05:02 ST
[ACTIVITY] Tricker-Tree-ting (Oct 20th - Oct 31st)
The Tricker-Tree Cometh


A crowd is gathered in the main square, filling the air with vague mutterings and wisps of confused conversation. At the center of it all, a large section of the square is cordoned off, two familiar brown cat ineki conferring just beyond the rope.

“I’ve never seen a seedling quite like this one,” admits Seelby, rubbing a paw against her cheek and tilting her head at the strange plant just beginning to break ground at her feet. “It’s certainly nothing that grows around here.”

Ambrose is crouched low, studying the small sprout closely. He’s got a book open on the ground next to him, and is feverishly turning pages back and forth as he mutters about its features and characteristics. Finally, he stops—pulls the book in front of him and spends several long moments reading its contents.

“A tricker-tree,” he says, frowning softly back towards the plant. “They’re extremely rare.”

“Who could have planted it?” Seelby asks, crouching to take a closer look at the book herself. “And when?”

“Not sure,” says Ambrose, rubbing his chin. “But it’s going to be trouble. Not only do they grow quickly, but they have a voracious appetite as they do. Thing is, they’re very strictly carnivorous. Won’t eat anything without a face. The center of town is… not the best place for this.”

Seelby glances over her shoulder at the curious faces of the gathered crowd and barely conceals her grimace. “Are they hard to uproot?” she asks, hopeful. “We could move it—”

“At this point, that would kill it. Like I said, they’re extremely rare—that doesn’t seem right...”

“But, the town—” Seelby begins to argue, cut short as Ambrose’s ears perk upright and he raises a paw to shush her.

“Excellent idea!” he chirps, springing to his feet in excitement. “You see, once tricker-trees are grown, they can move about with relative ease, walking upon their roots. All we have to do—and the whole town can help—is carefully raise it to maturity!”

Seelby looks confused—and more than a little concerned. Ambrose, however, turns to the crowd and throws his arms wide. “Everyone!” he announces. “Once this little seedling has grown into its juvenile stage, we’ll need lots of help feeding it. We’ll make the preparations in the meanwhile, but keep your kitchen knives sharp and ready—we’ll need a lot of jack-o-lanterns!”

“And then,” he continues, pacing along the edge of the roped-off area, “once it’s grown; once its roots are strong enough to carry it, we’ll need your help scaring it out of town.”

Ambrose suspects the tricker-tree will begin feeding on October 20th!

Activity guidelines
  • This small activity will begin on October 20th at 00:01 ST and run until October 31st at 23:59 ST
  • There will be two parts to this activity, each with different requirements:
    • The first part will run from October 20th through October 27th
    • The second part will run from October 28th through October 31st
  • You only need to participate once over the course of this activity to earn your prize, but you are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in both parts
  • Players who participate in both parts of the activity will earn themselves a chance to win a second copy of this activity’s prize. We will be raffling off 10 of these extra prizes

Ambrose states that tricker-trees are well known for leaving treats in their wake as they move from place to place. Having never encountered one in person, he can’t be entirely sure what that treat will be. How seasonally appropriate.

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Ok, the face-eating is a lil unnerving, but this guy - is - just - so - cute! I cannot deal, look at that lil smiley face <3

Posted 10/15/19
oh no it’s cute
Posted 10/15/19



Sure, it’s cute now, but I’d advise against getting too close! It may not be big enough to feed yet, but those teeth are still pretty sharp!Ambrose
Posted 10/15/19
I’ve already named mine Audrey III
Posted 10/15/19

“Feed me, Seymour Seelby”

Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?

Posted 10/15/19
Posted 10/16/19

I’m sure Ambrose’s plan isn’t going to go horribly wrong at all…

Posted 10/16/19
Nawwwhhh but it’s so cuuuuute! ^=^  I’m looking forward to this, lovely to see a Seymour for Halloween.
Posted 10/16/19


(but it really is so cute though)

Posted 10/16/19
This is Halloween! This is Halloween! *excite excite excite*
Posted 10/16/19
Oh! This looks fun and adorable! I can’t wait!
Posted 10/16/19
Posted 10/17/19
Update: The tricker-tree is re-tree-ting!

As it scampers out of town, the Tricker-Tree has left a trail of goodie bags in its wake! Ambrose has already begun gathering them up, and will be distributing them to every Mycenian who helped the rid the town of this dangerous predator!

Participation has been tallied!
  • In total, we had 144 individuals help to scare off that pesky Tricker-Tree!
  • Of those participants, 91 individuals participated in both parts of the activity and therefore qualified for the raffle.
Our raffle winners are:

Hawkins, Akira, Ashlar, Gabriel, Prose, Feli, Crycket, Chimerical, Jacq, nobodies13, and Foxcat!
Each of you will receive an extra set of Trick or Treat bags when prizes are distributed! :D
(note: we drew one extra winner due to pulling a staff member in the raffle)

Prize distribution should occur within the next day or two.
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Noooo Waaay.. This is the first time I ever won a raffle… Cooool! :D
Posted 11/01/19
Oh hey, I think this is the first time I’ve ever won a raffle too. Congratulations to all of the other winners! *w*/
Posted 11/01/19

Bye big tree dude! <3

And woah I haven’t won a raffle in years :o can’t wait to see what’s in the bags!

Posted 11/01/19

Nice, nice :3c
I haven’t won a raffle in a while either.

Posted 11/01/19, edited 11/01/19
Oh snap I won?! HOT DANG! :D
Posted 11/01/19
Big congratulations to all of the winners! :D
Posted 11/02/19