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[FEEDBACK] 2023 Events and Activities Feedback Survey - Feeback Results Posted
Survey results here!

2023 Events and Activities Feedback Survey

This feedback survey encompasses several of last year’s events and activities: The Drawntlet, Bin-GO RP, Whispers of the Nexus, and a few more general questions. We will be using player feedback obtained from this survey to help plan and make adjustments to this year’s coming events. We’ll be keeping it open through the end of the day on January 28th.

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off a randomly chosen participation prize from previous years’ Drawntlets!
These include: Gold Picture Frame, Scholarly Frame, Spirograph Frame, and Inked Over Frame.

As always, we appreciate your feedback - and welcome discussion in this thread, as well!

Posted Jan 18, edited Feb 24

Sent in my response.

Just a comment regarding feedbacks surveys: I do wish they had been released closer to when the events occurred because I think I would have been able to give better feedback to when they happened and when I was thinking of them more. I do understand that the site was busy around those times as well, so it’s not like a big deal. It just helps to give better feedback.

Posted Jan 18, edited Jan 18
I agree with Nobo, but I’m pretty sure real life events had you busy this year, if I remember correctly?  I’m sure I would have had more. thorough feedback, but eh, it’s life and you’ll get the gist of it. 
Posted Jan 18

agreed - I can’t remember having any strong feelings about things haha

also, there wasn’t really a place for this in the survey, but I really feel like I need more incentive to participate in Productividays? even if it’s just a little raffle, that motivates me a lot more!!!! or maybe if the stickers counted towards the Creative Collective count for BoWs? I don’t know, I just have a hard time prioritizing it (especially since it often happens on a work day) when I know there isn’t really any reward

Posted Jan 18
I also agreed with Hawkins. When there’s a raffle associated with productivity day I am much more motivated to participate. I also agree about the stickers. If there was something the yellow ones counted toward it would also be a motivator.
Posted Jan 18

I’ve never participated in any of the productivity days, but I wonder if having a prompt that then correlates to earning a prize would motivate some? It’d be completely optional, but maybe if there was a really open ended idea that could be used for people who might not know where to focus their energy, it’d motivate more. Otherwise, you’re free not to include it and continue with whichever progress you’d be working on regardless.

Again, I’ve never participated so I might be misunderstanding, or have missed seeing weeks where that had already happened!! But I know for myself, I like having a prompt and look forward to adapting it with my characters. The drawntlet, for example, was awesome for me in that creative regard!

Posted Jan 18

Unfortunately, yeah; real life seemed to kick all of our butts this past six months or so. :’) We’re going to try to stay on top of it this year.

Also, appreciate the comments in the thread too - especially the ones you think of that didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the survey! <3 A little theme to Productivi-Day could be fun! Maybe something like ‘work on a profile’ or ‘work on your canvas circle entry’ rather than a specific prompt-prompt? Just worried about elbowing into CC’s territory, haha.

Posted Jan 19
I like that idea, gives some guidance to what we could be doing without getting too specific
Posted Jan 19

I think that could help!!! even super general like, “work on a character” which could include a dressup, a profile, a cavern entry, etcetc?

also no worries, real life always comes first!!!!!!

(laughing at the sheer number of “agreed”s and “also”s in this thread fnfkfmf)

Posted Jan 19, edited Jan 19

I’m happy to see this survey come out, even if it’s a bit late! <3 Thanks for all the hard work as ever, staff, especially during what seems to have been a busier year for so many of you.

Regarding Productividays, I’m always more motivated to be creative when there’s the extra benefit of a prize. The stickers are cute, but they’re also mostly hidden, and I forget they exist; I rarely look at the sticker page on my own or anyone else’s profile. It would be cool to see more of the sticker categories have functionality like the blue ones.
When I’m able to participate in Productividays, I enjoy using them to work on ongoing creative activities such as the CoR, CC, or current forum-based event, and I also like being able to use them flexibly to fuel my interests in the moment (e.g., doodle art for a new character, play around with a dress-up I’ve been intending to adjust for months but never carved out the time to do so). I suspect I’d be much less likely to participate if I needed to meet the requirements of a theme, because then Productividays would blend with other creative activities for me, but with a far quicker deadline.

