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[ACTIVITY] Bin-GO RP! (now over)
Bin-GO RP!
Phase 1: Gathering Tropes

(Now through March 31st)

Before we can assemble our bingo cards and get this activity rolling properly, we need your help! We’ve altered the item dory code to collect trope suggestions from the community, with the intention of using the most popular ones within this activity. Below you will find links to our two dories - please submit and vote for as many ideas as you like, but be sure to read the guidelines for each before you do so!

  • The Plot Tropes
    These will be used to give each role play a basic plot! Once we have a pool of them gathered, we will randomly pull one of them for each new RP. Participants are free to build off their plot trope however they like, so it’s probably best not to work too much detail into your suggestions.

    • Example 1: Character A walks into a cafe and stumbles (quite literally) into Character B, spilling Character B’s drink of choice all over them.
    • Example 2: Character A and Character B grew up together. They’re currently on an overnight camping trip with their families, and Character A must try to hide some sort of strong feeling that they have about Character B.
    example plot trope
  • Character Interaction Benchmarks
    These will be used to create the squares of the bingo card. They are benchmarks that participants should work towards in their role play, and should focus on character interactions and/or similarly small goals or moments.

    • Example 1: One of the main characters looks skyward and says, “Why me?!”
    • Example 2: Somebody accidentally kisses somebody else.
    example plot trope

Everything below this point will be launched April 2nd!

Phase 2a: Gathering Groups

(Beginning April 2nd)

Now, it’s time to sign up to start roleplaying! Groups for this activity should consist of 2 or more players. You may sign up with a predetermined group of your choosing, request to be assigned a partner, or seek out a group of your own.

  • If you already have a group selected, one representative of that group should post in the Group Registration thread.
  • If you’d like to be paired with another wayward writer, post in the Group Assignment thread and staff will assign you a partner.
  • If you’d like to seek out a group on your own, but don’t have one in mind, check out the Looking for Group thread and make some connections!

Phase 2b: Roleplay Time!

(Beginning April 2nd)

After you’ve gotten your group together and posted in the appropriate thread, Bone Monster will create your group’s roleplay thread in the Bin-GO RP! forum. This thread will contain the following information:

  • Your group’s randomly selected Plot Trope
  • Your group’s randomly selected bingo card
    • Randomly assigned groups will benefit from the free space in the center of the bingo card
    • Player-selected groups will instead see an additional benchmark in the center space

Once your thread has been created, you may begin your RP at your leisure. Please feel free to take all the time you need to discuss, plot, and plan! Some folks may prefer to wing it and see what benchmarks come naturally, while others may be more comfortable plotting out the general course of their roleplay, choosing which benchmarks to aim for to earn their bingo.


The goal is to meet enough benchmarks throughout the course of the RP to get a bingo!

A bingo is achieved by completing a row, column, or diagonal. This means reaching 4-5 appropriately placed benchmarks, depending on whether or not the ‘free’ space is utilized. Alternatively, completing a total of eight benchmarks found on your card will also count as a bingo, regardless of their orientation. Feel free to save a copy of your group’s card and mark if up as you go along!

  • When your group has completed its bingo card, one representative from the group should post in the Bingo!! thread.
  • Each bingo card you complete will earn you 1 point to spend in the prize shop.
  • There are various tiers of prizes - it’s up to you what you wish to spend your points on. When you’re ready to swap your points for a prize, post in the Prize Shop thread.
  • Points will be tracked manually via google sheet. We will be keeping track of each participant’s total points earned, total spent, and remaining. This will be visible to all players so that you can easily keep track of your points, too.
  • Additionally, all players who complete at least 1 bingo card will receive a sticker for participating in this activity.

