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[EVENT FEEDBACK AND CREDITS] Warding the Withering Wood
Feedback results are here!

Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through December 7th. As always, we appreciate any thoughts and comments you have regarding this event!  We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed.

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 random non-mushroom prize from the event.

Event Credits

I’d love to take some time to thank and recognize staff who helped out with this event!

  • Event lead
    Crow - Crow once again pulled the crew together! Crow led sign-ups, helped us get a good idea for the feel of the theme, wrote a lot of the flavor texts and came up with the NPC, and more! Huge thanks to Crow—she spends so much time making sure we always have great events.

  • Coding, event maintenance
    glitch - glitch made sure everything was up and running! It is no easy task with new art, prizes, text, and the adjustments we’re always sure to ask for. This year, glitch spent time adjusting the way the collecting ingredients mechanics worked as well as making adjustments to the clicks per ward.

  • Writing + more!
    Crow - Wrote most of the forum posts, flavor texts, and item texts. Also wrote some random encounters
    Cien - Wrote random encounter texts and wrote and managed social media post
    Hyasynthetic - Will do feedback analysis!

  • Art
    • Banner - This was Nonnavlis’ first banner and what a beauty it is! Banner compositions are always hard because of the banner dimensions, and they did a stunning job with color and composition.

    • Withering Woods Map - The wonderful map was created by Plaid. Did you notice the textures on it? He made it with real watercolor and inks and then did some processing and adjusting digitally!

    • Witchy Workshop Collection Image - This very intricate image was created by priz. It is jam packed full of detail including the fairies hiding around the workshop.

    • Equippable Items - I loved this item set! The theme was cozy and It felt like there was something for everyone: scenery, body mods, and clothing. This set was created by Rhyme, Plaid, Loon, priz and myself

    • Coats - STUNNING on every level. Toggles, details, colors. So good! The coats were created by Rhyme, Nonnavlis, Meru and Plaid

    • Event Title Header - This is one of my favorites and fit the event so well! It was created by Crow, the bird of many talents

Staff continues to amaze me by coming together and putting out these incredible events! I can’t stress enough how much time is spent by them. I’m so thankful for our staff team for continuing to do this, as well as you all for playing and appreciating our events!

Event Autobuy

Glitch did the event autobuy last night, so if you forgot to spend your points, that has been done for you so you don’t miss out on the prizes you earned! If you had any points and/or boons after the autobuy, those have been converted to nuggets.

Thank you all so much for your participation! I hope you enjoyed the theme, art, writing, and mechanics and that you stick around for more! :D

Posted 11/30/22, edited Feb 1
We should do more events like this one, I really loved the Bloodborne-esque aesthetic of it
Posted 11/30/22

I mentioned this in my feedback survey, but this was one of the coolest events in terms of art assets! The map, banner, and collection image were *stunning* and whenever the custom banners get updated to include it I’ll probably switch to it for a while >u>

Thank you so much to everyone on staff for making this happen! <3

Posted 11/30/22

Absolutely LOVE the autobuy and conversion to nuggets.

I don’t think I’ve seen that on any other site. It’s very “we want users to enjoy their time here as much as possible” versus “U snooze u looze, get gud scrub, now gimme ur money”

The encouragement for feedback with the raffle as well - and the amount of text boxes…

The team works so hard to make these events great and continue to improve and I just appreciate the immense work put in!

Posted 12/01/22
Feedback Survey Results

In total we had 75 responses to the feedback survey.

General Notes:

  • All charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms
  • 1 = strongly disagree | 5 = strongly agree

Common Comments

Balance of Ingredients

  • Many people felt that the ingredient distribution was very unequal, often drowning in one ingredient while waiting for another.
  • Many players suggested a trade-in system similar to the last scrabble event, where you can trade a larger quantity of an ingredient you have in excess for a single ingredient that you need.

Battleship and Boon Mechanics

  • Related to the ingredient imbalance, many players felt that the Curled Bark boon (the one which allowed you to choose your own ingredients) was far too rare, while the boon that allowed you to take four potions was not very helpful and far too common..
  • There were comments about how the battleship mechanics often didn’t feel “worth it”, as they did not directly contribute to points, making the community aspect of sending other players boons feel tacked on.

Things Needing Clarification

  • Several players requested an easy-to-see list of the size and shape of the fairies during the battleship portion, either in a forum post or as some kind of automatically updated list on the battleship board itself.
  • There were numerous requests for a list of boons that didn’t rely on the hover tooltip, as players found that could be inconsistent.
  • Several players felt like the shooting mechanics could be clearer, such as needing to load potions rather than them being loaded automatically and being able to keep potions that hadn’t been loaded if they chose to leave the board early.

Other notes

  • Some players requesting a function to send a boon to a random online player rather than manually searching the list each time.
  • Some players noted that the aesthetic of some of the boons didn’t match the fairies they dropped from.

As always, we appreciate the feedback and will be referencing the results from this survey as we plan our next similarly-styled event! Extra special thanks to Hyasynthetic for processing all of the feedback data and compiling the majority of this post! :D

The Raffle

7 winners were chosen via random number generator, and are as follows:
Niki123 Eviiana Pesky Coronae Kylo Azurrys Miranda
Each of you will receive a random non-mushroom item from this event, which will be distributed shortly!

Posted Feb 1