Posted Jan 19
My Feedback


I am also in favor of some of the points that have already been mentioned, but I would like to list them again myself:

- a raffle/prize
- the stickers counting towards something (like the blue ones)
- flexibility (themes should not be too specific if introduced)

Role Play & Adventures:

I’ve noticed that newbies and people who don’t have any real friends on this site (myself included) have a bit of a hard time finding an RP partner. In general, I find that the RP part of the site is quite quiet and you usually only see the same people posting.

Maybe if you make the partner search a little more attractive and change the general concept of RP on this site a little, for example in the direction of P&P (since there are some fans of D&D here) and perhaps also offer campaigns?

But as far as I know, that’s what adventures are for? If you can experience these together, then I would encourage them a little more, as I think they get lost a bit (I usually just forget that they even exist).


I agree with Nyfeaena about the sticker page. I forget them quite often and it would be nice if they could be highlighted visually and that more of the sticker categories have some functionality.

You could make a kind of sticker album and the symbol would be a small book on the profile?

Posted Jan 20
I suspect I’d be much less likely to participate if I needed to meet the requirements of a theme, because then Productividays would blend with other creative activities for me, but with a far quicker deadline.Nyfeaena

This is true too, perhaps the suggested theme could just be for flavor/a suggestion instead of a hard requirement! Cuz I do see how I could personally go “I don’t feel like doing this right now” but it’s not like I can do it later, it’s a Productivi-Day lol

Seeing an “update” to the stickers would be really cool too! I forget they exist and end up not really feeling one way or another about getting them.

Posted Jan 20

I tried to figure out the bingo rp last year and it was kinda confusing and I gave up. I don’t really rp that much normally but I was tempted to maybe try a solo Adventure (I think that counts for some points some of the time…?) so I didn’t have to risk abandoning a partner if I didn’t stick with it. But honestly, the way it’s explained took me several days to wrap my head around and the adverture I don’t know how to use yet either so ... yeah, I gave up

Idk how to solve this… Maybe a tutorial for Bingo RP packed in as an Adventure system tutorial? Maybe a newbie / Q&A event (I actually posted some questions and think no one ever responded at one point…)

Edit: found my question board
Yeah, never got a reply on that.

I think some of the trouble was some of the Bingo RP explanations sounded to me that they expected you to have known how it worked in previous years… and if you didn’t, it was kinda hard to understand the comparison/explanation being made? Idk

I guess none of this stops me from trying to rp but I didn’t fully understand the scoring system at any point so it was hard to get motivated without clear goals, especially cause the bingo game forces you to work within a specific framework… would be helpful to make sure I was following the framework right.

Posted Jan 20, edited Jan 20

Agreeing that prompts or maybe a theme for productividay would be fun, but also agreeing that they should also be optional.~

It would be nice to have a more organized sticker page to showcase the stickers we’ve gotten in a more organized manner - all collective stickers together, etc. It would be nice to have a use for the other sticker colors too.

Posted Jan 24

Sent feedback~

A note on productividay that I like having it be on a specific date so I don’t have to fuss with calendar things. Making it 15th-17th or something similar would be preferable to just ‘on a specific weekend’ for me, since I work weekends anyhow, and having the actual date changing constantly would actually make me more likely to miss it.

+If there’s a theme tacked onto productividay, I’d want it to be purely optional, only there as a hint as to what to work on if someone is indecisive, not as something that earns a prize.