Rules & Guidelines
  • Each player may complete up to 1 bingo card per week for credit.
  • A new week begins each Wednesday at 00:01 ST.
  • One active card per group - you may re-sign up with the same group again once your previous card is complete.
  • You may participate in as many or as few different groups as you desire.
  • There are no requirements for style or length of posts, but there must be some semblance of reason to your characters’ actions throughout the roleplay. In other words, we don’t want to see people completing their bingo cards in just a handful of quick posts. Roleplaying is about the journey, not the destination!
  • Your plots, characters, and settings do not need to adhere to Mycena Cave canon. However, the main characters within the roleplay must have an on-site representation.

    How long does this activity run?

    There is no end date for this activity at the moment - meaning, it will run for the foreseeable future. :) When it does finally come to an end, we will give as much notice as possible to allow plenty of time for folks to get those last couple of points in, if they want.

    So I need to finish my bingo card in just one week?

    You can take as long as you like or need to finish your bingo card. You just can only earn up to 1 point per week - meaning, there’s no benefit to zooming through multiple RPs all at once. Take your time, enjoy the ride!

    I’m not comfortable with the plot that got rolled for my group. Can I get another one?

    Before you completely abandon your card, remember that you’re welcome (and encouraged!) to skew your plot in any direction that you like!

    However, if that’s still not working for you, you are welcome to request a new card for your current group at the beginning of the next week of this activity. Essentially, this means that you are forfeiting the point you might have earned from the current week’s card.


    I got the same bingo card in two groups! Is that okay?

    We’re currently rolling from a set of 5 bingo cards overall, which means that you will more than likely get the same card twice. That’s perfectly fine! We will try to add more as the activity progresses, to keep things fresh.

    Player A and Player B are in a group together. Player B is also in a group with Player C. If Player A & B finish their card in any given week, can Player B & C also finish their card that week and still get credit?

    Points are tallied per individual. So, if Player A & B claim their bingo in Week 1, then later on in the same week, Player B & C claim their bingo, all individual players would get their points - but Player B would not get two.

    What is considered the end of a week?

    A new week begins each Wednesday at 00:01 ST. It’s not an entirely full week during the first week of the activity, but will be lined up with the Profile Drive week deadlines for simplicity’s sake.

    We finished our bingo, but would still like to continue our RP! Can we get another card for the same thread instead of starting a new one?

    Sure! If you’d like to continue a current RP thread with a second (or third, fourth, etc.) card, please post in the Group Registration thread with a link to the thread you’d like to continue, as well as the names of the players in the group.

    Please be aware, however, that we won’t be re-rolling in the case of a duplicate bingo card. You’re still welcome to complete a second version of the same bingo card, of course, as long as the content is new!

Posted Mar 26, edited Jul 1

I’ve been having tons of fun voting for and thinking up nominations, and seeing how the top 15 rankings change. I’m really excited for the event to start!

I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many nominations for benchmarks, although the benchmarks being the squares means that each card needs 19-20 haha (as opposed to every RP only needing 1 starting trope). Could we perhaps get a higher nomination limit for benchmarks rather than the same 10 as plots to hopefully get more squares and variety in? It looks like we’ll be getting multiple bingo cards over the weeks, and while it should be fairly unlikely to get a plot trope repeat since it’s choosing 1 item from a huge pool, I feel that the squares on the cards may end up being repeated a lot since it’s 19-20 items from a pool that I think is about twice that size right now. :o

I know the disparity in the pools is probably also because a lot of people didn’t bother nominating at all/up to the limit but I still think it may help a little to raise it 8’D

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 29

Well this sounds like a lot of fun. Am excited to poke about the event, mayhaps find a new RP partner to faff about with. Do kinda wish I had more chances to throw stuff into the Dory. Have many an idea for simple plot points and such to chuck in there. Bit sad to see some of the same things repeated again and again in either dory, but ah well. Do like most of the lil’ niblets of lore that people have come up with. (Even the repeats, though Idk what to rate those really.)

e/ Ohi Azurrys! Sneaky, posting something neat without me noticing. I would like to note that I also noticed the lack of disparity between the starting prompts vs bingo squares being odd. More chances to add prompts to stick in the squares would be rather nice indeed. As mentioned, I rather do have a lot more ideas to chuck into the Dory if given the chance.

