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Summer Solstice Birthday Bashtravaganza - Ended! Fill out submission form!
The participation form for our Birthday Bashtravaganza activities is now active!

Make sure you only fill it out once - when you’re completely finished with your participation in our two activities.
This form will remain open through the end of the day on July 12th

& welcoming Summer!

Got your party hats and poppers ready?! No?

Well, in this case, we can forgive you—Mycena Cave’s birthday is officially on June 21st. However, since we’ve got so much going on this weekend, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to start the festivities a bit early! You only turn seven years old once, after all!

And here’s the part where we get gushy before blowing out the candles on our cake: We absolutely wouldn’t be here today without you guys, our community. We appreciate you and all the love you put into the site, and we truly enjoy getting to develop a fun, relaxing community for you to hang out in. We know our to-do list can seem long, and we can’t always push updates out as quickly as some of the bigger sites, but our team is passionate and committed to making Mycena Cave a little bit better every day. We look forward to making many more memories with you all! <3

To celebrate our copper anniversary, we’d like to invite you to participate in our Birthday Bash activities! Neither of which are actually copper-themed, but both of which still offer up some pretty fun prizes for everyone to enjoy!

For this activity, we’re inviting you to share you, your character’s, and/or an NPC’s inventory with the world! While these things don’t have to literally be carried on your/their person all the time, we’re looking to gain a little insight into the things that are quintessentially ‘you’ (or ‘them’). You can enter this activity multiple times in multiple ways, and can earn yourself multiple prizes for doing so!

Grab some ice cream and chat up a new friend! This activity invites your characters to ask a few probing friendly questions of another character they might not know very well—or at all! Loosely based on the concept of speed dating/friending and inspired by KaceyCat‘s Mycenian Tradition entry from last summer, this is a low-key, low-stress way to potentially make your characters some new friends!

And of course there’s a sticker!

Which you can earn by participating in at least one of our Birthday Bash activities! Participation forms will be made available after the activities conclude, and prizes will be passed out ASAP following that.

Summer Solstice Selebration!

I need alliteration. Don’t @ me. - Crow

Our Summer Seasonal is now here!

Previews for this maritime miscreant got out a bit later than usual, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise—because instead of waiting several days to get one for yourself, you can do so right now! Hooray! Welcome the Southern Seas kelph to Bruc’s shop! And, you know, all the other Summer Seasonal coats who are returning.

Ooo, ahhh!

The Summer Snack Shack is now open!

Our lovely local man-cat, Chadwick, has decided to flex his fashion muscles a bit by opening up a summer-themed shop! For a limited time, you can purchase such fashion accessories as re-dyed pirate wear, fantabulous backgrounds, and the much-anticipated fashion trend of the summer: jorts.

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is only open through 23:59ST on June 27th, when the Jorts Police will undoubtedly show up to raid his fine establishment and leave Mycenians’ tushies in the breeze once more.

A denim-clad booty for every body!

Posted Jun 20, edited Jul 6

thank u so much staff for the jorts-
this is the best birthday EVERR-

Posted Jun 20
Jorts. Good.
Posted Jun 20, edited Jun 20


Thank you so much, Meru. We’ve won…

Posted Jun 20
Can we designate our Ice Cream Social thread as a private RP if we choose? I know it goes against the idea but rping with people I don’t know is not low stress for me shfjcjxdk
Posted Jun 20

I am SCREAMING about the fact that the jorts are 666 nuggets….......


Posted Jun 20

Oh well. There goes my Mycena savings xD

happy birthday Mycena ( that my brain for a brief moment wanted to shorten to mcr xD )

Posted Jun 20

Happy 7th birthday Mycena Cave.  Just look how far you’ve come in so few years.  Here’s to many more fun and peaceful times in the Cave.

....Seaside Sand?!?!   I need 50 dumptrucks of these!!!!  ^=^

Posted Jun 20, edited Jun 20


Happy birthday Mycena! :D

Posted Jun 20
Hi Oxton! :D You’re certainly welcome to make a private thread for the event. Thanks for checking in!
Posted Jun 21

Happiest of birthdays, MC. <3 Now to do lots of event stuff and (hopefully) get enough nuggets to get the new summer items! ^-^

Posted Jun 22
Today is the last day that the Summer Shop is open so make sure you grab anything you want to buy! <3
Posted Jun 27
Wondering who’s pricing those jorts. Myla? Meru?
Posted Jun 30
The participation form for our Birthday Bashtravaganza activities is now active!

Make sure you only fill it out once - when you’re completely finished with your participation in our two activities.
This form will remain open through the end of the day on July 12th

Posted Jul 3
Posting to remind anyone in my boat who may have forgotten: this ends today!
Posted Jul 5

The Birthday Bashtravaganza is over! Thank you to all who participated in the celebration! Please remember to fill out the submission form (details here) so that we can get you your prizes.

We’ll update this thread once the prizes are distributed. <3

Posted Jul 6
Sorry but I filled in my username without the capitals, that is, comicludwig. Is it OK?
Posted Jul 11
All prizes & stickers have been handed out!

Please let me know if I missed you!!

Posted Jul 12


For the Ice Cream Social, I hosted and visited a table, but I only received one Ice Cream Dream.

Posted Jul 12

Fixed, sorry about that!

Posted Jul 12


Thank you, I appreciate it!

Posted Jul 12

I participated as a visitor in the Ice Cream Social event (thread) and didn’t receive an Ice Cream Dream item.

Posted Jul 13
Crow Hey I participated in an ice cream social here! But didn’t receive my ice cream D:
Posted Jul 13

FlyingSquirrely Epipen
Apologies, I’ll send those to you now!

Posted Jul 13

Thank you!!

PS: your icon is adorable

Posted Jul 13
Thank you :D Howard was in need of a less serious makeover.
Posted Jul 13
Thank you!
Posted Jul 14