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January News Discussion
Welcome to 2020!

We’re starting the year off frosty with our newest OotS coat, the Snow Maiden, along with their Pine Forest Background and Frosted Pane! Both the January coat and items were created by priz. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Sacred Tree is Looking Festive

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Dressing the Sacred Tree activity in December. We received an incredible collection of ornament submissions from the community, and Sacred Tree has never looked better! You can view the bedecked final project by following this link, or by dragging and dropping the below thumbnail into your URL bar.

Just wait till you see me full-sized!

A Profile Drive Was Held

2019 closed with a productive bang as players submitted their newest character profiles to our Profile Drive activity! All submissions have now been reviewed, and raffle and participation prizes have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who participated in this activity — we love seeing what sort of unique and interesting characters our players produce!

Who are the real stars — our players or their characters?

Creative Collective

December’s monthly roundup has been posted and stickers, gems, and prizes have all been distributed! We had a wonderfully creative year in 2019 and are looking forward to growing our Creative Collective participation even further in 2020. Thank you all for your ongoing submissions, and for your prompt suggestions!

An Upgrade to the Adventure System

In response to feedback that command creation in the Adventure System was too complex, glitch has created a new action editor interface! The new editor should provide a more intuitive and player-friendly experience while creating & maintaining actions in adventures. You can see more details about this change in the original post here. If you haven’t yet tried experimenting with Adventure creation, now is a good time to jump in and give it a go!

New Items

We had a wealth of new items released in December, including several more player donations! Thank you again to all players who decided to contribute their edits.

We also saw the release of a new line of avatar backgrounds in Lands Within, including several solid colored backgrounds at very affordable prices. Why not try out a new forum look with your favorite Mycenian?

Jessamyn is quite partial to the Teal Background, herself!

Finally, Val’s Modern Composition received two new releases: the accursed Stoneskin of the Stoneskin Outbreak, and the Long-Tasseled Tail — the newest creation from Loon’s trial artist period! 

You can find our full item listing available here!

New Year, New Productivity Goals

Beginning in January, we will be hosting a Productivi-Day activity on the 15th of each month! If you haven’t participated in a Productivi-Day before, it’s a day-long event which aims to encourage creative productivity from our players! With our new formalized schedule, there will also be a new incentive added to the mix (because who doesn’t love being rewarded for getting things done?) — each Productivi-Day players participate in will earn them a sticker. We’ll preview the new sticker shortly before our January 15th activity date!

Secret Santa Coming to a Close

Our Secret Santa will be wrapping up this month! If you have not already sent your Santa-ee their gift at this point, you must do so by the end of the day on January 7th. We hope you’ve all enjoyed this activity and interacting with your Santas and Santa-ees!

Posted Jan 2
Heck! I did the profile drive, but didn’t get a sticker. :(
Posted Jan 2
I didn’t as well… I assumed they were handed out with the prizes but sure enough no sticker?
Posted Jan 2
Prizes went out for profile drive, but stickers have not yet, as those need to be given out by glitch. Sorry about the confusion!
Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2
Oooh, that makes sense.  Thanks for letting us know!
Posted Jan 3
New Item!

New in Land’s Within

Candlelit Manor Background is now available! It was created by Loon as part of her trial artist assignments. The webs are toggleable!

Enjoyyyy <3

Posted Jan 8, edited Jan 8
Beautiful job, Loon! 8D
Posted Jan 8
New Items!

More items donated by staff and players!
New in Val’s Modern Composition

Long Fangs donated by Ishy and Sapphy, created by Plasma | Light Broken Winglets donated by Hina, created by created by Plasma, Hush, priz, and Chou | Dark Broken Winglets donated by Hina, created by Plasma, Hush, priz, and Chou | Celestial Wings donated by King, created by Plasma

New in Sullie’s Closet

Scrap Helm donated by Chickpea, created by Plasma | Moonstone Tiara donated by ErsatzLace, created by Morgan | Humble Heart Earrings donated by Dakota Riley, created by priz

New in Leeetle Companions

Danger Noodle donated by King, created by Plasma

New in Land’s Within

Planetary Gift donated by Reggi, created by King

If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please check out the Item Sponsorshop article.