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 29

Azurrys polygone I’m so glad you’re excited about the event!

The plan right now is to make sure that each bingo card has a good mix of small, easy objectives along with the upvoted interaction ideas. We’ll be sprinkling some more generic benchmarks into each card, e.g. “Hold a conversation” or “Complete 5 full rounds of replies.” The idea is to give players spaces that they can mark off during the normal course of RP while aiming for the fun interactions :)

That being said, if you’re absolutely burning with ideas, please feel free to echo Crow or myself with a list! We’ll be prioritizing the suggestions in the dory to make sure everybody has a chance to get their ideas in, but if we end up with a lot of duplicate benchmarks on the bingo cards, we might be able to use the extras.

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 29

Will absolutely go poke someone with a list later then. Was about to go sleep but will do tomorrow yes. Good to hear more generic options will be seeded in as well. :D

e/ Also I just want to say I really appreciate whoever put ‘Someone gets a hug. c:’ as one of the interactions. Whoever you are, you also deserve a hug. <3

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 31
We have now finished collecting tropes!

Sign-ups will open and RP will be able to begin starting tomorrow, April 2nd! :D
For now, enjoy some milky fun!

Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1
I’d like to clarify something in the rules! They say that you can “complete up to 1 bingo card per week for credit”. As it says “complete”, does that mean I could theoretically start multiple RPs tomorrow and finish one in the first week and one in the second week for credit? Or do they need to be started and completed within a week?
Posted Apr 1

Oooohhh, it’s really interesting to see the vote breakdowns! It was neat seeing how my nominations did lol.

Out of curiosity, though, will the pools be limited to just these top 9/20 respectively? I had a lot of favourites that aren’t in this list, and I’m sure a lot of others out there do too. I absolutely understand if so (and super appreciate that the list was compiled with a statistical basis!) — it’s a list that’s aimed towards mass appeal and some of the tropes may have been divisive, but I figured I’d ask :o

I’m not sure if votes are anonymous/unrecorded, but if matching could be based on what a person voted ‘yes’ for, that would be incredible! It’s fine if it’s not feasible (it sounds pretty ambitious), but I wanted to put it out there 8’D

Posted Apr 1

Yep, you could start multiple RPs this week and finish one card this week, one card next week, and so on! The one per week rule is mainly there to discourage people from rushing through their cards - and to keep even very avid RPers going with the activity for more than just a week’s time.

We’ll be working from a slightly larger pool than those that scored above 50%, due to the small number of them that ended up being in that range. We’re also throwing in some more generic benchmarks (ie, ‘X number of back and forth replies’), too.

It wouldn’t be feasible to individualize the cards/plots to the extent you suggest, unfortunately, but to keep things interesting I think we’re going to try and make a couple new cards every week or so, so you may see some of the other benchmarks show up. (And maybe we’ll change up the plot generation list too - we’ll see how week 1 goes!)

Posted Apr 1
Crow That’s great to know! Thanks! :D Super excited to be able to do multiple!
Posted Apr 1

Thank you for the reply! <3 I forgot to answer back after my first post, but I really like that generic benchmarks will be included haha. I think the cards will feel a lot more achievable that way.

I’m looking forward to see what the cards are like and to see how the plot generation goes :D

Posted Apr 1
You can now sign up and begin your Bin-GO RP journey!

Be sure to check out the latter part of the first post in this thread for details on the process! When you’re ready to sign up or start looking for a group, you can find the activity forum here and post in the appropriate thread! :D

Posted Apr 2
This seems like a super fun idea!
Posted Apr 2

Quick question~! It was fine last time, so I assumed so this time but I want to make sure! I know we personally can only turn in one bingo card a week for a point! But say we complete three different cards with three different groups, can the other group members turn in the cards for points.

