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[SURVEY] Into the Caves Wrap-up & Feedback Survey
Survey results can be found in this post!

Hi, everyone!

Now that our Into the Caves event has wrapped up, we would like to hear your opinions on it! You can find our feedback survey here.

As you can see, there are a few questions comparing this event to previous events we’ve held. If you were not around or did not participate in these events, please be sure to select ‘did not participate’ as your answer to avoid skewing the results. For every 20 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random equippable item from the event. In order to be eligible for the raffle, please be sure to include your username in the form!

This survey will remain open until 23:59 ST on September 12th, and the results will be compiled and summarized shortly thereafter.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our event — and to everyone who gives us feedback!

Posted 09/05/16, edited 09/18/16

I’m super sad the compass from the event logo wasn’t an item!

But no really, this event was a blast!! Thanks staff for putting this together for us! Y’all rock!

Posted 09/05/16
If it was an item, it probably would have been way too small to really appreciate. :’|
Posted 09/05/16
I sent in my survey! I really enjoyed this event, it required the perfect amount of effort for someone with a busy schedule like mine. Also, I really really love the Drasilis coat this time around @u@
Posted 09/05/16

Foxcat Crow

Introducing “The Giant Compass”


Posted 09/05/16

I’ll take 12 please. Make sure that it shows up in the avatar box. >>

Posted 09/05/16

Filled it out. Event was fun!
The coat is definitely one of my favourites on site. It’s so beautiful.

Posted 09/05/16

Myla, LOVE IT! Perfect! Exactly what I always wanted. When will it be uploaded?? :D

*saves that image*

Posted 09/05/16, edited 09/05/16

*facepalm* I called the word search a crossword on my survey form and didn’t realize until the moment after I hit the submit button.

Also, I claim the sprout of that giant compass. |: *takes baby compass home*

Posted 09/05/16

Finished the survey.

I really enjoyed the event.

I agree with Crow and Foxcat  Myla.  Sign me up if it ever becomes available.  Actually I would need two.

Posted 09/05/16

i think the compass would have made a really cool partial-background item, all blown up like that :3 similar to the spelunker’s map but, yknow, a big shiny compass instead!

(u can hire me for item design whenever MC, wink wink nudge nudge)

Posted 09/05/16
Submitted! Thanks for the event! It was really cute! I really prefer these kinds to clicker events. Not that I don’t like those.. but these kinds always seem to work better for my schedule. Plus, I’m not driving myself batty with a timer. :‘D;;
Posted 09/05/16

I completed the survey!

The one thing I forgot to mention was how I loved that you didn’t have to do each day on the actual day that it started, like a few other site events I’ve seen. It made it possible for me (who came in like two or three days into the event) and my husband (who came in near the end) to complete the whole thing, and really have time to enjoy it!

Posted 09/06/16

COMPASS!!! ...for the navigationally impaired…  or possibly those in need of glasses or gazes =D

...also, I haz a complaint.  Why weren’t these in the Prize shop?!  I need like a million of them! *.*  soooo pretty! <3

Now that I"m looking at it, I created a jewelry box when I was a teen that looked very much like this.  Small wonder I’m smitten ^.^  except mine had a horse on it, naturally. 

Posted 09/06/16, edited 09/06/16
I had a really fun time! This was the second event I had participated in (first being the Darcy’s Sweets one), and it’s my fav so far. I liked the variety of the challenges and the story of adventuring deep into the caves. I would love to do another event like this in the future. Thanks staff!
Posted 09/06/16
I had fun doing the event, but I didn’t get to use my 20 unusual rocks because I fell asleep when I went to use them… Now that’s some back luck for the work I put in. But yeah, my own fault so I ain’t complaining. Just wanna suggest keeping the shop open a little longer next time perhaps? One day after the last rocks could be earned seems a bit short. And yes, I know the main event already ended way before that.
Posted 09/06/16
Just want to say again how much I love this type of event. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but this and the Shimmer in the Water event were, by far, the most engaging and fun events I’ve done on any site. I’m really looking forward to the next one.
Posted 09/06/16

I agree with MafiaVamp, the shop should have stayed open a little longer :( I didn’t get a single event item because it closed so quickly! It made me pretty sad the items were all so amazing XP

Otherwise, this event was awesome! Loved the coat a lot and everything else with timing, prices, difficulty, ect. seemed to really work out well :)

