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June News Discussion
June has arrived!

This month’s OotS is Fairytale, along with their Smoky Side Eyes and Pixie Dust! This month’s coat and items were made by Meru. You may purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Seasonal Shift

It’s that time again! June brings with it the start of Summer, and Bruc is hard at work developing a selection of new and old Summer Seasonals to stock his shop with. You have until June 21st to make any last minute Spring purchases before they disappear until next year!

Creative Collective

We have posted May’s monthly roundup and have distributed your hard-earned stickers. We would like to thank everyone for their participation, and hope that this new system will make you feel more rewarded for your creative efforts!

This month, we are asking you to draw up some fun costumes and write about an important milestone for one or more of your characters! The Adventure Circle is also finally back from its hiatus with a new set of requirements. These may still be tweaked in the future, but we are excited to explore your adventures once more!

We are also now collecting feedback on May’s submissions!

Collect us all! Multiple times!!

New Shop Items

A couple of new items have been added to the shops! Desert Sands Background by priz can be bought in Lands Within, and Shadowlings by Meru can be bought in Leeetle Companions!

Misc. Images Update

Misc. images is now up to date with art from our last few events! Take a trip down memory lane by browsing through your favorite event art.

Adventure System Feedback Summary

It took a little bit of time, but glitch and Myla have finished trawling through the feedback you all provided following the Adventure System Open Beta! Myla has created an in-depth summary of your thoughts, as well as an outline of some of our plans going forward. It’s an interesting read, so instead of opening up that book you’ve been meaning to finish, we suggest getting cozy and chomping down on this thread!

NPC Voting

We are still collecting votes to determine which NPC coat you would like to see become a site coat! Voting lasts until the end of the day today, June 1st, so be sure to vote if you haven’t already! And if you have already cast your vote, you might want to give it another check - you can still change your mind until voting closes tonight!

I see how it is…

Annual Item Survey

Our annual item survey will be going up once again this month! This is your chance to let our artists know what kinds of items you most want to see, and its results help inform our decisions when it comes to what types of prizes to include in events. More information will become available once the survey goes live.

Older and Wiser

Mycena Cave’s birthday is coming up this month! Keep an eye out, as we will be hosting some fun activities to coincide with our sixth anniversary. Party favors are also a possibility!

Posted 06/01/19

Wait Mycena Cave is turning six this year? Where does the time go?

Also Ambrose forever <3

Posted 06/01/19, edited 06/01/19

*tosses confetti….. it is indeed a celebratory month ^,^  *pheeeee!!!!

Also, my bank acct took a considerable dink this morning =p.  Well worth it as I ADORE this month’s set and coat =D

Posted 06/01/19
I love the monthly coat, absolutely gorgeous!
Posted 06/01/19

Well I still think Ambrose is gonna win :|

Cuz he’s #1 in my heart.

Posted 06/01/19

aaa just gotta get one more gem until i can get the pixie dust item! ;w;

;;w;; thank you nonny! <3 <3

Posted 06/02/19, edited 06/03/19
I love the items this month!! The eyes don’t quite fit into Ananke’s eyeholes, but he’s making them work. B)
Posted 06/05/19
stares at new stuff, vibrates excitedly
Posted 06/20/19
New shop backgrounds!

Two new backgrounds have made their way to Lands Within!

The Cost Background was sponsored by Lord.

Far Far Away Background was sponsored by Oxton.
Toggles: Little keyboard circle on the background, the moon emblem at the top of the background, the star charts, and the constellation projector/projection

Informal notes about item sponsoring: Since this is the first time we’re mentioning the term, I thought I should just explain how it came about and what it currently means!

Item sponsoring originally came about when someone was developing a character for their unique pet and one of the edits that the unique pet had didn’t really work with the character. However, the edit was really cool and they didn’t want it to just be tossed out completely, so they approached me about potentially donating it for use as a site item. I converted it to the item called Shadowlings and this became the first donated item! This inspired a couple more players to approach me about their unique pet’s edits for similar reasons.

Currently, this process is super informal since I’ve only gone through it three times now: I look at the item to see if it would work as a shop item (characteristics: easy to place on each base without much redrawing/reworking, and general enough theme to work for different pets/characters), talk to the donor about conversion process and get their final approval, remove the edit, convert it to an item, make it permanently available in a nugget shop, give the donor one copy of the item, and credit their sponsorship in the item’s description.

Since there has been interest, my intentions are to document the process in a more formal manner so that the process is consistent, transparent, and known to everyone. This might take me a bit of time to thoughtfully put together. Until then, feel free to reach out to me via echo if this is something that interests you or if you have feedback about item donation/sponsorship in general (you can also post general feedback here as well)!

Thank you to the first few guinea pigs who have donated their unique pet edits!!

Posted 06/26/19, edited 06/26/19
WAT that’s such a neat idea! :D Thanks for those who’ve donated and thanks Myla for making this happen for everyone!
Posted 06/26/19
I really hope everyone enjoys the background! <3
Posted 06/26/19

Bless both Lord and Oxton ;w;

I’m REALLY glad this is a thing now!

Posted 06/26/19
I loooove the idea of sponsorships bc I always have ideas for items and BGs all the time and it’ll be exciting to see BGs up for everyone like that!!
Posted 06/26/19
Very happy to donate such a lovely BG to the site! I hope many people get to enjoy it, now. ouo
Posted 06/26/19

Thank you Dove, Oxton, and Lord for donating these lovely items!

I really like this idea. I think this is beneficial for anyone who has ever been on the fence about an edit but not entirely set on going into the edit queue to get rid of it. :)

Posted 06/26/19
Heads Up: Planned Downtime

Mycena Cave will go down on July 1 at 4am Server Time for maintenance. We’re staking out two hours to be safe, but expect Mycena Cave to come back online much quicker than that. Chat will remain down until later in the morning.

Posted 06/28/19
Sponsorship looks awesome. So does the charity pet. Rather wish I could donate, but strapped for cash atm oops. Hopefully the drive goes well! Sounds like a rather good cause. ^^
Posted 07/01/19