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July News Discussion!
It’s Juuuly!

The newest OotS coat to join our collection is Kurilian Bobtail, along with their Hand Fan and Food Cart! This month’s coat was created by Plasma, and the items created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month! There’s an additional item recolor to go with this set, the Kurilian Bobtail Bobtail, which has been released in the Marketplace!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective is taking a break this month to make way for the Drawntlet!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Weekend will run from Friday, July 12th through Monday, July 15th!
A Shift of Seasons

Summer has arrived, and with it, a brand new Summer Seasonal coat! You can purchase the mushroom for this year’s Summer Seasonal in Tamshir’s Specialties until Autumn rears its chilly head!

Summer Seasonal Shop

Chadwick has made his glorious return to town, and will be running his Summer Snack Shack pop-up shop until the 20th of this month! Be sure not to miss out on any of this summer’s most fashionable trends!

Item Dory

Our annual item dory will be ongoing through 23:59 ST on July 4th! Stop by and submit your ideas for items you’d like to see on Mycena Cave, then chime in on the suggestions of others. The team often use the results from these surveys to inspire future releases; we thank you for your feedback!

Birthday Bucket List

We are currently running an activity for Mycena Cave’s 11th birthday!

Explore your and/or your character’s dreams and aspirations by creating a bucket list entry here! This activity runs through 23:59 ST July 5th!

Disability Pride Item Released!

July is Disability Pride Month! We have released the White Cane which can be found year round in the Marketplace!

New Pride Items!

Happy Pride Month! This year, we had a couple of late additions to our collection: Pride Heart Pendants! Pride items are also now available in the sunset Aroace Flag colors! These items are available year round in the Marketplace!

Professor Sprocket’s Latest Nonsense

We recently wrapped up our latest event, Professor Sprocket’s Highly Immersive Videographical Edutainment System! After a couple weeks of spelling words and fighting boss monsters, we’ve all been safely returned to the Cave. We reached out to Professor Sprocket for an apology for involving Mycenians in his nonsense yet again, but all he had to say was, “Don’t blame me; y’all signed the consent forms!”

...now Aliza’s never gonna change her mind about havin’ Sprouts…

The Drawntlet

It’s here!! The Drawntlet has returned! If this is your first July with us in the Cave, the Drawntlet is a month long marathon of creativity based around daily prompts. A wide variety of coats and items can be earned through even partial participation–we urge everyone to check it out! As always, we look forward to seeing everyone’s pieces–and to sharing our own!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch and Myla worked on the seasonal and birthday releases! This month they will wrap up event/activity loose ends, help mark Drawntlet entries, and likely do some misc. item and coat-related tasks! 
  • The coordinator team got the Drawntlet together, and will be working on marking participation throughout the event!
  • The art team have been working on Drawntlet prizes, summer items, pride items, and the queues!
Posted Jul 1

psst Myla the cane doesn’t seem to be purchasable! <3

editing to add: I don’t have any dory suggestions left but it’s so cool to see a white cane item! As someone who’s started using a cane IRL in the last couple years it’d be really cool if we could eventually get a modern mobility cane like this too :O I like the cane items we have (especially the purple one >u>) but they aren’t canes I’d use in my daily life! 8D

Posted Jul 1, edited Jul 1
Purr Oops, I forgot to actually add it to the shops! Thanks for letting me know, it’s up now!
Posted Jul 2
Posted Jul 2
Game payout changes

The following adjustments have been made to games:

  • Completion of the Cavern Shuffle large board has been increased from 300 to 600 nuggets
  • Completion of the Cavern Shuffle medium board has been increased from 100 to 200 nuggets
  • Completion of Sprocket’s Secrets has been increased from 50 to 140 nuggets
  • Completion of Remembery has been increased from 40 to 50 nuggets
Posted Jul 13