Posted 09/06/16
I really liked this event! The mini games that aren’t normally available (slide puzzle, etc, ESPECIALLY the riddles & picture puzzles!) were a lot of fun and I actually enjoyed doing them and looked forward to each event. Which surprised me, because I originally only wanted to get items, make a profit, etc. it was a lot of fun! More riddles and puzzles!
Posted 09/07/16
ahh i filled it out!! i have a question about something in the shop, tho. :0 it said something like ‘make sure you pick up your event pet!!’ but there wasn’t a pet to pick up at the link?? and it didnt say anything like ‘sorry!! you dont qualify!!’ and im just confused bcus it said i had a pet but then there didnt seem to be a pet?? sorry im just confused rip
Posted 09/07/16


After the official last day of the event (on the 28th I believe) a link appeared in the event page that said Epilogue. It was in bit blue letters, and if you qualified you would claim your free event pet there.

Posted 09/07/16

Zonemod: If you completed and received credit for at least 10 out of the 14 days, then a big link containing the event dras would have appeared on the event page (or the shop, if it was on the 5th after the event page was disabled).  This was active the 27th - 5th.  The event dras was also available for purchase using Unusual Rocks (event currency) from the event shop between the beginning of the 28th - end of the 5th. :D

I hope this helps!

Edit: Thanks, Kay!! :)

Posted 09/07/16, edited 09/07/16

Kay Mentrae Myla
‘dras’? whats that mean? :0 and, i didnt complete 10 days and i still had a link? (im p sure i completed 6…) i saw the epilogue button, and im not talking about that one. there was a link in the shop specifically that said ‘make sure to claim your free pet’ or smthn and took me to a thing showing how many days and which i completed and a short written thing and nothing else. maybe that was the same place as the epilogue??? but it said to make sure to claim my free pet and? im just confused im sorry

Posted 09/07/16

Dras is shorthand for “drasillis”. You could only get the free pet if you completed 10/14 days, or bought it in the shop in mushroom form.

Posted 09/07/16, edited 09/07/16
Zonemod  Dras is short for “drasillis”, which was the species the event pet was.  On the last day to buy items and collect the pet (the 5th), the shop displayed the activities and highlighted the ones you completed.  I think the “remember to get your event pet” on the shop page was a generic reminder to everyone to collect the event pet if they qualified, since it was the last day to do so.  Sorry for the confusion!
Posted 09/07/16, edited 09/07/16
Please please allow the prize shops to stay open. Either longer or permanently open. For those that don’t have the time to make it before the shop closes forever. So, maybe there could be a link to old prize shops for those that didn’t get to spend their points on time, there really isn’t any harm leaving the shop open since you can’t get the currency anymore. I understand if nothing like this was ever on site. It’s my fault for missing the window, not the sites. I was in the hospital and it slipped my mind.  But maybe it would be a way for a users work to not go unrewarded.
Posted 09/08/16, edited 09/08/16
While I got my goodies right away, I hate seeing so many people who were not able to spend their rocks. I think keeping the shops open indefinitely—or even just for a month—wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially since there’s new currency each event, so it’s not like people can go back and get old items or anything.
Posted 09/08/16

Even if the rocks just converted to random shop items after a set time at 3:1 or 4:1, I think that would be better than people having their hard work wasted. Even the last clicker event the ingredients that weren’t made into desserts still offered something (though I believe there were a handful of people that missed that shop too).

The stats on how many rocks and pets went “unclaimed” would be interesting.

Posted 09/08/16

In general, our event shops are open for one week after the end of the event. This event in particular, the lines got a little blurred because we chose to allow people to continue to earn points during this week.

Reading through the posts in this thread, I think Jacq‘s idea is a good one — although we won’t include the penalty — so over the next couple days, any unused unusual rocks that you may have had left over will convert into random event-shop items at the normal event-shop price (if you had enough unusual stones to afford it, one of these items will be the mushroom). We’ll also make this standard policy for future events.

(I am given to understand that Neopets keeps their event shops open for a very long time, and this has generally resulted in people hoarding their points for as long as possible to see which items end up being most “valuable” down the line. We don’t particularly want to see that here, so we’re unlikely to make a drastic change in how long our event shops are available)

Posted 09/09/16

glitch I think if the shops were open for a week and a half to two weeks after the end of the event, it might work out nice. People who are busy or on holidays would get in for sure, but if it was too long that you’d see degradation of value or have people waiting till the last second, which isn’t that great for future… worth? IDK.

Other than that, I like the idea of event currency conversion. Either that, or a mini raffle or something (kinda like the darcy event).  Idk. D8

EDIT: I can’t english. Foxed what I originally meant to say. Sorry if I didn’t make sense before.

Posted 09/09/16, edited 09/11/16