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Damage and Healing

One of the ways you can add stakes and tension to your adventure is through the use of commands that deal damage to the adventurer who triggered them. This removes some of the adventurer’s HP. It is also possible to heal adventurers, restoring HP. These are done through various actions.

Damage Player Rolls a dice to determine how much damage to do to an adventurer. See the “Damage Types” section for more information on damage type.
Heal Player Rolls a dice to determine how much HP to restore to an adventurer.
Revive All Revives any adventurers who have fallen and restores them to full health. This action typically runs when all adventurers have fallen, allowing them to continue on their adventure.


You can find out more about the Defeat Command in Expert Adventuring!


These sorts of commands are often used in encounters where the adventurer has to decide what to do. This might be more straightforward, with one encounter command doing damage and another not doing anything, or healing the adventurer.

Alternatively, encounters like this might use if-checks and attribute checks, and damage or healing is done depending on the result:

  • If-checks might roll a dice to determine how lucky the adventurer is (e.g. a d20 roll resulting in 10 or lower results in damage, 11 or higher results in healing), or alternatively check whether the adventurer has a certain variable or item, and if so, they succeed and can progress, but if not, they fail and take damage.
  • Attribute checks can function in much the same way. You can use an attribute check to see whether an adventurer succeeds with a certain stat check, allowing them to escape unscathed. Different encounter commands could have different approaches, requiring different attribute checks, which also allows for some flexibility in roleplaying through your adventure.