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March News Discussion
Welcome to March!

This month’s OotS coat is Eluii’s Rainforest, which is now available for purchase along with its Tropical Feathers and Sundisk Choker. This set is available in the Out of the Shadows shop until the end of the day on March 31st, so if you intend to add one to your collection, be sure to pick it up before then!

The Mycenaissance

February’s Mycenaissance raffle has been drawn, and the spotlight chosen. Congratulations to all of our winners!

This month, we are running the player-submitted ‘Colors of the Heart’ prompt! Dakota Riley will be joining us as a guest judge as we explore what colors are particularly significant to your characters’ lives and why. Check it out if you feel like flexing your creative muscles and earning the chance to win a Cave Capsule!

A Change of Seasons

It’s almost time to shake off that winter chill! Spring is here on March 20th, and Bruc is busy cultivating a new seasonal mushroom to add to his stock. Keep an eye out for spring previews as we get closer to the thaw!

What could the future possibly hold??

Winter was Watched

Earlier this month, we wrapped up our Winter Watch event! As a thanks for receiving many wonderfully creative entries, we ended up raffling off a whopping 12 Glowing Changingshrooms. We’d like to once again thank everybody who participated in our event — we hope you had fun!

There was a Raffle

Our annual Sprout/Semi-Custom raffle was pulled on February 21st, and as a result, eight new Sprouts and Semi-Customs will be making their way into the Cave. Congratulations to our winners! :) You can expect to see the new Mycenians appear sometime around March 6th!

The Return of Peent de Amor

The fabulous Peent has come and gone! Her Valentine’s boutique was as popular as ever, and in addition to the old favorites from last year, several new items and a coat were available for purchase. We’re sure she’ll be back with even more goodies to share next year!

♫ Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame ♫

Item Survey 2017

Last year’s item survey was a big hit, and its results were incredibly helpful for planning new item releases. With our community ever growing, we are revisiting the item survey once again this year. Until March 15th you are able to submit and vote on suggestions for items you would most like to see on site! Check out the full announcement here and cast your votes!

Kelph Compatibility Update

We are continuing to work on waterproofing older items so that the Kelphi can enjoy them. This month’s new additions include the Grey Fedora, the Espirititas, the Elemental Tattoos, and the Breezy Wigs!

Coming Soon!

Two mysterious new ineki have appeared in the Cave. The Bone Monster certainly doesn’t seem too keen on keeping them as his house guests… Perhaps they will be looking for a more permanent home sometime soon?

Who knows what sort of role we could possibly play in future events?

Posted 03/01/17, edited 03/01/17
They can stay at my house, Mr. Bonemonster! *^*
Posted 03/01/17, edited 03/01/17
Interloper, you are welcome at my place anytime~ ;)
Posted 03/01/17
They’re lovely, I’m sure they’d make wonderful guests.
Posted 03/01/17

1. Upcoming roleplay event??? ??
2. Possible raffle customs??? ?

EYYYYYYY *yells*

Posted 03/01/17

Ohhh, return of the RP mini-event? ovo

/ grabby paws at Interloper

Posted 03/01/17, edited 03/01/17
oh my GOODNESS Earthly Wanderer is GORGEOUS
Posted 03/01/17

Opens the barn doors wide for these two lovely guests c=  pretty sure the ponies wouldn’t mind sharing their spaces, especially as they’re bringing along goodies.  Perhaps there’s an apple in Interloper’s knapsack? ^,^ 

I’m excited to see the newcomers on the 6th too c=  maybe one day I shall snag an elusive raffled GSC or sproot of my own, but very happy for the winners all the same <3

Peent, your shop items were amazing this year!

Posted 03/01/17


more ribbon is always nice! bUT WE NEED CLOAKS

PLEASE the adventurer’s cloak is so ugly. i need a black one. or a red one. ITS SO ESSENTIALIST FOR FANTASY

Posted 03/01/17
teaunicorn HEY now… More cloaks are good and all, but the adventurer’s cloak is a timeless treasure and if it’s so ugly then everyone can just dump all of them in a pile in front of my house and we shall be happy together, my thousand brown cloaks and I. >...>
Posted 03/01/17

!!! They could stay with me if the Bone Monster doesn’t want them. :3

Also, the monthly pet is also pretty. I have absolutely no idea what to do with them as a character but they’re really nice to look at. xD

\waits for possible events

Posted 03/01/17

Lands Within has been updated with a couple new things!

First Sunrise, an avatar background

Stained Glass Woodland, a regular background*

*this is the only regular background in Lands Within so far.  We’ll probably need to find a way for shoppers to more easily distinguish avatar backgrounds from backgrounds in the future.

Posted 03/02/17
*cries quiet tears of joy* Thank you for a beautiful shop background. I’ve always hoped we’d get pet backgrounds in the Lands Within… <3
Posted 03/02/17

Cute!! <3

Posted 03/02/17

Ooh, these are cuuuute. For the actual pet BGs, you could maybe put an ineki silhouette in the corner?

like this, maybe kinda sorta *also I wanna apologize, I don’t wanna offend anyone by drawing over their artwork!!! ; u ; *

Posted 03/02/17
Yeessssssss. *u* My collection of backgrounds grows. I am 1000% pleased with these gorgeous bgs.
Posted 03/02/17
Both new items fit so many of my pets I’m so excited ;0;
Posted 03/02/17

I’m pretty sure these backgrounds were made for your deer dryads hahaha

Posted 03/02/17


Posted 03/02/17

Well now Jasna doesn’t need a custom BG! :D

Posted 03/02/17
lol, the sun avatar bg fits Talayeh so well, but all you’d be able to see is a tiny little sliver in the upper right. Talayeh, your hair is so big. XD
Posted 03/02/17

The avatar background looks great with Tsarmina!

Also, I think the stained glass looks the best with a kelph so you can see the fawn :]

Posted 03/02/17, edited 03/02/17
What about making the pet backgrounds round instead of square? Since most of them are round anyways…
Posted 03/03/17
Hey everyone! One of the upcoming event items (Untamed Earth Magic) was accidentally put into the Out of the Shadows shop a couple days ago. If you bought one, your purchase has been rolled back — sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted 03/19/17
glitch only the old seasonal shrooms are in fungimental magic shop
Posted 03/20/17
Bunbun is up in the seasonal shop. :D
Posted 03/20/17
Addition to BBCode: Dice rolling!

In preparation for the upcoming RP event (and also because rolling dice is awesome), we’d like to introduce a new addition to Mycena Cave’s BBCode features - dice rolling!

  • You may use this code to roll 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100-sided dice
  • You may roll up to 20 dice at once
  • You may also add/subtract numbers to your dice rolls (for example, 1d4+4), up to 1000.

The basic codes for rolling dice are as follows:


And result in:

These are inline tags, so you may use them as part of a sentence. For example:

I drink a health potion and regain 6 HP!

Additionally, hovering over the result of a dice roll will show you which dice were rolled in that instance.

One important thing to note is that the results of dice rolls are not visible when previewing a post.
This is in place to keep a level of genuineness to the rolls. Essentially, this means that if you are posting something that is reliant on the outcome of your roll, you will either have to go back and edit the rest of your post in afterwards, or continue your action in your next post.

Posted 03/23/17, edited 03/23/17
rubs my dungeon master hands together yes good
Posted 03/23/17
I swear, there needs to a D&D forum game.
Posted 03/23/17
Someone should start one up. 8)
Posted 03/23/17