I and Nyf are a group
Swan and I are a group
and Shiba and I are a group

Say all three groups finish their bingo card for the week. I can turn in only one card, and I choose to turn in the card I had with Shiba. Could then Swan and Nyf also turn in the bingo cards that I was a part of and still get their point for that card ?

Posted Apr 2
I seriously can’t wait to get started, this should be so much fun! But I’ve looked up and down, and I’m just wondering, how many weeks will this run? I’m assuming at least six so that it’s possible to reach the highest price tier in the shop, but I don’t see an official end date anywhere. o:
Posted Apr 2

Yep! Points are tracked individually, so we’ll be able to double check to make sure nobody who might have been in two groups that finish their RP in the same week will get more than 1 point, while the other members of those groups would.

It’s… it’s a little confusing to write out like that, but yes. Yes to your question. 8);

Ah, I’m sorry - I just looked through and realized that little specification must have gotten cut in my edits. This will be an ongoing activity, and will run for the foreseeable future, much like the Profile Drive!

Posted Apr 2
Thank you Crow ~<3 I got it, pretty sure, ALL THAT MATTERS is that it’s a yes!
Posted Apr 2
A couple of quick updates/notes!
  • There were a couple of errors in one of the bingo cards - I’ve fixed this and updated the cards of anyone who was affected. If you see any more errors or duplicates like this, please let me know!
  • I’m going to be updating the first post with a FAQ sort of section soon.
Posted Apr 2
Crow Ooooh, wonderful! Thank you! This is good to know!
Posted Apr 2

Hmm, looking at the prize shop it looks like there’s at least six weeks of this, since we get one point a week. It does make me wonder: Just how long does this activity run for?

e/ Oh! Now the page updates. Apparently there’ll be an FAQ, hopefully this gets answered there, yes? Mmm.

Posted Apr 2, edited Apr 2

Crow said up above that it accidentally got wiped during their edits! But

‘Ah, I’m sorry - I just looked through and realized that little specification must have gotten cut in my edits. This will be an ongoing activity, and will run for the foreseeable future, much like the Profile Drive!’

So it looks like for the foreseeable future! Is the answer with no true set date! <33 Which is super news

Posted Apr 2, edited Apr 2

Oh my got. My little misadventure with a bunch of troublemakers has gone from being a silly couple romps to a saga to an infinite doomscape of reboots and character rewrites, just like all the superhero movies. I am so ready for shenanigans. xD

(Also I guess I should pace myself. +I’m excited to have all the fodder.)

Posted Apr 2
Q&A section has been added to the first post!
Let us know if you have any more questions!
Posted Apr 3, edited Apr 3
Ohey, any plans to let us earn nuggets in the Bin-Go forum for our RPs? Or was it intentional to disallow nugget earning in that subforum?
Posted Apr 3

Oops, no, that was definitely supposed to be a paid forum. I’ll poke glitch and see if he can change that!

Posted Apr 3
Huzzah! Thanks for that! :D
Posted Apr 3

When does week 1 end? I’m assuming since it started on April 2nd, that it ends on the 9th? Could we possibly get a list of week dates like the profile drive has? o:

Posted Apr 3

Yeah! I’ll put that together today. :D

Posted Apr 4


Say we manage to get a Bingo. For the next week, can we keep roleplaying the same plot with the same card? If we get another Bingo does it count as a point for that week?

Or, once we get our first Bingo, do we request another card? Or do we sign up for a new plot?

Thank you!

I read the other thread where we post our completed bingos and got my answers :“D

Posted Apr 6, edited Apr 6

I was wondering if I could get some clarification about this rule: “One active card per group - you may re-sign up with the same group again once your previous card is complete.”

Does this mean we would have to start a new rp with our group members, or could we ask to have a new bingo card attributed to an ongoing thread that we’d like to continue?
Though I do understand that since currently there are only around 5 different bingo cards going around currently that might make certain actions seem repetitive.

Posted Apr 7