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November News Discussion
November Settles In

With November comes our new OotS, Marbled Mists, along with their Hallowed Halo and Misty Shroud Background! This month’s set was created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • All claimed Bingos have been tallied. Those of you who have claimed bingo for last month may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Monday, November 15th!
The Midnight Collection

Halloween may be behind us, but its mischievous spirit lingers on! You can purchase a whole slew of frightfully festive items from Howard’s Moonlight Collection! This seasonal shop will be open through November 30th!

Returning artist

Plasma, a longtime artist (with us from 2014 - 2021!!) who retired from the team in March of this year, is returning to art with us once again! We’re excited to have her back! <3

Echoes of Nautalis

Our fall event, Echoes of Nautalis is currently ongoing through 12:07 ST on November 7th! You’ve got almost an entire week left to participate, so grab your scuba gear and dive on in! You most likely won’t end up cursed by whatever left the place in ruins to begin with. You can learn more about this event at the Town Square!

Secret Santa

Sign ups for the eighth annual Secret Santa will go up soon! More details will be made available once sign-ups go live, so keep an eye out! :D

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on putting together and maintaining Echoes of Nautalis! He will also be working on getting Secret Santa up and running this month.
  • Myla worked on event art, the halloween shop art and prep, out of the shadows, and queue work. This month she will catch up on converting edit donations, finishing the combinabulator prize art, other site art, queue work, and will hopefully be looking at artist applications to find another new artist to join the team.
  • The coordinator team did a lot of event prep last month, and will be looking forward to our next event. Finishing up with the lore from the Soup, Stones, and Snakes event is high on their priority list for this month!
  • The art team has worked on queue orders and fall event/seasonal shop prep. Many on the art team are still busy IRL.
Posted Nov 1

Plasma!!!!! :DDD Welcome back <3

Also eee secret santa!!! Hype!!!

Posted Nov 1
WELCOME BACK PLASMA!!!! :pleady eyes face: my gosh it’s more like you took a semester long sabbatical bahaha, excited to see u back tho and hope u are well!!
Posted Nov 1
Welcome back Plasma!
Posted Nov 1

Welcome back, Plasma!! I hope things are going well!

Also this OoTS set is so pretty, well done Myla!

Posted Nov 1
Backstreet’s Plasma’s back, all right! <3
Posted Nov 1
Welcome back Plasma!!
Posted Nov 2
Plasma has officially been added back! She has access to the queues again, so anyone who is waiting in the queues can add her to your orders and potentially have a shorter wait time. particularly for the sprout queue :D
Posted Nov 9, edited Nov 9
Soup, Stones, and Snakes Lore Update

We’ve finally finished combing through the community’s creative submissions for the Soup, Stones, and Snakes event! We really loved all of the effort you guys put into your pieces, and narrowing them down was no easy feat. Select entries have now been integrated into the Cobblestone Cavern encyclopedia page - and we were able to include writing, artwork, music, and even a couple of adventures!

I’d like to thank the players who gave us permission to utilize their contributions, and we hope to find more ways to integrate player contributions into the lore in the future!

Posted Nov 17
Thanks for choosing my tune for the tavern! :) I really liked the cobblestone event!
Posted Nov 19