitch Is there an option (maybe in the BBC code?) that we can use to float stuff in the white space just above our user info? example For example, to the left of my “Welcome the newest to the cave” header. I tried using the [ float left ] code but it didn’t seem to work.
Posted 04/10/18, edited 04/10/18
Malis i’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to accomplish in your example. Regardless, we’ll probably be playing with the page layout slightly on profiles that don’t use human avatars (since the page layout was designed with different image dimensions in mind) so don’t spend tooooo much effort on getting things pixel perfect just yet.
Posted 04/11/18, edited 04/11/18


Yay! No more silly hooman of dubious origin/existence! <3

Posted 04/11/18
Oooh yessssss!!! <3
Posted 04/11/18
Neato, thanks!
Posted 04/11/18
glitch Sweet! I’ll sit on my haunches and wait and see what happens then ^-^~
Posted 04/11/18
Ahhh!! I’m really delighted with this update thank you so much!! ❤
Posted 04/11/18

Unconverted Humans WHEN :p

Posted 04/11/18, edited 04/11/18


is hideous XD

Posted 04/11/18

Wheee, this is so great!!

Imma totally rotate thru my pets over time, like a profile spotlight xD

(frieza, i actually think that little guy’s kind of adorable :3)

Posted 04/11/18