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July News Discussion
It’s July!

This month’s OotS is a collaboration between Eluii and King — the stunning Starstruck Sea, along with its Starspun Strands and Starshine Summon! They will be available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop through July 31st, so be sure to pick yours up while you can!

New Seasonal

Summer has finally arrived, bringing a new Summer seasonal coat along with it! Plasma’s Nishikigoi Paradise mushroom will be available in Fungimental Magic until Bruc rotates his stock again this autumn. Last summer’s Gerbera Daisy mushroom is also once again available for purchase at an increased price!

New Mycenaissance

June’s Mycenaissance raffle has been drawn, and July’s prompt is now up and open for entries! We’re celebrating Thanksgiving a little early this year, and want to read about what things your character is grateful for. How have they shown their appreciation for the good things, or people, in their life?

Happy Birthday, Mycena Cave!

On June 21st, Mycena Cave celebrated its third birthday! It’s been a great three years with you guys, and we look forward to many more birthdays to come! To celebrate, we gave out two freebies: the Third Birthday Hat and Third Birthday Rattle! Both of these items were crafted by feyani.

Misc. Image Update

Our directory of miscellaneous site images has received an update! The individual sections for various events has been merged into one simple “Events” section, and images from our recent events have been added. The baby kelph linearts are available now as well!

Item Updates

Get excited, Kelph fans! The item compatibility project has been progressing well, and you’ll find a number of new items are now able to be worn by your favorite Mycenians. As a reminder, you can tell what species an item is compatible with by which icons are visible in the top right corner of the item’s frame.

is the Kelph icon!

A General Tune-up

In order to help our forums load a bit faster, the site got a small tune-up! This occurred in the form of a few coding updates and more RAM being installed on our server. 

Flower Painting & Arranging

Our Flower Painting & Arranging activity is currently ongoing! If you haven’t participated yet, you have until July 3rd at 23:59 ST to color a lovely new flower or make an arrangement with an already created blossom! After that, you’ll have until July 10th to submit your entries via the Submission Form!

Come and paint us! :D

Posted 07/01/16

CRIES because you still can’t put a Galactic Bloom on a Kelph D: Oh well, hopefully that will come soon!

I’ve been loving the flower event and can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for us. C:

The OotS and its items are SO beautiful, though, I’m stunned by how gorgeous the pet is! I also need approximately 4244611 of the Starspun Strands and 39742 Starshine Summons.

Posted 07/01/16, edited 07/01/16

*stares at kelph’s tail* ....

Erm… *pokes tail* I wonder what that’s supposed to be there. Cartilage, fat, muscle, water, something else?

It’s mai birthday month so that means I’m getting at least a set of them.

Posted 07/02/16

This is the only kelph I’ve ever liked, but I really love it. The coloring and little details of the coat is so lovely! I doubt I’ll be able to afford it, but I am definitely going to try!

And those items. THOSE ITEMS. My poor cave wallet….

Posted 07/02/16

Chibi Envy Chan

I think it’s supposed to be like a big fat gecko tail

Posted 07/02/16

Here I thought the aquatic Kelph variant received no love. Now it does! The design choice is gorgeous! Look at the golden accents on the scales along the head, chest and back. There needs to be more shrooms for this variant. So much can be done with it.

Kudos to the artist!

Posted 07/02/16, edited 07/05/16
Leopard geckos store fat in their tail, so I’ve always assumed the same of the sea kelph uvu.
Posted 07/05/16
The leopard gecko idea makes a lot of sense actually now that i think about it, I was kinda wondering about sea kelph’s fat tails.
Posted 07/06/16


Posted 07/15/16

[@Espurr] Seeing those babies like;

Posted 07/15/16


(not that i, the sproutless can utilize it… but i know ppl have been excited about this!!)

Posted 07/15/16

Well, I haven’t been here long enough to be excited about most of the things mentioned here, but congratulations on MycenaCave on its 3rd birthday!!

Posted 07/15/16


Love seeing them as babies again, they’re one of my favorite breedings to date. So cute!

Posted 07/16/16

Its in Fungimental Magic and says TBD price!!! :O

link to the shop

Posted 07/16/16, edited 07/16/16
Stop teasing me with all this baby stuff, I’ve been spazzing since the first post about it. ;n; Man, I feel like my birthday’s come early. ♥ With what I just came across, I’m going to go through a huge phase of sprout fever.
Posted 07/18/16
Ooh! We have a Bloomshroom now too?!  *tacklehugs glitch and Myla and whom ever else was involved in making them* Just one equestion though… Once we feed one of those shrooms to a sprout will we be able to grow them back up again afterwards? I mean currently the button to grow them is connected to a timer so… How will that work with the new shrooms?
Posted 07/20/16
WOW the bloomshroom is so pretty!!!!
Posted 07/20/16

Nephele Here’s a screenshot of my guinea baby to answer your question ;)

Posted 07/20/16