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December Productivi-Weekend (through December 17th)
Welcome to December’s Productivi-Weekend!

Productivi-Day occurs on the 15th of each month, typically running from 00:01 ST through 23:59 ST. This month, we have extended it to cover the entire weekend, starting on Friday, December 15th through 23:59 ST on Sunday, December 17th! If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a little bit of time and work on something creative that relates to Mycena Cave!

Examples of things that count:
  • Mycenian profiles
  • Ongoing activity entries
  • Creative Collective entries
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with Mycena Cave!
Things that don’t count:
  • Homework
  • Housework
  • Cleaning the litter box
  • Yardwork
  • Anything else unrelated to Mycena Cave!

Please post a link to what you’ve accomplished in this thread in order for your participation to be counted! All posts must be made between when this post goes up and when the activity ends at 23:59 ST on Sunday, December 17th - any posts made or edited after that timeframe will not be counted towards this activity.

All participants in this weekend’s Productivities will not only receive a sticker for their efforts, but will be entered into a raffle for the following prizes:

  • Truffle Hunter Mushroom (1 winner)
  • December’s OotS set (mushroom + items) (2 winners)
  • Bag of Wonders (3 winners)
We look forward to seeing what you accomplish! :D Have fun!
Posted 12/14/23, edited 12/14/23
copper & gigi.

hopefully I’ll finish their profile by early next year

Posted 12/15/23
finished my profile drive! wahoo!! https://www.mycenacave.com/profile/pet/34974
Posted 12/15/23
Posted 12/15/23
Worked on a reply
Posted 12/16/23
Posted 12/16/23

Character Design created for Eutychia

Posted 12/16/23

Working on some CC entries today~

Also worked on a new adventure~

Posted 12/16/23

Started sketching stuff for Secret Santa! Is a secret though. :)

Also patched an encounter in my adventure to not force combat the first time you collect materials.

Posted 12/17/23
I wrote a bit for Delta‘s profile.
Posted 12/17/23

I created a possible new character Varjo


Posted 12/17/23, edited 12/17/23
Asdss sorry for the double post >__<
Posted 12/17/23, edited 12/17/23
Finally found some time to finish another part of this geness... A moodboard! It’s at the bottom of the profile. :D
Posted 12/17/23
Finally got around to working on this guy. Not sure how happy I am with it overall but for now I’m just happy I’ve got something down.
Posted 12/17/23

Did some sketching!

ft. the cutest shiniest stareablest baby

Posted 12/17/23, edited 12/17/23
A bit late on this post, but…
Productivi-Weekend is over!

We had 13 participants this month - no small feat during a very busy part of the year!!
Stickers will be going out momentarily, as well as the prizes for the participation raffle:

*Extra pull due to staff win

See you all next year!
Posted 12/19/23