Also being in the middle of working on a Blackout Bingo for bingo RP, then having solo adventures not counting for those kinda killed my motivation for doing Bingo RP since it’s difficult to keep up with an RP with another person and we can only have one bingo card at a time. I didn’t want to throw out my blackout progress just to be able to complete my 3 boards a year solo, but making progress on the blackout is slow since it requires another person’s participation, so I’ve still yet to complete any boards, ever, despite regularly writing stories and RPing in solo adventures.

Posted Jan 28
Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback!

We haven’t had the chance to go through it all yet, but we are looking forward to seeing how we might be able to adjust some older activities and get started on planning future ones! We had 56 responses to our survey, which means we’ve drawn 5 six raffle winners (because Crow miscounted).

Congratulations to Emeralda, Rowyn, Titan, spectralFeather, Nobo, and Heather!
Your prizes will be delivered shortly.

Posted Feb 1
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 56 responses to the feedback survey.

General Notes:
  • All charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms

    1 = no, it does not add value | 5 = yes, it adds a lot of value

    1 = strongly disagree | 5 = strongly agree

    1 = strongly disagree | 5 = strongly agree

    1 = strongly disagree | 5 = strongly agree

    1 = strongly disagree | 5 = strongly agree

  • Common Comments

    This section focuses on themes and common comments that come to light in the section of the feedback where players can write in-depth about their thoughts. We do read and consider all comments, so if yours wasn’t in here, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking it into consideration!

    Bin-GO RP
    The comments we received on Bin-GO RP were focused on making it more accessible for players. Some of the ideas and thoughts revolved around:

    • Removing barriers/penalties for solo roleplay.
    • Encouraging different style of roleplay by modifying the one square at a time rule (e.g. players can check off more than one square if word count meets certain criteria).
    • Reworking prompts to be broader, and having more prompt options.
    • Rebalancing the Bingo prize shop—some mentioned that it felt like there was an inbalance in amount of effort needed to get a bingo vs price of items in the shop
    • Utilizing events or mini-events in some way (either reworking Bin-GO RP back into an event, or having dedicated days to work on Bin-GO RP).
    • Helping players connect to new roleplay partners.

    Drawntlet continues to be a popular event with players, with most of the comments viewing the Drawntlet positively. The changes made this year, such as not having date-restricted posts and changes to the point structure, were also received positively and the weekly spotlight was also still viewed positively. The common changes suggested were ones we’ve tended to have before, such as:

    • Timing: Players who participate in Art Fight, which runs at the same time, understandably have a stressful time trying to participate in both events.
    • Submission: Some thought the submission process was unwieldy, and finding a way to make a one-click submission process would be helpful.
    • Prompts: Continue to strive for prompts that are not too abstract or not too specific.

    Whispers of the Nexus
    This style of event continues to be well-liked by respondents. The addition of the trick-or-treat mechanic was also popular, though there were some changed suggested to make it better. Some of the suggested changes to the event were:

    • Some players still experienced a build-up of ingredients they couldn’t use and the trick-or-treat mechanic didn’t do enough to help balance this out. Taking a look at re-balancing recipes, or putting in a mechanic that will help balance this more, would make for a smoother experience.
    • There were several suggestions about how to make the trick-or-treating aspect more community focused, like adding in a trick/treat random player option, and reworking the neighborhood mechanic.
    • A couple of mentions about the bell mechanic and making it a little fancier (volume control, or different sounds).

    Thread Comments/Other
    Timing of Feedback: Many think it’s easiest to give feedback when the event/activity has just concluded, as it is fresh in everyone’s mind.

    Productivi-Day: Something to motivate participation in productivi-days would be a nice addition, and utilizing the sticker reward mechanic could tie in nicely to this end, or using a raffle could also work. An optional prompt or something to give direction may also be helpful.

    Adventures: Finding ways to utilize the Adventures System more could help with engagement and some types of explanations.

    Stickers: Building this feature out more may be popular with players e.g. being able to organize stickers.

    Thank you to the respondents for taking the time to fill out the survey and sifting through memories of the past events! We always really appreciate being able to look back on these when planning out our future events.


    Posted Feb 24