Thank you for all the item donations!! <3

Posted Jan 17, edited Jan 17


also the winglets are really cute ;o;

Posted Jan 17
THANK YOU, ERS, I needed this tiara So Much!!
Posted Jan 17, edited Jan 17
Thanks so much everyone for the donations, there’s so many amazing things! Now I have to go and buy twenty Celestial Wings thanks~
Posted Jan 17
Yesss these are delicious :D ty so much to artists and donors <3
Posted Jan 17

A few other minor QoL updates also made it in:

  • Magic puddle’s drift and gloom have been fixed. Unfortunately they no longer update live as you drag the slider (reason) but at least they are correct now :) Also, unlike before they now work even if you have items equipped.
  • The “Manage Mycenian” page now has a “Send to Puddle” button under the image to quickly get one of your existing Mycenians into the puddle for experimentation


Posted Jan 19


would it be possible to get a little colour bar under the driftshroom slider if it doesn’t update live anymore? So at least when I want to see what someone looks like “green” I don’t have to guess where “green” is lol.

Posted Jan 19

Send to puddle like:

The girl she told you not to worry about

I totally understand why it looks like this but it made me laugh out loud.


Posted Jan 19
would it be possible to get a little colour bar under the driftshroom slider if it doesn’t update live anymore? So at least when I want to see what someone looks like “green” I don’t have to guess where “green” is lol.Jacq

Not really, because it’s a shift and not a tint: “green” would be somewhere else depending on what the original color was (not to mention that for multi-color coats there is no “green” place)

Posted Jan 19, edited Jan 19

I think I explained badly. I meant like photoshop has, that gives you an idea of the colour space. Hue shifting towards the “green” space doesn’t necessarily result in a green pet, but the hue still shifts that direction.

Or maybe it’s more that what I’m used to would be something like a colourbar under the driftshroom preview and a saturation bar under the driftshroom one — it doesn’t matter WHAT colour the saturation bar uses (photoshop uses red in the pictures above), but it does tell you which direction is “colours” and which direction is “grey.” (Like I wouldn’t expect my pet to turn red if I upped the saturation, if it wasn’t red to begin with.)

Posted Jan 19


Maybe it’s something to do with the avatar thing then? Because I was comparing using that so…*shrugs*

But kinda adding onto what Jacq says, can we maybe get a number value display instead? And maybe add the option to import drifts as well?

Posted Jan 19

Yep, those sound like good alternatives. (I couldn’t end up making the color bars look good, because vertical space is currently at a premium on the mycenian management pages)

In other news, Driftshrooms and Gloomshrooms are now for sale in Rikur’s Rarities. Unlike his rotating stock, these items have a fixed price and don’t go away when you buy them. Note that you can still get them from the pond exactly as before — Rikur now just provides a shortcut to those who might want to take it.

Posted Jan 24
Posted Jan 24

...are those sustainably harvested shrooms? Because I think I remember bringing up some concerns regarding wild populations of pondshrooms a while back…

Rikur I need answers. I can’t support a business without knowing that their shroom harvesting practices are ethical.

Posted Jan 24

Perhaps Rikur has his own private pond where he grows and harvests them sustainably? Haha.

Srsly tho, I’m really happy there’s a way to purchase them, because my luck getting pondshrooms is abysmal. xnx

Posted Jan 25
New Wigs!

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Curlicue Wigs by Loon as part of her trial artist assignments are up for sale! The ponytail is toggleable. Enjoy!!

Posted Jan 26
Thanks for the HAIR, Loon! *^* Very pleased to have a purple ponytail wig I can buy now o v o
Posted Jan 26
New Bag of Wonders Item!

Blessed Battleaxe by Myla and priz can now be pulled out of the Bag of Wonders (dangler is toggleable)!

Posted Jan 27, edited Jan 27